Swivel Rockers | December 2023

Many homeowners, furniture, and interior design experts are now looking for the Swivel Rocker. This fashionable and helpful item appeals to various consumer groups, from young professionals who desire a balance between style and functionality in their living spaces to the elderly who seek comfort and ease.

The Swivel Rocker is valuable for any home or office because it has several advantages. Its rotating feature offers comfort and flexibility, allowing users to turn in different directions quickly. 

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The rocking motion, on the other hand, adds a calming effect that can promote relaxation or even sleep. Many people will find it a worthwhile investment because of its creative design and robust construction, guaranteeing longevity.

We have evaluated some of the top swivel rockers on the market in our effort to offer thorough and trustworthy information. These premium products have been assessed against strict quality and performance standards to ensure they live up to their reputations. 

We have examined the materials’ calibre, comfort level, durability, usability, and aesthetic appeal. These assessments’ insights will be of great help in assisting potential buyers in making wise decisions.  

The Best Rated

Desser Beige Striped Swivel Rocker

  1. The Supreme Swivel Chair offers 360° rotation and a slight tilt for maximum relaxation.
  2. Premium Aquaclean cushions offer stain resistance, making cleaning quick and affordable.
  3. Handcrafted in the UK, fibre fusion technology is used in cushions to increase comfort.
  4. Its sturdy Pirelli webbing frame fully assembles the armchair and supports durability. 
  5. Dimensions are H108cm x W83cm x D98cm, and a manufacturer’s warranty of one year is included.
  6. This swivel chair guarantees free delivery service, enhancing customer convenience.  

The Best Value

Deluxe Rattan Swivel Rocker

  1. A 360-degree swivel is available on this exceptional rocking chair for the ultimate in relaxation.
  2. For added comfort, cushions are enhanced with high-specification fibre fusion technology.
  3. Cushions made in the UK can be machine washed up to 30°c.
  4. A frame made of hand-crafted cane that promotes environmental responsibility.
  5. Fully assembled and delivered by a skilled 2-man white glove service.
  6. There is a one-year warranty and dimensions of H108cm by W80cm by D98cm.   

The Best Of The Rest

Grey Assembled Rattan Rocking Chair

  1. Enjoy tilt and 360-degree swivel in this elegant grey Wicker Rocker Armchair.
  2. Enjoy superior comfort from cushions made in the UK with Quallofil fibre fusion technology.
  3. The Earth Grey fabric cushions in D grade (Aquaclean) are machine washable at 30°C.
  4. This chair made from a cane frame and hand-woven cane, demonstrates sustainable farming methods.
  5. Pirelli webbing guarantees its durability, ensuring longevity for the user.
  6. It is delivered fully assembled and has a one-year manufacturer warranty. It measures H108cm x W83cm x D98cm.   

Delamere Rattan Swivel Rocker

  1. A luxurious wicker rocking chair that can rock and swivel in all directions.
  2. Hand-sewn cushions made in the UK with Quallofil technology enhance comfort.
  3. Is delivered fully put together, ensuring immediate use and simplicity of setup.
  4. Built on a foundation made of Pirelli webbing, which is strong and long-lasting.
  5. Handmade and manually woven cane frame that is environmentally friendly.
  6. One-year warranty and dimensions of H108cm x W83cm x D98cm are included.   

Rattan Desser Swivel Rocker Chair

  1. Luxurious wicker rocker armchair with 360-degree swivel and rocking motion, ideal for relaxation. 
  2. Cushions made in the UK and stuffed with premium soft foam for plush comfort.
  3. The 100% polyester Biscuit fabric, a blend of beige and cream, is machine washable up to 30°c. 
  4. A two-man white glove service delivers the armchair fully assembled.
  5. Handmade from cane that was grown using sustainable farming methods, encouraging environmental protection.
  6. The furniture has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and measures H108cm x W83cm x D98cm.   

Grey Rattan Swivel Rocker Chair

  1. Exceptional rocking chair made of wicker with a 360-degree swivel for maximum relaxation.
  2. Extra comfort is ensured by cushions filled with high-performance Quallofil fibre.
  3. The Jazz Grey fabric is made entirely of polyester and features Aquaclean technology.
  4. Material that resists stains and is simple to clean with a cloth and water.
  5. Handmade, fully assembled cane frame that is environmentally friendly.
  6. Small size: H108cm x W83cm x D98cm; one-year manufacturer warranty.   

Deluxe Desser Swivel Rocker

  1. This rocking chair is comfortable with tilt and 360-degree swivel options.
  2. Duke Grey Stripe premium Aquaclean cushions with easy stain removal are included.
  3. The cushions are handcrafted in the UK, have a high comfort level, and are manufactured there.
  4. A two-man white glove delivery service allows the armchair to arrive fully assembled.
  5. The frame’s sturdy Pirelli webbing ensures a solid and long-lasting foundation.
  6. The item’s measurements are H108cm x W80cm x D98cm, and a 1-year warranty is included.   

Natural Cane Rattan Swivel Armchair

  1. A deluxe hand-made cane swivel chair with 360-degree rotation for the ultimate relaxation.
  2. It is perfect for reading or socialising and blends well with other Desser furniture products.
  3. Premium cushions from a polyester and viscose blend are made in the UK.
  4. It is delivered fully put together and has a sturdy frame supported by Pirelli webbing.
  5. Its hand-woven, environmentally friendly cane frame promotes sustainable farming.
  6. Dimensions are H89cm x W71cm x D88cm, and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.   

Grey Desser Swivel Rattan Armchair

  1. A comfortable, handcrafted cane swivel chair with 360° of rotation.
  2. Perfect for leisurely pursuits like reading or socialising.
  3. It comes with dark grey and charcoal fabric cushions made in the UK.
  4. Delivered with a two-man white glove delivery service and fully assembled.
  5. Handwoven using environmentally friendly, sustainable farming methods.
  6. Its dimensions are H89cm x W71cm x D88cm, and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.   

Natural Rattan Swivel Armchair

  1. A swivel chair with 360-degree rotation and exquisite handcraft for maximum comfort.
  2. Featuring sweeping arms, perfect for reading or socialising.
  3. Blue Atlantic fabric cushions made in the UK complete the look.
  4. Pirelli webbing reinforces the fully assembled, long-lasting product.
  5. An item made from sustainably farmed, hand-woven cane that is environmentally friendly.
  6. Size: H89cm x W71cm x D88cm; 1-year warranty.   

Natural Rattan Swivel Armchair

  1. A swivel chair made of finely crafted natural cane with a solid base.
  2. Offers 360-degree rotation for the most comfortable socialising and relaxation.
  3. Comes with cushions made in the UK using our Arkansas fabric.
  4. The chair is delivered fully assembled and prepared for use.
  5. Produced using sustainable farming methods and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.
  6. There is a manufacturer warranty, and the item has dimensions of H89cm x W71cm x D88cm.   

Grey Rattan Swivel Chair

  1. The 360-degree swivel Wicker Rocker Armchair offers an extraordinary fusion of comfort and practicality.
  2. Hand-sewn cushions made in the UK are filled with high-performance Quallofil fibre fusion to increase comfort.
  3. The chair has Duke Grey Stripe Aquaclean cushions, which are expertly made to be machine washable and easy to remove stains from.
  4. The chair’s structure exemplifies sustainable craftsmanship; it was hand-woven with a cane frame made from sustainable farming methods.
  5. A crucial component of cane industries, strong Pirelli webbing on the frame ensures long-lasting use.
  6. The chair is delivered with a 2-man white glove service and has the following dimensions: H108cm x W83cm x D98cm.   

Desser Swivel Rocking Chair

  1. A magnificent swivel rocking chair for maximum relaxation.
  2. Made of durable, machine-washable Linen Taupe fabric.
  3. UK-made cushions that have fibre fusion for added comfort. 
  4. It is delivered fully, ensuring durable and long-lasting use. 
  5. Made by hand from cane and promoting sustainable agricultural methods. 
  6. There is a one-year warranty and dimensions of H108cm x W83cm x D98cm.   

Clifton Armchair: Luxury Rattan Furniture

  1. Finely woven, natural-washed furniture made of premium cane for conservatories.
  2. Made of cotton, poly-cotton, and polyester blend Oasis fabric.
  3. Strengthened with Dacron wrap, Pirelli webbing, and soft foam filling.
  4. Custom cushions made in the UK, guaranteeing top quality.
  5. Hand-woven, sustainable cane frame that is friendly to the environment.
  6. H92cm x W98cm x D88cm; one-year warranty; dimensions.   

Beige Rattan Swivel Rocker Chair

  1. Experience full-circle swivel and rocking motion for the most relaxation
  2. Aquaclean cushions are machine washable and stain-resistant.
  3. Premium cushions made in the UK provide long-lasting comfort
  4. Two-man white glove delivery service and fully assembled delivery are provided.
  5. Durable construction with Pirelli webbing
  6. Provides reassurance with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.   

Features to Look for When Buying Swivel Rocker

When buying one, essential features that improve a Swivel Rocker’s functionality and comfort should be considered. The cane frame of a high-quality swivel rocker should be solid and durable to withstand repeated use. 

Search for swivel rockers that have plush cushions. These cushions will heighten the comfort level and improve the aesthetic appeal. Another important consideration is the pillow’s material. It ought to be sturdy, cleanable, and cosy. 

Moreover, take into account the swivel rocker’s seat height. Your posture while sitting will be supported by a suitable seat height. A high backrest will also help those who require additional support. 

The swivel function should be effortless and fluid to turn the chair quickly. Last, the rocker should complement your current furnishings in your living room, conservatory, or outdoor area.

Delivery Information and Customer Service 

Other important considerations when buying a Swivel Rocker include delivery information and customer service. Many businesses offer free local delivery for larger, more oversized items like swivel chairs or seater sofas. 

There might be additional delivery fees for areas outside mainland England, like Northern Ireland. Therefore, it is wise to double-check the delivery details before placing an order. 

Make sure the anticipated delivery date works for you. Choose a company that lets you know how long the delivery process will take; remember that delays occasionally occur. 

If you have any questions or problems with your order, a good customer service team will also be helpful. For ease at the checkout, seek out businesses that accept various cards, including American Express.

Product Description and Additional Details

When purchasing a Swivel Rocker, a comprehensive product description is essential. This should contain details on the chair’s construction materials, measurements, and features. 

The report ought to offer valuable information on the swivel rocker chair, such as the fabric used, the characteristics of the cushions, and the calibre of the cane used in the frame.

Additional information may be significant if the chair is part of a more extensive selection of conservatory furniture or can be paired with complementary pieces like a coffee table. You can use these details to determine whether the chair fits your needs and living space.

Making the Most of Your Swivel Rocker

It’s time to take advantage of your Swivel Rocker once delivered to your preferred address. Put it where it will be most helpful, whether in the living room for guests to enjoy or in a quiet corner for some downtime. 

Due to its improved functionality, the Swivel Rocker can serve as more than just a chair. It can serve as the centrepiece of your living area, furniture for your conservatory, or even a tranquil addition to your outdoor area.

Always take good care of your Swivel Rocker to maximise its lifespan. Pay close attention to the product description’s care recommendations, especially for the plush cushion and fabric.

This will guarantee that your Swivel Rocker lasts for many years while still being comfortable and attractive.

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