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Wifi intelligent plugs are a product that appeals to people who desire efficiency and convenience in their daily lives. These people recognise how technology can simplify tasks and foster a cosy and highly effective environment. 

For such people, a Wifi smart plug is an essential tool. With the help of their smartphones or voice commands through smart home devices, they can now control the electrical appliances in their homes remotely.

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The usefulness of these WiFi smart plugs lies in how convenient they are. They give you peace of mind and provide you with control over how much energy is used in your home by enabling you to manage your home appliances from anywhere. 

A quick check on the app linked to your Wifi smart plug can either confirm your action or allow you to switch it off remotely, for example, if you are rushing out of the house and wondering if you turned off the electric kettle. 

In our review, we looked at some of the top Wifi intelligent plugs on the market that offer the best value while being dependable and straightforward. Users highly rate these smart plugs for their user-friendly interface, seamless integration with well-known intelligent home ecosystems, and top-tier performance. 

They have received praise for their durable design, dependable performance, and intricate scheduling and energy monitoring features. The top Wifi smart plugs make your home more convenient and help you save money and use less energy.  

The Best Rated

XiangHeWang LSPA7 Smart Plug

  1. A simple setup with dependable safety features guarantees comfort.
  2. Alexa and Google Assistant support for voice commands increase convenience.
  3. The mobile app’s remote control feature enables device management from any location.
  4. The energy monitoring feature makes Tracking power usage and cost reduction easier.
  5. By automating appliance operation times, the scheduling function improves routine.
  6. Connected living is encouraged by compatibility with various intelligent hubs and devices.  

The Best Value

EIGHTREE Smart Wifi Plugs

  1. Appliances can be easily managed with remote app control from anywhere.
  2. Alexa and Google Assistant voice control compatibility for hands-free operation.
  3. By simulating occupancy, Away Mode improves home security and deters burglars.
  4. A stable network connection is guaranteed, and Easy Setup minimises configuration time.
  5. Device sharing and group control provide convenience and multi-user control.
  6. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network compatibility; help is available from customer service.   

The Best Of The Rest

EIGHTREE Smart Wifi Plugs

  1. Utilise the Smart Life APP to control home appliances and reduce energy use remotely.
  2. Alexa and Google Assistant voice control compatibility for hands-free use.
  3. While you’re away, home security is improved thanks to away mode, which simulates occupancy.
  4. Simple two-minute setup with a reliable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network connection.
  5. To effectively manage connected devices, utilise group control and device sharing.
  6. 5GHz networks are incompatible; customer support is available for connection problems.

Kasa Mini Smart Plug Review

  1. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  2. Runs without a separate smart hub
  3. Remote management using the Kasa App
  4. Functionality for a timer and schedule for convenience
  5. Establishes a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection
  6. Licenced for easy, stress-free use   

Meross WiFi Smart Plugs

  1. Compact Design – The slimmest plug from Meross is made to fit UK wall sockets without obstructing switches or additional sockets.
  2. Voice and remote control – Enables commands for devices like lamps and coffee makers via Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and SmartThings.
  3. Superior Chipset – Using potent chipsets for reduced disconnection rates and increased Wi-Fi connection range.
  4. Customised Scenes/Routines – Enables the creation of scenes that are simplified for daily tasks and improve user experience.
  5. Efficient Setup – Utilises 2.4GHz Wi-Fi; no additional hub is needed. There are three simple steps for setup.
  6. Diverse Packaging – Please be aware that packaging may vary.   

OHMAX Energy Monitoring Smart Plugs

  1. Use a user-friendly app to monitor the energy use of electrical appliances in real time.
  2. Only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is supported by the remote control function, which allows on/off switching from any location.
  3. Alexa and Google Home voice control compatibility for hands-free operation.
  4. Electric devices can be controlled automatically with the help of a schedule and timer.
  5. Using the group control feature, A single tap can operate multiple smart plugs.
  6. Ideal for controlling connected devices, home appliances, and LED downlights.   

Meross Smart Plug Duo, White

  1. Meross smart plug fits into UK wall sockets without obstruction, thanks to its ultra-thin design.
  2. Compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings via voice and remote.
  3. A superior chipset provides an Extended Wi-Fi connection range and lower disconnection rates.
  4. Create personalised scenes or routines for the most comfort and enjoyment.
  5. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network setup is only three steps and doesn’t require a hub.
  6. Perfect for managing a variety of home appliances, including lamps and coffee makers.   

TVLIVE Smart Plugs Pair

  1. With your smartphone’s free Smart Life app, you can operate remotely from anywhere.
  2. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and IFTTT for voice control.
  3. Using the timer and schedule features for automated control of electronics and appliances.
  4. A compact design with overload protection is available for safety and ease of use.
  5. A user manual and two TVLIVE 13A WiFi intelligent plugs are included in the package.
  6. Only a 2.4GHz WiFi network is supported, ensuring connectivity to various devices.   

Meross Smart Plug Compatibility

  1. The Schedule and Timer feature automatically turns off connected devices, saving energy.
  2. Easily integrates with Alexa and Google Home to enable voice control of home appliances.
  3. Apple HomeKit supports Siri Voice and Remote Control for iOS devices.
  4. By using your local network, the intelligent plug ensures the security of your data.
  5. For the best user experience, offers technical support around-the-clock.
  6. It is one of the best intelligent plugs because it is compatible with various electrical appliances.

WOOX Smart Plug Quartet

  1. Use the Woox app to track the energy consumption of connected devices in real time and over time.
  2. Simple Setup – Connects quickly and without a hub using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Provided thorough installation instructions.
  3. Customise control based on location, temperature, or weather with advanced scene control. Ideal for making sure that your home is comfortable.
  4. Voice and Remote Control – Hands-free voice or app control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.
  5. Automate Your Home – Programme appliances, like coffee makers or lights, to turn on or off at specific times.
  6. The multi-protection design provides Overload, surge, and short-circuit protection. Child safety shutters and flame-resistant materials are safety features.

Alexa-Compatible Smart Plug Quartet

  1. Regular lighting for fish tanks is possible thanks to schedule and timer features.
  2. A countdown timer is used to protect phone batteries from overcharging.
  3. For ease of use, voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  4. The Smart Life App allows for remote control of home appliances.
  5. A secure, user-friendly design compatible with British sockets guarantees home security.
  6. High-quality, flame-resistant materials are used, and technical support is available around-the-clock.   

Outdoor Smart Plug Compatibility

  1. Perfect for outdoor appliances like Christmas trees, washing machines, and garden lighting.
  2. Improved dependability thanks to a robust, reliable Wi-Fi network connection chipset.
  3. Uses the Alexa app and Google Assistant to enable voice and remote control. 
  4. Features a sliding safety cover and overload protection for secure use.
  5. For immediate problem-solving, technical support is available round-the-clock.
  6. Compatible with any 2.4 GHz router and capable of supporting a wide range of connected devices.   

Smart Plug: Alexa and Google Compatible

  1. Woolley’s compact smart plug is compatible with LAN, voice control, shared control, and intelligent scenes.
  2. The enhanced safety features include A sliding safety cover and flame-resistant materials.
  3. Remote control capabilities – Use the “link” app to control your appliances from anywhere at any time.
  4. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for hands-free operation; both work flawlessly.
  5. Set specific on/off times for your appliances with the intelligent scheduling function for convenience.
  6. Compatible with 2.4 GHz Network – Only works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.   

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs, Pack of 2

  1. Compatible for seamless voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  2. It connects to any Wi-Fi router without needing an extra hub.
  3. The Kasa app’s remote access feature enables control of connected devices.
  4. Electronics can be turned on and off automatically thanks to the timer and scheduling features.
  5. Improved safety features include flame retardant material and overheating protection.
  6. Children are shielded from potential electric shock by a sliding safety cover.   


Automated Indoor Lighting Control

  1. Utilise WiZ’s ‘Plug and Play simplicity while only using your current Wi-Fi network.
  2. For seamless smartphone control over your electrical appliance, use the WiZ app.
  3. Manage and effectively track the energy use of your lights with WiZ.
  4. Obtain light control without Wi-Fi by using the 24 GHz sensor communication.
  5. Write quickly and forcefully to provide immediate and significant illumination.
  6. The user experience of this electrical device is improved by compatibility with smart speakers.

Compatibility with Smart Home Ecosystems

Compatibility with your current smart home ecosystem should be one of your top priorities when buying a Wifi smart plug. Your chosen WiFi smart plug should work seamlessly with Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, or Apple’s HomeKit, regardless of which platform you are using. 

For instance, the Kasa smart plug is well known for working with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home Assistant. This allows you to control connected devices, like a lamp or coffee maker, using straightforward voice commands, significantly improving the convenience of your life.

Additionally, compatibility includes the smartphone app made available by the maker of the WiFi smart plug. Thanks to the app’s simplicity and user-friendliness, you should be able to control your home appliances and check their power usage quickly. 

For instance, the highly regarded Amazon Smart Plug offers an app enabling you to schedule your appliances, track your energy usage, and even manage multiple devices simultaneously.

Hardware compatibility is just as important as software compatibility. Wifi smart plugs should fit into your electrical sockets without problems and work well with your home appliances. 

They should also be able to connect to your WiFi network, typically using the 2.4 GHz frequency for better connectivity and range. Last but not least, compatibility is greatly influenced by customer service. 

You should have no trouble getting help from the manufacturer’s customer service if you have problems with your WiFi smart plug. This entails giving precise delivery instructions, assisting with setup and troubleshooting, and resolving product-related issues.

Features to Look for When Buying Wifi Smart Plug

A Wifi smart plug should have a few essential features that one should consider before buying. First, the intelligent plug should give you remote control over your appliances, enabling you to turn them on or off with your smartphone from anywhere. 

This feature is beneficial when you have to leave the house quickly without turning off your electrical appliances. Second, you can track your power consumption with the help of a helpful feature known as energy monitoring. 

This lowers your energy costs and promotes more environmentally friendly behaviour. This feature is available on some smart plugs, like the Kasa Smart Plug, and it helps you keep track of your energy consumption.

The capability to control numerous devices is a further crucial feature to consider. Some Wifi smart plugs have a power strip design that lets you control multiple appliances simultaneously. This is especially helpful for those whose homes contain various intelligent devices.

Voice control is the final feature that makes your smart home setup more convenient. You can control your connected devices by speaking commands to them thanks to the integration of voice assistants like Google Home Assistant or Alexa from Amazon. This is especially useful when your hands are full, or you want to avoid reaching for your phone.

Integration with Smart Security

Another factor to take into account when buying a WiFi smart plug is smart security. Your home can become safer and more secure if you use a smart plug that works well with your innovative security system, such as Samsung SmartThings. 

You could, for instance, programme your lights to come on and go off at specific times to give the impression that someone is home even when you’re not there. This can provide you with peace of mind and deter potential burglars.

Additionally, some intelligent plugs have security-enhancing features. For example, some models alert you if an appliance has been left on for a long time, possibly preventing mishaps like fires. Additionally, the ability to control devices remotely increases the security of your home by allowing you to turn off any appliance from anywhere.

By integrating with other smart devices, smart plugs can increase the security of your home. For example, they can be set up to turn on your lights when your smart doorbell detects movement, possibly deterring unauthorised visitors.

Finally, smart plugs can also help secure your home by lowering the possibility of power surges. Some models come with surge protection, which protects your appliances from any potential harm caused by sudden electricity spikes.

Delivery and Setup

Your WiFi smart plug should be simple to receive and set up. Precise and accurate delivery information must be given to ensure that your product arrives on time and in good condition when you make an online purchase. 

This includes tracking data so you can keep track of your delivery’s progress and make informed plans. Once your smart plug is delivered, setting it up should be easy. 

Most WiFi smart plugs are plug-and-play devices, meaning you can start controlling your appliances as soon as you plug them into a socket and connect them to your WiFi network. You should be able to follow the clear, concise instructions in user manuals.

It should be simple to integrate with the ecosystem of your smart home. Your smart plug should be simple to connect to Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, or Apple’s HomeKit, enabling you to control your appliances using voice commands or a smartphone app.

Last, the manufacturer’s customer service should be ready to help you if you encounter any problems during the delivery or setup process. This may be done via a live chat option on the manufacturer’s website, an email support address, or a helpline. Excellent customer service can distinguish A great product experience from a good one.

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