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Numerous people benefit significantly from portable heaters, including homeowners looking for extra warmth in specific rooms, office workers seeking a more comfortable work environment, and even campers seeking a dependable heat source when venturing outdoors. 

They are an efficient way to deliver heat where needed, removing the need for central heating and potentially saving money. In addition to being practical, portable heaters provide a degree of versatility that is unmatched by conventional heating techniques. 

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Unquestionably valuable, these devices deliver much-needed heat in areas that the primary heating system may need to serve adequately. For instance, a portable heater can provide warmth in a garage, workshop, or chilly conservatory. 

Similarly, portable heaters provide a quick, effective way for shared space residents to personalise comfort when the central heating may not be under their control. We have examined some of the top portable heaters on the market to help you make an informed choice. 

Each heater has undergone a thorough and systematic review process, including testing in various environments and settings.

Along with more arbitrary standards like aesthetic appeal, we have considered elements like energy efficiency, safety features, and ease of use. Thanks to the presentation of our findings in the following sections, you will have access to complete, accurate, and trustworthy information.  

The Best Rated

Efficient Coselena 2KW Heater

  1. Provides 1000w and 2000w of dual heat settings to meet cooling and heating needs. 
  2. An adjustable thermostat guarantees constant temperatures based on personal preferences.
  3. Includes an integrated frost watch protection that turns on the heater when the ambient temperature drops below 5°C.
  4. This small heater was built to be portable, so moving it between rooms or storing it when not in use is simple.
  5. It provides dual protection, a fire-resistant plastic cabinet, an automatic overheating cut-off mechanism, and other safety features.
  6. Despite its small size, It is a powerful space heater, making it perfect for use in both homes and offices.   

The Best Value

Monhouse Efficient Ceramic Heater

  1. Year-round usability for spaces up to 15 m2 with 750 or 1500 watts of heating.
  2. Quick Heat technology, which also serves as a fan, quickly warms things up.
  3. Ideal for the home or office, the 120-degree oscillation feature ensures uniform heat distribution.
  4. It is portable and lightweight in a child’s bedroom with safety features.
  5. User-friendly remote control operation with an energy-saving mode called ECO.
  6. Compact size is perfect for personal use and provides effective heating during the winter. 

The Best Of The Rest

Brightown Efficient Portable Heater

  1. Provides heat at 1500W or 750W and a fantastic fan for use in both winter and summer.
  2. Controlled by a thermostat that automatically switches on and off to maintain a set temperature.
  3. Low noise levels of less than 45 decibels and quick heating for 200 square feet.
  4. Ideal for medium-sized rooms, compact and powerful, and portable for travel.
  5. Safety First – Has an automatic shutdown feature to protect against overheating; suitable for kids’ rooms.
  6. Elegant Design – Blends into surroundings and offers simple, intuitive operation.   

Belaco 2000W Adjustable Convector Heater

  1. Any room is quickly warmed by a powerful 2000W output, ensuring maximum comfort.
  2. Thermo smart technology keeps the room at the desired temperature and delivers even warmth.
  3. There are three heat settings, 750W, 1250W, and 2000W, to suit different tastes.
  4. All interiors work well with contemporary and sleek design, which raises the aesthetic value.
  5. Integral handles make it simple to move around, encouraging effective heating throughout the room.
  6. Risks are eliminated by safe overheating protection, ensuring user safety at all times.   

Schallen Black Portable Radiator

  1. This 800W oil radiator guarantees rapid heat distribution in confined spaces.
  2. Ideal for providing stylish and effective heating in a home, caravan, or office.
  3. Its vertical, slim design makes it portable, and a carry handle completes the picture.
  4. The temperature control and programmable thermostat provide greater comfort and control.
  5. Safety features include An automatic overheat protection system and a tip-over switch.
  6. The item has measurements of H38 X L28 X D14cm and a 1.5m power cord.   

IVESION Portable Ceramic Heater

  1. Advanced PTC ceramic elements provide warmth in just 2 seconds for instantaneous heating.
  2. Three heat settings and a 75° oscillating design provide adjustable and even heating.
  3. Ensures User Safety – Has tip-over and overheating protection, automatically turning off when necessary.
  4. Portable and Economical – Lightweight with a handle built in, it uses less energy by only warming the areas that are needed.
  5. Operates quietly at 45 decibels, ensuring little interference with daily activities.
  6. Versatile device that can be used as an air conditioner, infrared heater, propane heater, halogen heater, or convection heater.   


Russell Hobbs 2000W Heater Overview

  1. Two heat settings, 1000W and 2000W, are offered for flexibility during colder months.
  2. Lightweight and transportable, with a built-in handle and a 1.2-meter power cord for convenience.
  3. 20m2 rooms can be effectively heated, making it ideal for living rooms or bedrooms.
  4. Designed to be used both horizontally and vertically, enabling focused heating.
  5. Includes overheat protection, turning the heater off automatically when it gets too hot.
  6. Comes with a two-year warranty that assures the reliability and quality of the product.   

SEQUAL 2KW Portable Heater

  1. Flexibly positioned compact space heater ideal for small spaces.
  2. The 1000W and 2000W heat settings in the multi-thermal settings also offer a cool blow.
  3. An adjustable thermostat enables year-round, customised temperature control.
  4. The automatic thermal cut-off and fire-resistant plastic are enhanced safety features.
  5. It is portable with a carry handle for simple moving between rooms.
  6. RoHS & CE compliance guarantees high quality and risk-free operation.   

Belaco 2500W Oil Radiator

  1. The 11-fin oil-filled heater from Belaco provides instant warmth and is lightweight and portable.
  2. Contains three heat settings with easy thermostat adjustment: 100W, 1500W, and 2500W.
  3. Any room in your home or office will look great with its sleek and sophisticated black design.
  4. The item is small and furnished with heavy-duty castors and a built-in handle for simple mobility.
  5. A tip-over switch, which ensures that power is cut off if accidentally knocked, is one of the safety features.
  6. An oil-filled heater’s efficiency combined with portable heating’s portability.   

Russell Hobbs Retro Ceramic Heater

  1. Retro Design: This heater has a grey body with silver trim and graceful retro curves.
  2. Variable Heat Output: Two settings with a maximum output of 1.5 KW are available.
  3. Perfect for Heating Smaller Spaces – This heater works well to heat spaces up to 15 m2.
  4. The advanced features include a PTC heating element, a programmable thermostat, a fan-only setting, and safety features.
  5. Two-Year Warranty – Take advantage of a one-year manufacturer warranty that can be extended to two years with proper registration.
  6. Versatile Heater – This item combines the advantages of halogen, propane, and infrared heaters.   

Efficient Electric Ceramic Heater

  1. Dual Heating Modes – This heater is built with medium and high-speed levels to ensure warmth in the chilly winter.
  2. Energy-efficient – By combining a high-speed fan and PTC ceramic heating technology, the heater warms to 40°C in just three seconds, lowering electricity costs.
  3. Safety measures are in place – This heater puts safety first and has a sensitive tilt protection button and an automatic power cutoff in case of high temperatures.
  4. This portable heater comes with a built-in carry handle, making it ideal for indoor use and travel.
  5. Simple to Use – Plug it in and enjoy the warmth without installing anything. For comfort and safety, the heater runs quietly.
  6. Long-Service Life – This heater is built to last, which lessens the worry of accidently breaking it during the winter.   

Efficient Ceramic Electric Heater

  1. Rapid Heating: Within 3 seconds, advanced ceramic heating elements guarantee rapid heating to 40°C.
  2. Contains two power settings of 800W and 1200W and a programmable thermostat for temperature control.
  3. Noise levels under 36dB are ideal for desks and small spaces and won’t interfere with work or sleep.
  4. Safe Design – The heater has an overheat protection feature that shuts off power when the temperature rises dangerously.
  5. Useful for various situations, including work, study, and gaming.
  6. Exceptional Customer Service – Our team ensures satisfactory service and is always available for product questions.

Zanussi Portable Electric Heater Features

  1. 2.3kW of maximum heat output can accommodate up to 20m2, making it ideal for living and working spaces.
  2. This oil-filled heater’s stylish and small design ensures effective heating without taking up too much room.
  3. The touch panel’s three heat settings and programmable thermostat enable individual temperature control.
  4. Pre-heating and effective energy use is made possible by contemporary features like touch screens and remote control displays.
  5. It is safe to use thanks to safety features like overheating and tip-over protection, and portability is guaranteed thanks to an integrated carry handle and castors.
  6. A second year of the product’s two-year guarantee is secured upon product registration, giving you peace of mind.   

Russell Hobbs Electric Heater Overview

  1. 1.5 kW of maximum heat is available, and there are two settings for versatility.
  2. Lightweight and handle-equipped for simple movement around the house
  3. It can heat up to 15 m2, making it ideal for home offices.
  4. Tip-over and overheat protection is included for increased safety.
  5. Includes a two-year warranty and product registration.
  6. Compact dimensions for easy storage and placement options.

Portable Ceramic Heater: 1200W/800W

  1. Rapid 2-Second Heating: For instant warmth, utilises cutting-edge ceramic technology.
  2. Temperature Control: Offers 1200W and 800W modes for individualised comfort.
  3. Maximum power consumption of 1.2 kWh, which lowers heating costs.
  4. Includes tip-over switch, overheat protection, and ABS fireproof casing as part of the enhanced safety measures.
  5. With its low noise levels, quiet and uniform heating guarantees undisturbed work or sleep.
  6. Compact design with a concealed handle for simple transportation. Portable and versatile.   

Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Heaters

When purchasing portable heaters, there are several things to keep in mind. The type of heater is the first. For example, electric heaters function admirably in cramped areas, offering a steady and dependable heat source. 

They come in various designs, such as fan heaters and oil-filled radiators that move warm air around the space; unlike halogen heaters, which warm the air around objects and people, infrared heaters warm things and people directly.

On the other hand, outdoor spaces like patios are better suited for gas and propane heaters, such as portable gas heaters. They provide high heat settings and instant heat, but they must be handled carefully because their fuel is explosive. 

Another excellent choice is a ceramic heater, which disperses heat using a fan and a heating element. It’s important to remember that the ideal electric heater for you will depend on your requirements and situation.

Additionally, the size and design of the room in which the heater will be used must be considered. Larger rooms are best suited for space and convection heaters because of their ability to move warm air efficiently. 

On the other hand, wall-mounted or panel heaters, which take up little space, may be advantageous in smaller rooms. Oil-filled radiators, for example, have a consistent heat output and are portable.

The safety features must also be taken into consideration. A sturdy construction to prevent tipping, a thermostat to control temperature, and an automatic shut-off feature should all be present on a portable electric heater. An assortment of portable electric heaters from the reputable UK brand Russell Hobbs checks all these boxes. 

Features to Look for When Buying Portable Heaters

It can be confusing to navigate the variety of features in portable heaters. But some characteristics stand out as being especially useful. First, take into account heaters with programmable heat settings. 

This enables flexibility in the amount of warmth offered. For a quick warmup, some heaters even have an instant heat setting. Second, it’s essential to consider the heating element’s type. 

For example, ceramic heaters, which provide a safer solution, use an automated ceramic heating element. A heating element in oil-filled heaters and radiators provides heat that lasts longer.

Thirdly, if the heater has a fan, the heat may be evenly dispersed throughout the space. This feature is included in fan and electric fan heaters, encouraging effective heating. Furthermore, heaters with an integrated thermostat enable better room temperature control.

Finally, think about the safety features. Search for heaters with cool-touch exteriors, overheat protection, and tip-over protection. Thanks to these features, you can feel secure knowing that the heater is safe to use.

How to Hire Portable Heaters

For short-term heating requirements, renting portable heaters may be a wise choice. Many UK-based businesses specialising in heater rental offer various options, including convection and portable electric heaters. 

When hiring one, choose a heater model that meets your unique needs. You might need a patio heater for an outdoor gathering, and a small office might need an electric fan heater. Make sure the heater is secure and functional as well.

The type of heater, the length of the rental, and any additional services needed, like delivery and collection, will all affect how much the rental will cost. To ensure you get the best deal, comparing prices from different providers is advisable.

Remember to inquire about the company’s procedures for handling damage or malfunctions during the hiring process. While some businesses may hold you liable for damage, others may offer repair or replacement services.

The Impact of Portable Heaters on Energy Usage

When used correctly, portable heaters can be an energy-efficient solution. They offer targeted heating, so instead of heating the entire house, you only heat the room you’re in. This can save you a lot of energy, especially in a prominent place.

Electric heaters, including oil-filled radiators and fan heaters, are typically more energy-efficient than gas heaters. This is so that electric heaters can produce heat from almost all of the electricity they consume.

In contrast, the combustion process in gas heaters results in some energy loss. However, you must use your portable heater carefully to maximise energy efficiency. A heater, for instance, will use less energy in a room with sound insulation than in one with poor insulation. 

Similarly, using a heater with a thermostat, which turns the heater off when the desired temperature is reached, can help save energy. Remember that while portable heaters can add to your comfort and warmth, they are not meant to replace a central heating system. The most energy-efficient choice is typically central heating for large areas or extended periods.

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