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Heated toilet seat

What is a heated toilet seat?

A heated toilet seat incorporates a heating mechanism to ensure that the surface is warm for anyone sitting on it. This makes the toilet seat comfortable to the user, especially during the cold season.

Most seats can be bought independent of the bowl. They have then fitted on the bowl later afterwards. They come with various smart technologies, including warming massage functionality and soft lighting so that you would not have to put on the light at night.

The seat is ideal for general use, the elderly and people with nerves, joint or arthritic pain. It helps relieve numbness, discomfort and pain that come with suddenly touching a cold item.

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Our Number 1, and best rated, heated toilet seat

Sooiy Electronic Toilet

Why we rated this the best

  • The seat has a relaxing buttocks and women’s cleaning function that includes hot and dry air
  • Easy to set different functions by the use of a remote control
  • The seat is made of a durable, non-slip, thermostatic material that can hold up to 570 pounds
  • It has instant heating technology that lowers energy consumption and ensures the right water temperature
  • All working engines are durable and have a low chance of failing

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This is rated our best value for money heated toilet seat

Radiance Heated Night Light Toilet Seat

What you need to know

  • The seat closes slowly and silently, which prevents damage or loud banging noises after use
  • It comes with three temperature settings to give users choices on setting temperature
  • Comes with a night light the makes the toilet usable without lighting up the bathroom, especially at night
  • It is made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain
  • It is easy to operate and change temperature settings especially for seniors

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The best of the rest

WANGYONGQI Smart Heated Toilet

What you need to know

  • Very comfortable and affordable.

  • A circular design that makes it perfect for lounging or gaming.

  • A steel frame for durability and strength. Easy to take outside.

  • Folds up to a handy size for storage and transportation.

  • Very popular with adults and children alike.

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vidaXL Bidet Auto Electronic Toilet Seat

What you need to know

  • The seat comes with a 1.2-litre heated water tank for warm spray washes
  • It allows for the adjustment of the water pressure for the body sprays
  • It comes with three temperature settings for the seat and the drying stream of hot air
  • It has an air purifier to eliminate the unpleasant toilet smells after relieving yourself
  • There is a massage function that allows for a deep and relaxing cleansing

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KOYIDA Elongated Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

What you need to know

  • It comes with hip and female washing feature with warm air drying function
  • It has a soft-closing lid to prevent disruption and loud banging noise
  • It comes with three adjustable temperatures for the seat and water
  • Comes with a soft LED light so that you do not light your bathroom at night
  • It bidet nozzle is self-cleaning to ensure total cleanliness after use

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Advanced Smart Toilet seat Bidet

What you need to know

  • Comes with four-level adjustable water and air temperature settings for comfort
  • It has an in-built energy-saving mode to cut on power consumption
  • The seat illuminates during the night and can be used without lighting your bathroom at night
  • The water heating coils are made of active ceramic, which enhances their lifetime
  • Its nozzle is self-cleaning for ease of cleaning and maintenance

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 WSWJJXB Toilet Seat

What you need to know

  • It is easy to set up and has a release button for removal when cleaning
  • It comes with damping slow down and smooth opening and closing to prevent damage from banging
  • Operates at temperatures of between 35 and 35 degrees Celsius, which is comfortable to seat on
  • The seat is easy to clean and does not get stained with regular usage
  • It comes with a large water spray with variable heating to enhanced hygiene

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Aqua-Sigma Dib C-750 Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat

What you need to know

  • It comes with a mounting plate that makes installation easy
  • It has an energy-saving technology that includes instant heating functionality
  • The seat has easy to use controls on the side
  • The seat is made of durable ABS plastic, which is also easy to clean
  • It has a variable temperature setting for, enhanced comfort

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FOHEEL Smart Bidet Heated Toilet

What you need to know

It has an ergonomic, stylish design that enhances its comfort

All settings can be made via remote control, handheld or mounted on the wall

It has self-cleaning, stainless steel nozzles for both the posterior and female washing

The nozzle comes with five position settings to cleans various parts of the lower body

The seat is sterilised using ultra-violet rays and has a child safety mode

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Electronic Bidet Clean Comfort Hygiene

What you need to know

  • The seat comes with a bright blue night light setting, allowing you to use it without switching on lights
  • It has nozzles that can be adjusted in five positions to reach various areas
  • The seat has three temperature settings for the seat and water
  • The lid has a soft close functionality to prevent disruptions
  • It comes with an intelligent body sensor thereby, saving on electricity

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Home Standard® Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

What you need to know

  • The seat comes with multi-level temperature settings for water and the seat
  • The nozzle provides a pulsating massage function for a relaxing experience
  • It has both an LED light and night light to allow usage without lighting up the bathroom
  • The seat has a power-saving feature to conserve the electricity
  • The nozzle comes with both manual and auto cleaning options

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What Features Do You Look for When Purchasing a Warm Toilet Seat?

1 – The Shape of the seat

A heated toilet seat can either be round or elongated. Ensure that you buy the seat that is the same shape as your bowl.

Most old models are round with the inside being not more than 11 inches. There are a few large round models tools also. To be on the safe side, consider measuring the size of the bowl so that you buy a seat and fits comfortably.

2 – Customisation Features

There are a number of features available with various heated seat models. 

The more the features, the pricier the toilet seat. Some of the features, self-cleaning, nozzle oscillation, adjustable temperature settings, automatic opening and closing and spray and washing technology, among others. 

There are also toilet seats that offer deep massage, hip cleansing, deodorising options and automatic human sensing features. You may also go for a toilet with energy conservation settings and automatic soft lighting. Check the features that you need most and use them to shop for the right seat.

3 – Ease of Use

Check if the toilet seat can be used by special groups such as seniors and young children.

4 – Temperature Adjustment

Check the temperature settings that are available with the seat. The cheapest units have three settings, namely low, medium and high. Costly models have extra options.

5 – Self-cleansing and water sprays

You may want to go with a seat with self-cleaning features. This functionality ensures that the body wash nozzle is cleaned after each visit. Other seats have aerated wash sprays with adjustable water pressure settings for added comfort.

6 – Your Budget

Your budget determines the features that you can purchase. However, it is good to shop around for seats at a particular price. Depending on the features you need, you may have to pay more for the right fit.

What do cheap heated toilet seats cost?

The cheapest warm toilet seat cost about £90 to £120. Many of them just have the toilet seat warmer features. However, there are those with bacterial neutralisation feature and others have a waterproof seat top.

What do the best toilet seat warmer’s cost?

The best heated toilet seats cost between £300 and £450. They come with a list of features that include female wash, instant heating technology, hot and dry air functionality, adjustable water nozzles, self-cleaning, safety features for the elderly and remote control, among others.

Summary of this page

1 – What is a heated toilet seat?

A heated toilet seat incorporates a heating mechanism to ensure that the surface is warm for anyone sitting on it. This makes the toilet seat comfortable to the user, especially during the cold season

2 – How much do heated toilet seat’s typically cost?

The cost for the seat varies depending on the materials used. However, they can be bought from around £20 with the most expensive being about £300.

3 – Where can I find a suitable heated toilet seat?

The UK Care Guide has identified the best heated toilet seat’s that are available to purchase today, Come on to the site and have a look.

4 – What are the different types of heated toilet seat’s?

There are a range of different materials used for the seated. The main thing to look for is the material used as this will dictate the type of heating mechanism that is used.

5 – What to look out for when buying a heated toilet seat?

The key to thing to look for is the heating mechanism used to heat the seat and how easily this can be replaced if the heating fails.

A helpful video for you

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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