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Self-propelled wheelchairs are mainly made for people with limited mobility, such as those who are paralysed, have severe arthritis, or have other physical impairments. Consequently, these wheelchairs provide users with the freedom and independence to move around without assistance. 

You can propel the chair forward by turning the wheels with your arms, allowing you to control the wheelchair. Consequently, you can move in any direction at any speed.

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It is important to note that these wheelchairs come with a wide range of advantages. They are made to improve mobility and encourage exercise, therefore enhancing general health and well-being. 

Furthermore, the user exercises while pushing the wheelchair. Consequently, this can keep their upper body muscles strong. The comfort of the user is a another priority in the design of these wheelchairs. This means that they also include padded seats, backrests and adjustable features. 

Our team has examined some of the top self-propelled wheelchairs on the market, considering aesthetics, usability, comfort, and durability. 

These in-depth reviews will allow potential buyers to make an informed purchase. This will provide independence and comfort to those with mobility issues, working to match you with wheelchairs that complement your needs and way of life.  

The Best Rated

best self propelled wheelchair

  1. This wheelchair is strong, lightweight, and ideal for independent users, making it ideal for daily use.
  2. The best self propelled wheelchair folds for convenient transportation and is made of lightweight materials, making it simple to manoeuvre.
  3. This top-tier wheelchair has adjustable footrests, puncture-resistant tyres, and rear wheel and attendant brakes.
  4. Comfort and safety are guaranteed by the extra-large 18″ seat and full-length calf strap.
  5. Made of durable, weatherproof materials, the wheelchair can support up to 18 stone (115 kg) in weight.
  6. It can also be used as a wheelchair that an attendant propels because it has handles and brakes.   

The Best Value

best self propelled wheelchair uK

  1. This is the best self propelled wheelchair UK for independent users, featuring a sturdy, lightweight design.
  2. Lightweight and manoeuvrable materials make it easy to use and transport.
  3. Easily collapses for storage in car trunks or other spaces.
  4. Has a roomy 20″ seat for comfort, rear wheel brakes, lap and calf straps, and puncture-proof tyres.
  5. built to withstand the elements and support up to 17 stone (110 kg) in weight.
  6. Gift that supports freedom of movement and independence for both sexes.   

The Best Of The Rest

best lightweight self propelled wheelchair uK

  1. Mobility scooters with aluminium bodies are more portable.
  2. The best lightweight self propelled wheelchair UK features a backrest with a foldable design and compact size to ensure easy storage and transportation. 
  3. Wheelchair users can experience convenience with swing-away footrests.
  4. features 24″ quick-release wheels with puncture-resistant tyres on the rear. 
  5. Its seat width is 18′, and its net weight is only 9kg.
  6. The best self-propelled wheelchair features padded seats and backrests are cosy and simple to maintain.   

best lightweight self propelled wheelchair, 41cm

  1. The best lightweight self propelled wheelchair features a small, self-propelled wheelchair that is ideal for manoeuvring inside.
  2. Seat depth of 41 cm, upholstered in nylon.
  3. Easy portability is made possible by quick-release tyres and a removable backrest.
  4. A robust steel frame and versatile manual design ensure durability.
  5. Puncture-resistant tyres increase dependability and durability.
  6. Detachable armrests make it easier to reach work surfaces and tables.   

angel mobility wheelchair

  1. This angel mobility wheelchair effortlessly folds in seconds, making storage and transportation simple. 
  2. The wheelchair can support a user weighing up to 115 kg. 
  3. The wheelchair has flip-up, detachable footrests that make accessing them simple.
  4. It has installed 24″ rear and 8″ front wheels, weighing just 17 kg.
  5. This manual wheelchair was made to be comfortable and mobile for everyday use.

lightweight self propelled wheelchair

  1. Sports wheels with a 24-inch quick-release are exempt from VAT.
  2. This lightweight self propelled wheelchair features a sleek design with an aluminium hub and a lightweight rim inspired by the cycling industry.
  3. A foldable wheelchair made of aluminium that is portable.
  4. Leak-proof polyurethane tyres have low rolling resistance for simple self-propulsion.
  5. features like attendant brakes, movable armrests, and flip-up footrests are available for comfort and safety.
  6. Three seat sizes and two frame colours are offered to accommodate different needs.   

lightweight folding self propelled wheelchair

  1. Extremely durable and light, suitable for various terrains, including off-road.
  2. Has large pneumatic sports tyres for improved comfort and grip.
  3. The folding system and quick-release wheels improve portability and transportability.
  4. This lightweight folding self propelled wheelchair is designed for maximum comfort with adjustable handles, armrests, and seat angle.
  5. The aluminium frame makes easy self-propulsion possible and can support up to 18 stone.
  6. Colour and seat size options are available in 16”, 18”, and 20” sizes.   

best self propelled lightweight wheelchair

  1. The best self propelled lightweight wheelchair should move independently for versatile indoor and outdoor use.
  2. A stylish silver design with a 41 cm wide seat for aesthetic appeal.
  3. Quick-release wheels make transportation simple and effective.
  4. Both users and carers can manoeuvre the compact design easily.
  5. A back that can be folded in half improves users’ reachability.
  6. Appropriate for use as a powered, active, or electric wheelchair.   

narrow self propelled wheelchair uK

  1. This narrow self propelled wheelchair UK easily folds for storage and transportation
  2. Has removable footrests and tyre tread that resist punctures.
  3. The best self-propelled wheelchair for daily use on a variety of surfaces
  4. A 17 kg total weight for a lightweight design
  5. A comfortable 18-inch seat width that supports users up to 114 kg
  6. Accessories for power chairs that improve user convenience are reserved rights.  

lightweight self propelled wheelchair uK

  1. Designed for self-propulsion, enabling users’ mobility and independence.
  2. This lightweight self propelled wheelchair UK features a sturdy design with a strong steel frame and substantial polyurethane wheels.
  3. Has a grip-friendly tyre design and integrated with maintenance tools.
  4. Compact folding with movable and adjustable parts for simple transport and storage.
  5. Offers comfort with 19-inch seat height, storage pocket, and padded armrests.
  6. Use a locking brake system, a sturdy steel frame, and a safe safety belt to ensure safety.   

Exempt VAT self propelled wheelchair

  1. This self propelled wheelchair allows for user independence and satisfies specific requirements
  2. Design that is compact, lightweight, and ideal for travel
  3. Compact wheels and safety brakes included
  4. Features comfortable Oxford seats with cushions and padded armrests.
  5. Easy-to-clean upholstery increases product longevity
  6. Dimensions that are convenient for both use and storage.   

self propelled wheelchair uK

  1. This self propelled wheelchair UK is ideal for promoting daily independence in adults, the elderly, people with disabilities, bariatric patients, and other users.
  2. Both the user and their carer benefit from the self-propelled design.
  3. Built with a more durable, powder-coated, thicker steel frame.
  4. Solid tyres, fixed armrests, leg rests, and flip-up footplates are all included.
  5. Features supportive leg straps, a comfortable nylon seat, and easy cleaning.
  6. Small size, only 19kg, and dimensions of 90cmH by 46cmW by 42cmD.   

Robust Bariatric self propelling wheelchair

  1. This self propelling wheelchair boasts a 24″ extra wide seat, providing maximum comfort for a bariatric wheelchair.
  2. Shows its robustness by supporting up to a generous 35-stone weight.
  3. Has large, puncture-resistant rear wheels that guarantee uninterrupted use of an active wheelchair.
  4. Featuring a sturdy nylon seat, flip-up armrests, and padded elevating leg rests, this self-propelled chair promises a comfortable experience.
  5. With a parking brake, it offers security and stability and is made of sturdy steel.
  6. It Is a cost-effective powered wheelchair option because it doesn’t require VAT; all that is needed is a message with the user’s name and medical condition.   

Lite Aluminium indoor self propelled wheelchair

  1. A sturdy, portable, foldable frame for simple storage and transportation.
  2. full-length armrests, padded upholstery, and detachable footrests are included for maximum comfort.
  3. This indoor self propelled wheelchair comes with cable brakes operated by an attendant for complete control and secure parking.
  4. Comes with attractive, upkeep-free, quick-release rear wheels.
  5. A 15kg ultra-lightweight design ensures easy manoeuvrability.
  6. Its 120kg high weight capacity makes it a reliable self-propelled wheelchair.   t

16" Aluminium lightweight self propel wheelchair

  1. Quick-release rear wheels are included for easy manoeuvrability. 
  2. This lightweight self propel wheelchair features parking brakes with attendant slowing and locking for improved control.
  3. Armrests that can be removed and the backrest folded to make for more convenient transportation.
  4. An integrated lap belt ensures The user’s safety, which complements the lightweight design.
  5. Maximum comfort is provided by the seat’s narrow 16″ width and easily removable seat cushion.
  6. When accompanied by a qualifying medical condition, the self-propelled wheelchair is VAT-exempt.   

Understanding the Different Types of Wheelchairs 

It is important to note that the most popular types of wheelchairs are self-propelled wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. Self-propelled wheelchairs, as the name implies, are propelled by the user. This means that typically, they have large rear wheels that the user can reach and turn. 

Alternatively, manual wheelchairs need someone else to push the chair. As Bariatric wheelchairs are designed for more prominent people, they feature a higher weight capacity.

In contrast, powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters are battery-powered and controlled by a joystick or similar device. Whilst these are suitable for people with limited upper body strength, they are frequently more expensive and heavier than self-propelled or manual wheelchairs.

Self-propelled wheelchairs are available from two well-known manufacturers, such as Karma Mobility and Escape Lite. These wheelchairs offer necessary features such as lightweight frames, adjustable seat heights, and puncture-proof tyres. In addition, some models also have removable footrests for added foot comfort. 

Features to Look for When Buying Self Propelled Wheelchairs 

When looking for the easiest wheelchair to self propel, the first feature to consider is the seat’s width and depth. This means that they should be comfortably fit to the user. Whilst seat that is too small can result in discomfort and potential skin issues, a seat that is too large can make the wheelchair challenging to propel. 

Another important consideration is the weight of the wheelchair. This is because a lightweight self-propelled wheelchair, such as the Escape Lite self-propelled wheelchair, is simpler to transport and propel. Some models even have a car transit wheelchair feature, making it simple to fold and store the chair in a car boot. 

Furthermore, look for a wheelchair with large, strategically placed rear wheels. Some wheelchairs also come with puncture-proof tyres, providing users with peace of mind when using them outside. 

Lastly, in case of damage or wear and tear, consider whether the wheelchair manufacturer offers spare parts. In addition, Wheelchair accessories such as cushions and bags can improve the user’s comfort and convenience. 

VAT Relief and Delivery Information 

For self-propelled wheelchair users who are chronically ill or disabled, you could be eligible for VAT relief in the UK. 

Moreover, it’s essential to understand the delivery details when buying a wheelchair. Whilst some retailers offer free delivery, others charge a fee. It is also important to note that the delivery time can vary, so checking this before purchasing is always a good idea. 

Special Offers and Daily Living Aids 

As retailers frequently provide special deals on self-propelled wheelchairs, It’s worth watching for offers. This allows customers to purchase high-quality wheelchairs at a lower cost. 

The Ergo Lite and Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair are wheelchairs designed with daily living in mind. It is important to note that their easy storage and transport features make them convenient for everyday use, as well as some of the lightest self propelled wheelchairs. 

Other daily living aids that can help people with limited mobility include walking sticks, frames, bath seats, and shower chairs. Alternatively, recliner chairs can also be helpful as they allow the user to quickly change position while seated.

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