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For people with limited mobility due to age, illness, injury, or disability, a travelling wheelchair is essential. These portable, foldable wheelchairs were created with travel in mind. This makes them lightweight and small, facilitating mobility in a variety of settings. 

For those who enjoy travelling but are constrained by their mobility, they are a suitable option.  Additionally, they are advantageous for those who only occasionally require a wheelchair, such as during lengthy walks or outings.

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Wheelchairs for travel offer a wide range of advantages. For instance, their small size and light weight simplifies transporting them by car, train, or aeroplane. In addition, the wheelchairs’ ability to fold ensures that they take up the least space possible, making them a practical option for people with small storage spaces.  As they are manoeuvrable, this means that they can easily move through busy areas, small spaces, and uneven surfaces. Users of travel wheelchairs can reclaim their independence, as well as fully taking advantage of their travel opportunities.

To offer a helpful buyer’s guide, we evaluated some of the best travel wheelchairs on the market. These wheelchairs have been assessed based on their weight, size, usability, comfort, durability, and cost. 

It is also important to note that each product is made by reputable businesses, dedicated to quality and client satisfaction. Consequently, these evaluations will support you in selecting the best portable wheelchair for travel for you.

The Best Rated

best travel wheelchair

  1. The cost of this portable wheelchair made of lightweight aluminium includes VAT exemption.
  2. This foldable chair has a convenient travel bag weighing only 8kg.
  3. The features of the best travel wheelchair include flip-up armrests, adjustable leg rests, and ergonomic handles with brakes.
  4. Its compact design is perfect for sporadic outdoor support.
  5. These sturdy transit chairs are easy to manoeuvre thanks to their puncture-free swivel wheels.
  6. With a weight capacity of 15 stone, comfort and durability are assured.

The Best Value

best wheelchair for air travel

  1. The new Pink Wheelchair from Elite Care provides high-end mobility aid.
  2. The best wheelchair for air travel folds down to a third of its standard size, making it ideal for travel.
  3. Features adjustable footrests and puncture-resistant tyres for a comfortable ride.
  4. Multiple cross braces and padded desk arms guarantee strength.
  5. A tiny user detail is required for the wheelchair to be VAT-exempt.
  6. This mobility scooter is the ideal fusion of convenience and comfort.   

The Best Of The Rest

best travel wheelchair uK

  1. Easy folding, fully assembled, and ready-to-use design.
  2. The best travel wheelchair UK is surprisingly light, weighing just under 10kg.
  3. Brakes with user or carer control for increased security.
  4. Backrests and footrests that fold up for easy transportation.
  5. Dependable tyres, calf and heel straps, and secure transportation.
  6. Upon submission of the user’s medical condition, the price is VAT-exempt.   

best wheelchair for travel

  1. lightweight construction for simple manoeuvrability and self-propulsion.
  2. The best wheelchair for travel folds easily, making for simple storage and suitability for car trunk space. 
  3. The upholstery on the seat and back is soft nylon, which improves user comfort.
  4. The best travel wheelchairs feature a parking brake and attendant for increased control and safety.
  5. Dual footrests and a detachable swing-away footrest maximise user comfort.
  6. Has a 42 cm wide and 42 cm deep seat, supporting weight up to 100 kg.   

lightweight folding wheelchairs for travelling

  1. Aluminium frame that folds up easily for storage and transport.
  2. These lightweight folding wheelchairs for travelling are self-propelled and are height-adjustable, with removable footrests.
  3. Supports users weighing up to 100 kg with an adjustable seat belt.
  4. Features a foot lever for curb assistance and padded solid armrests.
  5. Various seat sizes for comfort, including a seat depth of 41 cm.
  6. Includes footplate heel cups and a backrest with a 40 cm height.   

travel wheelchairs for sale

  1. Compact Dimensions – Perfect for fitting through small doorways and hallways inside the house.
  2. Flexible and Foldable – With removable, height-adjustable footrests, this product is easy to store and improves transfer.
  3. Comfort is encouraged with these travel wheelchairs for sale, including padded armrests and a storage pocket in the back.
  4. A locking brake system and a sturdy steel structure ensure safety.
  5. Contains Safety Belt – Provides additional user support, with a 220 lb. maximum user weight limit.
  6. Highly Functional – Assists those who need a wheelchair, such as the elderly or those who are dependent.   

lightweight travel wheelchair

  1. Contributes to accessibility with its small folded size, making it perfect for trips and vacations.
  2. This lightweight travel wheelchair offers padded desk arms that flip up ensure user comfort.
  3. Has several cross braces, giving it robust strength and dependability.
  4. Comes with a small, wheeled travel bag for simple transportation.
  5. Its layout complements the ease of a self-propelled wheelchair.
  6. Drive Medical produced it so you can be sure of its high calibre and robustness.   

lightweight travel wheelchair uK

  1. Wheelchair that folds up easily for storage and transportation.
  2. This lightweight travel wheelchair UK features accompanying handbrakes for improved control and safety.
  3. Tough, puncture-resistant tyres guarantee a safe, dependable ride.
  4. Adjustable footrests and a half-folding back mechanism for maximum comfort.
  5. Supports users who weigh up to 18 stone.
  6. VAT exemption is valid With the user’s name and medical condition.   

light wheelchair for travel

  1. Compact Design: Both patients and carers will find the wheelchair’s structure simple to manoeuvre.
  2. Lightweight Frame: The wheelchair’s frame is sturdy yet lightweight aluminium alloy.
  3. This light wheelchair for travel offers features that improve user safety, such as the wheelchair’s thickened frame and seat belt.
  4. Transportable: Simply fold the wheelchair for easy storage in the trunk of a car, perfect for trips.
  5. Solid rubber tyres on the wheelchair’s two front 6-inch and two rear 12-inch wheels guarantee durability.
  6. Comfort: The wheelchair offers a comfortable ride thanks to its 20.1-inch seat height and 15.4-inch width.   

travel folding wheelchair

  1. Compact and Practical – The wheelchair’s extremely portable design makes it simple to transport.
  2. This travel folding wheelchair is made of a superior Material – High-grade, lightweight aluminium alloy creates this product for maximum strength and durability.
  3. Travel-Friendly – Easily collapses to fit in car trunks and is appropriate for flying.
  4. The thoughtful design includes An integrated handbrake, an easy-to-use pull-up buckle, and a detachable, washable seat cushion.
  5. A comprehensive after-sales support programme and a worldwide warranty are included in the exceptional service.
  6. This folding travel wheelchair also comes with comfortable padded armrests, it works great as a self-propelled or electric wheelchair.   

lightweight travel wheelchairs for sale

  1. The British-made transit wheelchair, the Ascot, improves user comfort and manoeuvrability.
  2. It features a seatbelt that can be adjusted, luxurious upholstery, and a handy carry pocket.
  3. These lightweight travel wheelchairs for sale provide maximum functionality, It has attendant-operated brakes, movable footrests, and puncture-resistant tyres.
  4. The Ascot is incredibly lightweight and easily folds to a small size.
  5. A maximum user weight of 150 kg can be supported by this model, making it very durable.
  6. A lifetime warranty from MADE Mobility ensures strict quality and UK legal compliance.   

compact travel wheelchair

  1. Lightweight and easily foldable for practical transport and storage.
  2. This compact travel wheelchair features height-adjustable, swing-out footrests with quick releases for maximum comfort.
  3. Accompanied by attendant handbrakes that can be applied to slow down or lock.
  4. Solid tyres are impervious to punctures, ensuring a continuous and trouble-free journey.
  5. Supports robust use and can withstand a maximum user weight of 18 stone.
  6. Subject to user medical condition information, VAT exemption is available.   

compact wheelchair for travel

  1. This compact wheelchair for travel quickly folds for simple storage and transportation
  2. Equipped with fold-down backrest and removable, flip-up footrests
  3. With an alloy frame that weighs only 11 kg, it is lightweight and durable.
  4. With lockable hand brakes built in, bending is not necessary.
  5. Features adjustable footrests for height and puncture-resistant tyres.
  6. Has armrests with padding for added comfort.   

foldable wheelchair for travel

  1. Transit chair with many features and a classy silver finish.
  2. With cable brakes and a half-folding back, it was made for people with arthritis.
  3. This foldable wheelchair for travel features a compact design, making it simple to transport and store.
  4. Large 12″ puncture-resistant tyres that guarantee longevity and low maintenance.
  5. A 19″ wide seat and padded arms offer exceptional comfort.
  6. Greater accessibility, acting as a reclining chair and a self-propelled wheelchair.   

small travel wheelchair

  1. As this small travel wheelchair weighs less than 9kg, it is remarkably light.
  2. Built with a sturdy aluminium frame
  3. Adjustable, removable, and flip-up footrests
  4. Fully retractable for easy storage
  5. Superior design that ensures durability
  6. Includes attributes of a wheelchair that can move on its own.   

Understanding Different Types of Travel Wheelchairs 

When considering a travel wheelchair, understanding the various wheelchair models on the market is essential . For instance, a self-propelled wheelchair is made for people who can propel the chair independently with their arms. 

Alternatively, as a transit or transport wheelchair is not self-propelled, it needs to be pushed by an attendant. On the other hand, an electric or powered wheelchair requires less physical effort from the user. This is because it moves with the help of batteries, a motor, and a joystick. 

Whilst the steel travel wheelchair offers durability among lightweight options, it is important to note that it might be a little heavier. For those who require assistance with mobility in addition to wheelchairs, walking sticks and frames can be considered. 

Moreover, a bariatric wheelchair has a higher weight limit and is made for larger users, furthering safety and comfort. Self-propelled and transit wheelchairs are both considered manual wheelchairs. 

It is crucial to recognise that a lightweight folding travel wheelchair can be powered or manual. These chairs are an excellent option for shopping excursions or vacations, as they are made to be portable and frequently come with a carry bag. 

For users with more complex needs, such as those with visual impairment, choose a wheelchair with an accessibility app. This will allow the user to more independently navigate their surroundings. Additionally, some wheelchairs have extra features like reclining seats, seat belts, and toilet chairs that enhance comfort and functionality.

Features to Look for When Buying Travel Wheelchair

When sourcing the best portable wheelchair for travel, there are multiple factors to consider. For instance, the seat’s width, depth, and height are among the most essential elements. To ensure comfort, these measurements should correspond to the user’s size. 

Furthermore, footrests and armrests with padding can add to the comfort. Another crucial element is the wheelchair’s weight. A lightweight wheelchair is a more practical option for travel, as it can be lifted into a car or onto public transportation more efficiently. 

One advantage of a power wheelchair is that the require less effort from the user, compared to manual wheelchairs. Another feature to think about is the upholstery handles. This can make the wheelchair simpler to push, especially uphill. In addition, some wheelchairs also feature seat belts for further security. 

Finally, it’s critical to consider whether wheelchair spare parts are readily available. This is important for the wheelchair’s use and maintenance over the long term. 

Financial Considerations and VAT Relief

When purchasing specific mobility aids, including a travelling wheelchair, you may be eligible for VAT relief in the UK. This can considerably lower the wheelchair’s price. 

If you buy a wheelchair for personal use due to a disability or a chronic illness, you are eligible for a VAT exemption . Both manual and electric wheelchairs, as well as wheelchair and scooter accessories, fall under this category. 

It’s also important to remember to double-check the delivery details. Although the majority of businesses offer delivery, there may be fees. For first-time users, some providers may also offer additional services such as wheelchair assembly or usage demonstrations. 

Aftercare and Additional Services

After you’ve made the wheelchair purchase, there are still a few things to consider. For instance, the wheelchair’s upkeep, including its spare parts, is essential for its durability. 

oreover, you might want to think about getting your wheelchair some extra accessories. These can be as basic as a carry bag for convenient transportation, or as specialised as dressing aids for greater convenience. 

Finally, remember that just because you use a wheelchair, your mobility shouldn’t be restricted. With the appropriate wheelchair and accessories, you can still appreciate travel experiences. It is important to note that the information in this guide is provided with all rights reserved. To use and maintain your travel wheelchair properly, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

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