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Toilets, a necessary household item, serve a wide range of people from all demographics. Every person uses toilets, whether young or old, so the importance of a high-quality toilet cannot be overstated. 

They are crucial for preserving a clean and sanitary atmosphere in a domestic setting. Toilets help us in many ways; from ensuring personal hygiene to upholding public health, they play a crucial role in our daily lives.

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We have investigated a range of toilets from industry-leading brands throughout our in-depth reviews. These products were assessed based on some important criteria, including their water efficiency, toughness, comfort, and design.

High-quality toilets can significantly reduce water use, allowing households to have a smaller environmental impact and spend less money on utilities. 

Additionally, strong, long-lasting toilets can withstand the test of time and offer excellent value. There are toilets specifically created to meet the needs of various users among the products we have reviewed. 

For instance, raised-height toilets made to make use easier for the elderly and people with mobility issues may be beneficial. There are toilets with smaller, lower seats for homes with young children. 

These are intended to lessen the difficulty for young children in switching from a potty to a toilet. It is therefore evident that, despite being a universal necessity, toilets should be carefully chosen to suit individual needs and preferences.  

The Best Rated

Okham Rimless Ceramic Toilet

  1. A dual-purpose integrated chrome plate flush button.
  2. A seat with top fixing and soft closing ensures a quiet, gentle closure.
  3. The dual flush 3/6 litre cistern encourages water conservation.
  4. A close-coupled toilet pan and cistern improve the bathroom’s aesthetics.
  5. A glossy white finish ensures the highest level of elegance.
  6. A rimless toilet is designed to make cleaning and hygiene easier.   

The Best Value

Square Ceramic Back-to-Wall Toilet

  1. This wall-mounted toilet unit has a seat, cistern, pan, and floor-mounting kit.
  2. A concealed cistern and BTW pan provide an accessible toilet with concealed pipework.
  3. Has a chrome push button and an eco-friendly dual flush system.
  4. A luxurious soft-closing seat adds to the toilet’s overall comfort height.
  5. A free 10-year guarantee ensures this close-coupled toilet’s durability.
  6. Perfect for maintaining standard accessible restrooms, restrooms in public areas, and changing facilities.   

The Best Of The Rest

Rimless Ceramic Toilet-Seat Combo

  1. The 620mm projection is small and improves space.
  2. The water-saving design fills the cistern with basin water.
  3. For a clean aesthetic, a sleek modern design hides pipework.
  4. Superior construction with a dignified soft-close seat.
  5. For best results, professional installation is advised.
  6. Quick shipping and responsive customer service are offered.   

Derwent Orchard Luxury Toilet

  1. Glazed ceramic makes cleaning a breeze.
  2. Free soft-closing toilet seat
  3. A quick-release seat makes cleaning it simple.
  4. Includes a dual flush that saves water.
  5. Thanks to the short projection, ideal for smaller spaces.
  6. High level of burstiness for effective use.   

Traditional Milano Richmond Toilet

  1. Beautiful traditional style with a cosy oak wood seat.
  2. Made of the highest quality ceramic with a tough white glaze finish.
  3. Meets EN14055 requirements, ensuring performance and dependability.
  4. Perfect for public restrooms, locker rooms, and other communal areas.
  5. A pan connector is necessary for installation.
  6. The item’s measurements are 470 mm wide, 690 mm deep, and 820 mm tall.   

Elevated Modern Bathroom Toilet

  1. Ensures a comprehensive, contemporary, and space-saving design suitable for smaller bathrooms and ensuites by including a toilet pan, soft close seat, and dual flush cistern.
  2. This white gloss toilet has a comfort height feature that makes it slightly taller than standard models, making it easier for users who need more height.
  3. Has a dual flush cistern that is WRAS-approved and has a push button to choose between a 3 or 6-litre flush, encouraging water conservation.
  4. Has a soft close seat with an ergonomic design that combines comfort and a highly effective soft close hinge mechanism.
  5. The product’s dimensions of 875mm in height, 350mm in width, and 615mm in projection make it suitable for use in various bathroom designs.
  6. This close-coupled toilet is CE-approved and has a 25-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws, giving the user total peace of mind.   

White Ceramic MYB Toilet

  1. The dual flush design encourages water efficiency
  2. Comes with a soft, quick-release toilet seat.
  3. Top-mounted seat fasteners make installation and cleaning simple.
  4. Components of premium glazed ceramic with a ten-year warranty
  5. Fired at over 1200°C to ensure durability and prevent odour absorption
  6. Perfect for public restrooms and changing rooms, and includes essential cookies   

Acezanble Modern White Toilet

  1. Ceramics of the highest calibre are fired at a temperature of 1200 °C. 
  2. Has a white glaze that is glossy, smooth, and resistant to staining and fading.
  3. A soft-close seat is included for quiet operation. 
  4. A dual flush cistern holds 4L and 6L for both light and full flushes. 
  5. Favoured by many customers due to its ability to save water and be odour-free. 
  6. Perfect for restrooms and changing rooms, they can be used with countertop basins.   

White BTW Toilet Unit

  1. Consists of a pan, a toilet unit, a concealed cistern, a toilet seat, and a floor-mounting kit.
  2. BTW pan successfully hides pipework for a seamless appearance.
  3. Has a chrome push button eco-friendly dual flush cistern.
  4. A luxury soft-closing toilet seat is installed for comfort.
  5. Comes with a generous, cost-free 10-year toilet guarantee.
  6. Features Armitage Shanks design and is appropriate for changing areas and public restrooms.   

Modern Ceramic Toilet Pan

  1. High-temperature fired ceramic guarantees firmness, lack of cracking, and resistance to odour absorption.
  2. A smooth glaze finish makes it easy to remove stains.
  3. A small hidden cistern design appropriate for a lavatory or a changing area.
  4. The soft close seat guarantees a quiet, noiseless experience.
  5. A 10-year warranty on ceramic components ensures their durability.
  6. A wall pan or bidet should have a high bursting threshold.   

White Close-Coupled Toilet

  1. Has a soft-close seat to guarantee silent operation.
  2. Enhances efficiency with a chic round dual flush button.
  3. A close-coupled design that offers a modern look.
  4. White high gloss glaze adds to the sleek finish.
  5. Made of long-lasting ceramic, promising longevity.
  6. Even though it isn’t a urinal or a bath screen, it works well with those objects.   

Modern Ceramic Toilet, White

  1. Features a modern design
  2. Made of premium vitreous china
  3. Has a gorgeous gloss white finish.
  4. Has a plush, soft-closing seat.
  5. Is incredibly tough and simple to clean.
  6. Has a remarkable 25-year warranty.   


Victorian-Style Ceramic Toilet

  1. Toilet density is guaranteed by firing at 1200 degrees.
  2. Cracking is less likely when there is little water absorption.
  3. A high-quality flush valve has passed a test of 100,000 presses.
  4. A soft close seat ensures a quiet operation.
  5. Ceramic parts come with a 10-year warranty that ensures durability.
  6. The warranty does not cover bath screens and urinals.   

Luxurious European-Style Ceramic Toilet

  1. Porcelain in black and gold heightens luxury. 
  2. For efficiency, a solid flushing system is included.
  3. A seat with a soft close adds comfort and style.
  4. A two-hole super-swirling flush keeps things clean.
  5. A drain button with two positions allows for flexible drainage.
  6. A bigger sewage pipe has better drainage capabilities.   

Robust Comfort-Height Rimless Toilet

  1. Encourages good posture with a design at a comfortable height.
  2. The rimless design makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
  3. Made of durable, long-lasting ceramic material.
  4. Quick-release hinges make seat removal simple.
  5. Extremely high burstiness indicates exceptional water efficiency.
  6. Blends cutting-edge design with useful functionality.   

Features to Look for When Buying Toilets

Choosing a suitable toilet can be complicated due to the abundance of options on the market. However, some essential characteristics can facilitate this process. The soft close seat is one of them. 

A soft close toilet seat is made to close quietly and gradually rather than slamming shut, preventing any potential damage that might result. This feature improves the toilet’s durability and makes the home environment more peaceful.

The type of toilet is another aspect to take into account. Due to their modern style and room-saving capabilities, wall toilets, also called wall-hung toilets, are growing in popularity. 

Because the toilet pan is suspended above the floor, cleaning is simpler, and the design looks more contemporary. On the other hand, close-coupled toilets offer a more traditional appearance and are typically more affordable because the cistern and toilet pan are connected.

It’s crucial to choose the right toilet design. Traditional toilets frequently have a certain charm and personality to go well with bathrooms designed in a bygone era. 

However, because there are no crevices for germs to hide in, rimless toilets have a sleeker appearance and better hygiene for a more modern appearance. Last but not least, selecting a hidden cistern can improve the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

 A concealed cistern provides a clean, uncluttered appearance by being concealed behind a wall or inside a cabinet. This feature frequently works well with wall toilets, producing a sleek and contemporary design.

Choosing the Right Toilet for Small Bathrooms

In UK homes, space is frequently at a premium, and bathrooms are no exception. Therefore, choosing a toilet that fits well in the available space is essential without sacrificing functionality. Small bathrooms can benefit greatly from wall-hung toilets. 

The bathroom appears larger due to its small size and the fact that they are suspended off the floor. Close-coupled toilets can be a good option for those who prefer a more conventional appearance. 

These toilets can fit comfortably in small spaces thanks to their smaller footprints. Additionally, selecting a toilet with a soft-close seat can elevate a modest bathroom while minimising damage from the seat slamming shut.

The toilet’s height is another thing to take into account. For the elderly or people with mobility issues, comfort height toilets, which are a little taller than standard toilets, can make sitting down and standing up easier. These restrooms offer maximum comfort without taking up extra room.

Finally, functional or internet-based cookies can be useful when buying toilets online. These cookies keep track of the user’s preferences and browsing patterns, making online shopping more effective and personalised.

Accessible Toilets for Public Use

Public restrooms are frequently used by diverse people, so they must meet everyone’s needs. Accessible restrooms meet the requirements of people with various physical disabilities, also called disabled facilities. 

Wider doors, grab rails, and emergency cords are frequently found in these facilities. “Changing Places” restrooms were developed to accommodate those with severe and multiple learning disabilities. 

These restrooms are larger and equipped with extras like hoists, changing benches, and a centrally located toilet pan for convenience. Public restrooms should also meet the needs of people who do not require additional accessibility features. 

This includes rimless toilets offering better hygiene and soft-close toilet seats, which can reduce damage and noise. It’s crucial for public facilities to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and to make sure that essential supplies, like toilet paper and soap, are always on hand. To let visitors know the facilities are open, regular hours of operation should be posted.

Understanding Delivery and Customer Service When Buying Toilets

It’s important to comprehend the delivery details when buying a toilet. This includes being aware of the delivery schedule, associated costs, and the procedure for handling any potential delivery-related damages. 

To meet the diverse needs of their customers, many retailers provide a wide range of delivery options, from standard to next-day delivery.  Another essential component is customer service. 

From assisting customers in choosing the ideal product to resolve any problems arising after purchase, good customer service can offer direction and support throughout the purchasing process. 

To provide prompt and effective support, many retailers now provide customer service through various phone, email, and live chat channels.Another crucial factor is how the toilet will be installed. 

Some retailers provide expert installation services, ensuring the toilet is properly installed and works as intended. This service can offer peace of mind for people who are less handy or purchase a more complicated toilet system, such as a wall-hung toilet with a concealed cistern.

Finally, it’s important to think about the post-sale service. This covers the warranty duration, the procedure for submitting a repair or replacement request, and the accessibility of spare parts. These factors can significantly impact long-term customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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