Heated Blankets | December 2023

Most people who use heated blankets, also known as electric blankets, do so because they want to stay warm in bed during colder months. 

These products may also benefit people with ailments like arthritis or poor circulation, as they can offer a steady source of heat throughout the night, reducing discomfort and encouraging better sleep. Heated blankets provide advantages beyond simple warmth.

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Many of these products have programmable heat settings that let customers set the temperature to their preferred level of warmth. Additionally, some models have automatic shut-off features for increased security and energy efficiency. 

Furthermore, a comfortable and restful night’s sleep is ensured by the blanket’s even heat distribution, which can also help to lessen the occurrence of cold spots. Our team has carefully examined some of the best-heated blankets on the market, rating them according to criteria like heat consistency, safety features, toughness, and price. 

For example, Silentnight and Dreamland are well-known brands that consistently deliver high-quality heated blankets while providing a range of models to suit various needs and price points.

The Best Rated

Warm Storm Heated Blanket

  1. Polar Fleece and Sherpa blankets effectively transfer heat thanks to their double-sided design.
  2. Safety is assured With overheat protection, CE certification, and a 4-hour automatic shut-off.
  3. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than heaters or air conditioners, resulting in lower gas costs. 
  4. It is simple, With 5 different heat settings, and heats up in 3 minutes.
  5. Low-temperature machine washing ensures long-lasting comfort and cleanliness.
  6. A one-year warranty is provided, assuring dependable customer support for any problems that may arise.   

The Best Value

CURECURE Heated Blanket Features

  1. Six quick, uniform heating levels ensure constant, continuous warmth. 
  2. Soft flannel and faux lambswool fabric were used in the construction to ensure comfort. 
  3. The intelligent digital controller has a readable LED screen, allowing for simple adjustment. 
  4. Large dimensions of 130*180cm enable shared warmth and full body coverage. 
  5. Low-temperature machine washing ensures durability and cleanliness. 
  6. Overheating protection and CE certification for safe use are included in the safety features.

The Best Of The Rest

Monhouse Heated Throw Features

  1. Our generous, high-quality heated throw will make you feel hot and comfortable. 
  2. You can relax With a 9-hour programmable timer and 9 adjustable heat settings. 
  3. Our heated throw provides rapid heating and full-body comfort, making it ideal for relieving sore muscles. 
  4. Your throw can easily be kept clean because it is dryer- and machine-safe. 
  5. Safety is paramount, and our product complies with EU standards and has overheat protection. 
  6. This premium heated throw provides adequate heat and is SGS-inspected.   

Nola's Premium Heated Throw

  1. Our premium, ultra-soft microfleece heated blanket will give you the utmost warmth and comfort.
  2. Extraordinary Size and Rapid Heating – For quick, even heat distribution, wrap up in our extra-large 160 x 130 cm electric heated blanket.
  3. Customizable Comfort – Choose from 10 different heat settings and a programmable 10-hour timer to suit your heating requirements.
  4. Our long-lasting micro fleece heated throw is machine washable, ensuring maximum comfort and hygienic conditions.
  5. Enjoy the warmth without being concerned about energy costs thanks to the built-in overheat protection system and the energy-efficient design.
  6. Delivery as soon as possible – Hygiene Supplies Direct Ltd. makes day delivery possible so you can use your best-heated throw immediately.   

Premium Electric Fleece Blanket

  1. Enjoy superior softness and warmth with this electric blanket of premium quality, ideal for chilly nights. 
  2. It efficiently accommodates your temperature preferences and has three adjustable heat settings. 
  3. The single-sized blanket is comfortable for the entire body and warms up quickly, making it perfect for relieving sore muscles. 
  4. The blanket has detachable controllers for convenience and is machine washable and dryer safe for simple maintenance. 
  5. The blanket prioritises safety and complies with the EU’s New Approach Directives. It also has overheating protection. 
  6. Take advantage of the most recent discounts on this product that combines comfort and safety flawlessly.   

Slumberdown Large Heated Overblanket

  1. Reduces the need for overall home heating while providing cost-effective heating.
  2. Provides nine temperature settings to accommodate different comfort preferences.
  3. Includes a timer function for managing the length of the heating cycle.
  4. Designed for maximum comfort with soft, cosy stitched fleece material.
  5. Maintenance is simple thanks to the machine’s 40° temperature setting.
  6. Enhances user experience as a heating pad with programmable settings.

CUQOO Heated Electric Blanket

  1. Material of the highest calibre: Made entirely of cosy, plush polyester fabric.
  2. Offering the convenience of machine washing for hassle-free maintenance.
  3. Skin-friendly Design: Made of high-quality non-woven fabric, ensuring cosy and rashes-free use.
  4. The ideal size is 135 x 120 cm, and it has a long cable for versatile use.
  5. Rapid, even heating with three temperature settings and LED indicators.
  6. Versatile Use: When the controller is taken out, the blanket serves as a regular blanket.   

LIVIVO Heated Electric Blanket

  1. The heated electric blanket from LIVIVO will keep you warm this winter.
  2. Enjoy energy efficiency with a built-in timer and adjustable temperature settings. 
  3. An industry-compliant overheat and overcurrent protection system guarantees safety.
  4. After handset detachment, it is simple to maintain and machine washable. 
  5. Comfortable microfleece material with a stylish design. 
  6. Available in autumnal colours, they work well as bedspreads or throws over sofas.   


Advanced Fast-Heating Electric Blanket

  1. During the chilly winters, opulent velvet fabric ensures maximum warmth and comfort.
  2. With a convenient 6-hour automatic shut-off feature, four different heat settings exist.
  3. Temperature control provided by overheating protection ensures both comfort and safety.
  4. Completely machine-washable; just take out the controller for quick cleanup.
  5. Ideal gift that brings warmth and comfort to loved ones.
  6. Perfect for replacing traditional air conditioners and water heaters in homes and offices.

Blue Heated Flannel Blanket

  1. A generous 130*180cm size guarantees even heat distribution for all-day warmth.
  2. Features an automatic shutdown after six hours for energy conservation.
  3. Provides four heat settings, making operating with just one button simple for all ages.
  4. Set the level to the highest setting to reach the desired temperature quickly.
  5. The detachable and machine washable controller and power cord ensure easy maintenance.
  6. Its fashionable flannel design makes it the perfect warm gift for loved ones.   

Wärmer Single Electric Blanket

  1. Warmth is guaranteed on chilly nights thanks to a luxurious heated diamond lattice blanket.
  2. Economical operation using only 60W and offering affordable heating solutions.
  3. Three heat settings that can be customised offer individual temperature control.
  4. For guaranteed safety, it includes built-in overheat and overcurrent protection.
  5. Machine washing is possible thanks to the detachable controller, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
  6. Offers dependability and peace of mind with a 365-day warranty.   

Cozytek Luxurious Heated Overblanket

  1. 100% polyester construction provides a luxurious feel that is calming to the touch.
  2. Cost-effective: Lower thermostat settings to reduce heating costs.
  3. 3-hour auto shut-off for peace of mind and safety assured.
  4. 9 comfort settings are available with the custom heat feature for the best temperature control.
  5. Simple maintenance: Machine washing at 40 degrees is possible thanks to detachable controllers.
  6. Purchase with Confidence: Backed by a 24-month guarantee.

King-Sized Electric Heated Blanket

  1. Heating occurs quickly and effectively because of the superior carbon fibre material.
  2. With a built-in 4-hour automatic shut-off feature, there are four temperature settings.
  3. Easy to maintain by being machine washable; just remember to take the controller off first.
  4. Designed with flannel and soft lamb fleece for maximum comfort.
  5. Low power consumption and no danger of electric shock make it safe to use.
  6. Ideal for a variety of situations, such as camping, driving, and office use.   

Large Electric Heated Throw

  1. For complete coverage, A lavishly soft flannel throw that is generous 135x185cm in size.
  2. Digital controller with 10 adjustable temperature settings.
  3. A 2-meter power cable is included for flexible usage in different rooms.
  4. Incorporates overheat protection for safety assurance and is GS, CE, and UKCA certified.
  5. Washing can be done by hand or machine with a detachable controller.
  6. Ideal as a considerate, health-improving gift for loved ones and friends.

Grey USB Heated Blanket

  1. Offers soft warmth and comfort made of skin-friendly, soft polyester.
  2. It is a sheet, car, nap, and air conditioning blanket.
  3. Includes a USB heating blanket feature that can be cleaned in a washing machine. 
  4. Contains a portable power pocket for convenient heating.
  5. Features a subtle edge seam and hidden buckle to guarantee quality and durability.
  6. Simple to clean with gentle washing capabilities in machines under 30°C.   

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Heated Blanket

One must consider several factors before buying a heated blanket to ensure they are making an informed decision. First and foremost, the heated blanket type is crucial. Throws and electric heated blankets are two popular types that differ primarily in size and purpose. 

While electric heated blankets are more extensive and intended to be laid on the bed for sleep, wild throws are typically smaller and more adaptable, frequently used to warm up a cold bed or snuggle up on the sofa.

Second, safety features must always be taken into account. Overheating protection is a critical component that reduces the risk of burns or fire, which stops the blanket from getting too hot. 

Two people can independently control one side of the blanket thanks to a dual-control feature, which is especially helpful for couples with different heating preferences. 

Additionally, think about the brand’s customer service before making a purchase. Reliable customer service gives you peace of mind during product malfunctions or warranty claims by ensuring that your concerns and questions will be promptly addressed. 

Reputable company Silentnight Comfort Control is well-known for its top-notch customer support and premium goods. Finally, make sure the blanket satisfies your unique requirements. If you prefer a soft touch, an electric blanket made of fleece might be perfect. 

Verify that the seller accepts American Express before paying with it. Also, consider the delivery details; if you require the item immediately, the availability of next-day delivery from many sellers may be a deciding factor.

Utilising Heated Blankets to Reduce Energy Bills

Heat blankets can be a valuable tool for lowering energy costs in winter. You can stay warm without a portable heater thanks to these blankets ‘ direct heat. Thanks to this immediate heat source, you can reduce your thermostat, which reduces energy use and bills.

In this regard, electric throws, in particular, can be helpful too. They eliminate the need to heat the entire room when used to warm the bed before sleeping or while relaxing on the sofa. 

Similarly, heated blankets with numerous heat settings let you set the temperature to your preferred comfort level, ensuring you aren’t consuming more energy than necessary.

However, it is crucial to remember that while heated blankets are a practical way to stay warm, they shouldn’t wholly replace central heating, especially in harsh winter weather. 

Balance is critical; to ensure that your entire home is adequately heated, use your heated blanket when seated and turn on the central heating when necessary.

Maintaining Your Heated Blanket for Optimum Performance

Maintaining your heated blanket properly is essential to ensuring that it keeps working well and lasts a long time. A crucial component of maintenance is washing. While some blankets can be washed in the machine without the controller attached, others might need it. 

Never clean a heated blanket without first consulting the product’s cleaning instructions. You can determine whether or not your blanket is functioning correctly or needs maintenance by using performance cookies, which store information about how it performs. 

It’s best to get help from customer service if your blanket isn’t heating up or too slowly. Proper storage is a crucial component of maintenance. When not used, heated blankets should be kept neatly folded and out of the way of anything sharp that might cut the wiring. 

Avoid laying heavy objects on the veil because it might also harm it. Keep in mind that maintaining your heated blanket is all about protecting its usability and your safety. Always follow the product’s safety instructions and watch for any safety warnings the seller or manufacturer may have issued.

Features to Look for When Buying Heated Blankets

Certain features can improve your experience and comfort when purchasing a heated blanket. Multiple heat settings are a crucial feature to take into account. This enables you to customise the blanket’s temperature to your preferences, ensuring the highest comfort level throughout the night.

An electric throw with programmable temperature settings can be an excellent addition to your home appliance collection for chilly winter evenings. Similarly, a fitted electric blanket can provide even heating throughout your bed, removing cold spots and improving the quality of your sleep.

Consider the blanket’s composition as well. A fleece electric blanket, for example, has a soft, plush feel that increases comfort. A controller is also included in some heated blankets, allowing for simple temperature adjustment.

Finally, think about how energy-efficient the blanket is. Even if you forget to turn off appliances, heated blankets with an auto shut-off feature can save energy and give you peace of mind. This function prevents excessive energy use and overheating by automatically turning off the heating after a predetermined time.

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