Automatic Curtain Openers | April 2024

Innovative products like automatic curtain openers add convenience and sophistication to your home. People who are physically disabled or lead busy lives will find these devices especially helpful. 

The primary consumers of these products are the elderly, who may find it challenging to open manually and close curtains, and the tech-savvy, who value intelligent home technology. Additionally, for curtains that are tall, heavy, or difficult to open, automatic curtain openers are a great option.

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There are many advantages to automatic curtain openers. The most important of these is the ability to open easily and close curtains with a button. This is especially advantageous for those who struggle with curtain movement or prefer the ease of automation. 

Additionally, some automatic curtain openers support scheduling, enabling curtains to be set to open and close at predetermined intervals. With this feature, a house can be occupied even when its residents are away, improving home security. 

Our thorough review has evaluated some of the top automatic curtain openers on the market. These products have been assessed based on their overall performance, functionality, and user-friendliness. 

Our analysis aims to give prospective customers important information they need to make an informed decision about their purchase. We have examined each product’s features, benefits, and drawbacks in-depth, offering a fair and complete overview.  

The Best Rated

Smart Automated Curtain Device

  1. Smart Sensor Technology: Modifies curtain movement by temperature and light conditions.
  2. Schedule curtain opening and closing times weekly with this user-friendly application.
  3. Use voice commands or remote controls to operate from your phone.
  4. Easy Installation: No tools are needed; it works with various curtain tracks and rods.
  5. Battery Life Extension: The internal 4000mAh lithium battery can last up to six months.
  6. I-rail, U-rail, and curtain rods are compatible with various curtain options.   

The Best Value

Smart Home Curtain System

  1. Simplifies home automation with simple remote control for seniors and kids.
  2. The motor produces Less than 40dB of noise during ultra-quiet operation, ensuring peace.
  3. This performance is strong, With 2.3 nm of torque and a 40 kg maximum load capacity.
  4. Utilise the ease of mobile APP control to open and close curtains easily.
  5. Promotes shared control and gives family members access to intelligent device management.
  6. Provides a manual operation option, guaranteeing functionality even during a power outage.   

The Best Of The Rest

Quoya AX200 Smart Curtain Track

  1. Quick installation, pull-to-size functionality, and aesthetic appeal are all features of Advanced Design.
  2. Features that can be customised include flexible motor placement and adjustable lengths ranging from 1.6 to 2.65m.
  3. Compatible with simple control with well-known voice assistants Alexa, Google, and Siri.
  4. Instructional videos and a committed support team are used to provide installation support.
  5. Additional features include Powercut overdrive, scheduled settings, SmartMotion activation, and app control.
  6. If necessary, separate purchases of optional wall brackets and remote controls can be made

Automated Curtain Control System

  1. Simpler installation method that works with non-square rods and doesn’t require screws or bolts.
  2. Numerous control methods are available, including a smartphone app and a remote control.
  3. Encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing a timer and a light sensor for wake-ups.
  4. Precise light filtering is possible and is reliable and durable.
  5. Utilises a light sensor to balance the room’s temperature and cut costs.
  6. Use of essential terms like “curtain motors,” “motorised curtains,” and “window opener.” 

Automated Smart Curtain Device

  1. Gives easy, regular access to curtain control, allowing for entirely, partially, or completely open states.
  2. A luminosity sensor is included for individualised light-based curtain operation.
  3. A temperature sensor is included, allowing for certain temperature-based adjustments.
  4. Features a timing setting interface that allows custom curtain schedules to be created.
  5. Built with premium PC materials to ensure longevity and durability.
  6. Technology for motorised curtains is included for effective curtain operation.

Automated Wi-Fi Curtain Track

  1. With this Smart Wifi plugs motorised curtain system, enjoy silent operation.
  2. Enjoy intelligent control with the Tuya APP, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa support.
  3. Our thorough instructions and helpful video guide make installation simple.
  4. Our light trigger mode allows manual pull initiation for automatic operation.
  5. To easily set timers for hands-free control, use the Tuya APP.
  6. One system includes electric curtain tracks, motorised curtains, and motors.   

Karlak Automated Curtain Controller

  1. Easy to Use: Connect via Bluetooth, operate manually, or programme a seven-day schedule.
  2. Intelligent sensors can automatically detect the room’s temperature and light level to open and close curtains.
  3. Voice and remote control functionality – Works with Amazon Alexa and enables remote management.
  4. Simple Installation – No tools needed. Suitable for different types of curtain tracks.
  5. Outstanding Battery Life: Built-in 4000mAh battery must only be recharged twice a year.
  6. Remote operation shields Interiors from sunlight, protecting pets and furniture.   


LUCHONG Wi-Fi Curtain Automation Device

  1. Connect your phone to the motor of the intelligent curtain to schedule automatic opening at dawn and close at dusk.
  2. Smart Adaptable Sensor – The system automatically adjusts the curtains according to the room’s temperature and light level.
  3. Voice and App Control: Protect furniture, animals, and aquariums from overexposure to sunlight by controlling the curtain robot with your voice or remotely using a smart app.
  4. Most Rails Can Be Used – Installation requires no tools and is compatible with curtain tracks and rods that use I-rail and U-rail.
  5. Optional Remote Control: The curtain robot can be operated with a button using an additional remote control.
  6. Long-Lasting Battery Life – The integrated 4000mAh battery provides up to six months of use between charges, ensuring smooth operation.

Smart WiFi Curtain System

  1. Status of the curtain is visible; use the app to follow real-time updates.
  2. Control your smart devices with family members using shared control.
  3. Use a mobile application to control your curtains with an app-enabled remote control.
  4. Intelligent voice commands can cause curtains to open and close audibly.
  5. Handheld remote control is a straightforward, user-friendly approach that works for people of all ages.
  6. It has motorised curtains, an electric curtain track, and a curtain rod for maximum functionality.

SHAOXI Automatic Curtain Device

  1. Simple Installation: No tools are needed to attach the motor to Roman curtain rods.
  2. Voice Activation: Enables remote control and voice activation while shielding furniture from sun damage.
  3. Sensitive Sensors: The device automatically adjusts the curtains based on temperature and light.
  4. Scheduled Operation: Allows for automatic curtain opening in the morning and closing in the evening.
  5. Remote control via app: Allows for remote curtain control, which improves convenience.
  6. Ideal for Seniors: Those with mobility issues can benefit from its automated features.  

2023 Pkshicore Automated Curtains

  1. Simple, no-tool installation on Roman rods that are round.
  2. For manual curtain control, intelligent induction starts and stop is used.
  3. A silicone machine pulley with high adsorption avoids curtain link obstructions.
  4. Power storage with a 2500mAH capacity and a three-month lifespan.
  5. All age groups can efficiently operate a remote control.
  6. Easy control and operation are guaranteed with one-button operation.

CCYLEZ Automated Curtain System

  1. Regulated Curtain Control: Allows you to time the opening and closing of the curtain to meet your needs.
  2. User-friendly: Offers options for fully, partially, or completely closed curtains.
  3. Temperature and Light Sensors: Changes curtain position according to temperature and light settings.
  4. High Durability: Made of premium PC material for enduring use.
  5. Programmable settings: Allows resetting to the default setting for personalization and learning.
  6. A high level of burstiness is displayed for rapid response and effective operation.   


Automated Home Curtain System

  1. Enables simple touch control
  2. Ideal for automating smart homes
  3. Moves the curtain automatically with a 10 cm pull.
  4. Permits manual operation when there is no power
  5. Includes a system-protecting obstacle stop function.
  6. Assures seamless integration with the current home configuration 

EODUDOS Adjustable Electric Curtain

  1. One-key function simplifies the operation
  2. A one-button remote makes channel switching easier. 
  3. A two-button remote allows for various controls.
  4. Enhanced convenience from advanced timing function
  5. By using automatic relay closure, unnecessary manual intervention is avoided.
  6. High-level burstiness guarantees a prompt reaction.   

YXMY2020 Automated Curtain System

  1. Allows for remote device control from anywhere.
  2. Uses RF 433 for long-distance communication.
  3. Features dry contact control for simple curtain operation.
  4. For timed curtain movements, an integrated timer function is provided.
  5. Enables family members to share devices.
  6. Encourages using automated home systems to lead a brighter, more relaxed lifestyle.   

Understanding Different Types of Automatic Curtain Openers 

There are several types of automatic curtain openers. Each is created to satisfy particular requirements and preferences. For instance, the Switchbot Curtain is a cutting-edge gadget that turns your current curtains into intelligent curtains. 

It is a small device that you attach to your curtain rod; it moves along the rail as you control it to open or close the curtains. The Switchbot Curtain is simple to install and has manual and automatic controls. Voice control is possible thanks to Google Home compatibility, which adds convenience.

On the other hand, the Smart Curtain system provides a complete window treatment automation solution. This includes electric curtain rods and motorised curtain tracks that operate quietly and quickly. The motorised curtain track can easily handle heavy curtains, and the system has a remote control. 

The intelligent curtain system can be easily integrated into your home’s ecosystem because it is compatible with platforms for home automation. Another kind of automatic curtain opener is an electric window opener. 

They are perfect for people who have mobility issues or for windows that are difficult to reach. Remote control and manual operation are both possible with electric window openers. The ability to open and close your curtains or blinds using voice commands is also provided because they are voice assistant compatible.

Features to Look for When Buying Automatic Curtain Openers

Consider features that improve comfort, usability, and effectiveness when choosing an automatic curtain opener. To simplify installation, look for a device that fits your existing curtain rail. You should be able to operate your curtains manually or automatically with the system.

Make sure your chosen instrument is compatible if you use a voice assistant like Google Home to enable voice control.Take into account the size and weight of your curtains. You will need a sturdy motorised curtain track or rod for heavy curtains. Products like the Smart Curtain system excel in this area.

These systems’ motors are strong enough to manage thick curtains, resulting in a smooth operation.Electric window openers are an excellent solution for windows or doors that are difficult to access. Their remote control functionality lets you easily regulate the natural light entering your room without opening the curtains.

Finally, think about your control options. Some automatic curtain openers, such as the Switchbot Curtain, provide smartphone control via a specific app. You can schedule curtain opening and closing times to increase home security and energy effectiveness.

Benefits of Automatic Curtain Openers

Automatic curtain openers have many advantages. You can operate your curtains using a remote control, a smartphone app, or voice commands, which increases convenience. This is especially useful for windows that are difficult to reach or for people with mobility issues.

Automatic curtain openers improve house security as well. Using scheduling features, you can make your home appear occupied even when you’re not there by setting your curtains to open and close at specific times. This may deter potential burglars.

Controlling the amount of natural light that enters your room is another perk. You can easily adjust your curtains to manage sunlight with an automatic curtain opener, which will help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature and use less energy.

And finally, home automation systems are compatible with automatic curtain openers. To seamlessly control your window treatments and other smart devices, you can integrate them into your smart home ecosystem.

Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Curtain Openers

An automatic curtain opener is typically simple to install. Products like the Switchbot Curtain are made to be user-friendly and only take a few minutes to install on your existing curtain rail. Detailed instructions are included with the device, and no specialised tools are needed.

Installing motorised curtain tracks and rods like those in the Smart Curtain system may take more work. Most users should be able to manage the process, and detailed instructions are typically provided.

Automatic curtain openers typically require little maintenance. However, keeping the device’s motor clean is essential because debris and dust can impair performance. Check the curtain tracks or rods regularly for obstructions and clean them as needed.

Overall, from installation to regular use, automatic curtain openers are made to be convenient and straightforward to use. They are valuable to any house because they increase convenience, safety, and energy effectiveness.

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