The best lightweight self propelled wheelchairsself propelled wheelchair

Self propelled wheelchairs provide versatile support for individuals with a wide range of mobility issues. In this article we will cover:

–       Who self propelled wheelchairs are best suited to

–       Types of self propelled wheelchair

–       Tips for finding the best lightweight self propelled wheelchair

–       Choosing a reputable mobility shop

Mobility issues needn’t stop you from getting out and about. There is now a diverse range of self propelling wheelchairs on offer designed to suit a variety of needs. In this article we’ll share tips to help you to choose a self-propelled wheelchair along with specific advice on providers and aftercare.

Here is a short video on tips for buying a self-propelled chair.

The best self-propelled wheelchairs for sale that you can buy

Ultra Lightweight Folding Self Propel Wheelchair

Ultra Lightweight Folding Self Propel Wheelchair

  • This wheelchair comes with a durable yet light frame that guarantees a long life span and easy transportation.
  • The featured S-Ergo system provides pressure relief and reduces sliding that guarantees your safety.
  • The 18-inch seat width ensures you are as comfortable as possible even when you use it for long hours at a time.
  • The lightweight design allows you to lift it into your hatchback easily without having to remove the wheels.

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