The Best Strategies to Maintain Healthy Body Weight for Students

Student life is often hectic and full of challenges. Students do not usually care about their eating habits, but they try to cope with all the academic challenges and complete their tasks. There are essays to write, group projects to collaborate on, articles, and books to read. Besides, there are parties and campus activities you cannot miss. 

So, you can, most of the time, see students grabbing a piece of pizza in the buffet. You can see them eating late at night when they are studying and need energy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when it is already hectic is a real challenge. So, which are the best strategies you, as a student, can apply to maintain a healthy body weight? 

Reduce Your Sugar Intake 

Maintaining a healthy body weight might feel like a challenge, especially when you are a student. There are crowded periods when you have to study for exams, work on your assignments, research for that project, and so on. In these moments, your only goal is to complete your academic tasks, especially when you feel the pressure of time. So, caring for what you eat is not a priority in these moments, which makes students careless when it comes to eating. 

One of the things the majority of students do is to increase their sugar intake during the day and night. Eating sweets and drinking sugar-based drinks can contribute to your body weight gain. You can read health essay examples for free and discover the negative effects of sugar intake excess. If you are wondering how to get to a healthy weight or how to maintain a healthy weight is by reducing your sugar intake. Most of them have no nutritional value but have lots of calories. So, it would be wise to avoid them as much as you can. 

Choosing Fruits and Vegetables 

A student who wants to keep healthy while in college and prevent weight gain is probably looking for strategies to do this. If you want to lose weight, you have probably thought about starting a diet. It is crucial to keep in mind that a lot of diets encourage you to give up certain ingredients or foods entirely. 

However, many students say that they have started gaining weight after finishing the diet, which means that its effects are only short-term. You need to adopt diet strategies that will turn into habits, as they help you maintain a healthy body weight. So, choose to eat more vegetables and fruits. They are naturally full of nutrients and vitamins that help you maintain a healthy body. They are a good source not only of vitamins but of fibers and minerals too. 

Portion Sizes 

Another strategy to maintain healthy body weight is to pay attention to the size of your portion. You might feel inclined, when eating at home, to fill your plate with a lot of food. Well, this is contributing to weight gain, so it is essential to look at the portion size. 

When eating out, you could share a portion with your colleagues and make it half-half. A lot of students eat a lot as they do not have an eating schedule and skip some meals. To reduce your food intake, you could slow down your eating pace. The slower you chew, the faster you satisfy your appetite. 


Last but not least, keeping a healthy body does not mean that you only need to pay attention to your eating habits and calorie intake. You also need to change other habits as well. And exercising more is one of the things you have to do to maintain a healthy body weight. 

There are a lot of sports you can start, so finding the physical exercise that meets your style and desires is easy. You can start playing team sports, such as basketball or volleyball. Or, you can start jogging, trail running, or hiking. Either choice, physical exercise is essential for a healthy body and you should start adding it to your calendar. 

Maintaining a healthy body weight as a student is a real challenge. Your schedule is usually crammed up, so finding the time you need for cooking might be arduous. However, there are a few strategies you can apply. Choose to reduce your sugar intake and replace soda and other sugary drinks and foods with fruits and vegetables. Reduce your portion size when you can and do not forget that exercising is good both for your body and mind. 


Bio lines: Joel Strachan is a content writer and blogger. He is passionate about nutrition and health, so he usually writes articles on topics related to these domains. Joel favours fruits over chocolate. His favourite fruit is the apricot.