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A rowing machine is a type of fitness equipment which provides a thorough and intense workout. This makes it a a superb tool for people looking to improve their cardiovascular health, increase their muscle strength, or lose weight. 

The apparatus simulates the motion of water rowing, providing users with a balanced upper and lower body workout. Our review has evaluated top rowing machines on the market, supporting you to find your ideal machine.

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It is important to note that the rowing machine is an excellent option for people of all fitness levels. Regardless of whether you are a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an experienced athlete looking to change your routine, a rowing machine offers an effective workout. 

In addition, it offers low-impact exercise options on the joints, making it more accessible to many users. This ranges from the young, the old, and those recovering from injuries. The rowing machine has comes with a variety of advantages, meaning that it works the entire body in a single session. 

Unlike other fitness equipment that typically concentrates on particular regions, the rowing machine simultaneously targets multiple muscle groups. This helps to increase stamina, build and tone muscles, and improve cardiovascular fitness. 

By burning calories quickly, it additionally aids in weight loss. According to our analysis of the top rowing machines on the market, these machines prioritise comfort, safety, and workout effectiveness.  

The Best Rated

the best rowing machine uK

  1. Demonstrates an LDC display for measuring time, distance, and speed.
  2. The best rowing machine UK features a secure foot placement and adjustable straps.
  3. Provides four different tension levels for elastic cord resistance.
  4. Conveniently foldable to make storage simple.
  5. Features a seat with foam padding for a comfortable workout.
  6. Among the top rowing machines for use indoors.   

The Best Value

air rowing machine uK

  1. Excellent construction, suitable for all heights, and supporting up to 220 pounds.
  2. This air rowing machine UK provides a low-impact, full-body workout that strengthens the heart.
  3. Features a 12-level programmable resistance system that provides a quiet, comfortable rowing experience.
  4. Accurately tracking your workout progress with an LCD console.
  5. Stabilisers and pedal straps can be adjusted to provide the best stability and comfort.
  6. Comfortable ergonomic design, simple assembly, and practical mobility.   

The Best Of The Rest

at home rowing machine

  1. The XS Sports R090 is a well-made folding exercise machine that is made to withstand frequent use. 
  2. This rowing machine promises both durability and safety and can support users weighing up to 100 kilogrammes. 
  3. This at home rowing machine has 12 resistance levels, accommodating all fitness levels and improving the rowing workout. 
  4. The machine has an accurate LCD that offers metrics like total count, calorie recommendation, time, etc. 
  5. A discreet option for an indoor rowing machine, its hydraulic drive ensures a quiet operation. 
  6. The XS Sports R090 is simple to store because all that is needed is to take out one knob and fold the back foot.   

the best budget rowing machine

  1. Experience 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance for a smooth, quiet workout suitable for beginners and experts.
  2. The best budget rowing machine features a large LCD monitor to show time, count, calories, and total count, making it easier to track your fitness goals.
  3. Fitness capabilities that target different body parts, such as the arms, legs, and abdomen, for maximum calorie burning and muscle tension.
  4. The ultra-portable design includes rear floor stabilisation and transport wheels for a safe and comfortable workout.
  5. Foot straps and non-slip foot pedals ensure stability and balance during strenuous exercises.
  6. The rower trainer is the best rowing machine for indoor cardio exercises and total body workouts.   

the best home rowing machine uK

  1. Eight resistance settings are available on the best home rowing machine UK, which can be adjusted to meet different training needs.
  2. Comprehensive Fitness Tracking – Accurately track your exercise duration, calories burned, distance travelled, and heart rate.
  3. Improved Slide Rail: The more extended rail guarantees plenty of legroom, encouraging proper form and effectiveness in each row.
  4. Comfortable features include a moulded seat, non-slip foot pedals, and a handlebar with a padded grip.
  5. Convenient Storage and Portability – This equipment is conveniently portable and storable thanks to its transport wheels and foldable design.
  6. Simple Assembly – There is no need for a screwdriver or intricate instructions to put this indoor rower together.

the best home rowing machines uK

  1. The integrated Kinomap fitness app’s compatibility improves technique and motivation.
  2. The best home rowing machines UK allows for efficient daily exercise at home, enhancing overall strength and health.
  3. Durability is ensured by a premium, strong construction using industrial-grade steel and aluminium.
  4. The multi-use ergonomic design targets All major muscle groups, increasing calorie burn.
  5. Provides eight different levels of magnetic resistance to accommodate different fitness levels.
  6. The achievement of fitness goals aids the digital LCD monitor that tracks progress.   

the best rower

  1. The best rower provides 12 programmable strength levels for a customised and quiet workout.
  2. The multipurpose LCD console displays key metrics like time, count, and calories.
  3. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, with a padded seat and non-slip handlebars.
  4. Gives a thorough full-body workout that hits all the major muscle groups.
  5. The item is an excellent addition to your home gym due to its size.
  6. Appropriately created to meet the requirements of users looking for an air resistance rower.   

the best rowing machine

  1. Strong design – The best rowing machine can support up to 100 kilogrammes and has a powder-coated frame. 
  2. Strict quality inspection is performed on each machine to ensure the highest standards. 
  3. Our rower has a magnetic resistance system with ten resistance levels, unlike others that use elastic bands.
  4. An LCD is included for the total count, calories, time, and other essential metrics.
  5. Professional advice – For the highest level of quality, developed in consultation with experts in the home gym equipment industry.
  6. A comprehensive 12-month warranty is included, demonstrating our faith in the product.   

the best rowing machines for home workouts

  1. Rapid engagement provided by an advanced belt system results in excellent training outcomes.
  2. Similar to air rowers, built-in wheels ensure simple transportation.
  3. The totals, calories, distance, and time are displayed on the LCD monitor.
  4. Maximum user weight is 100 kg in a small, foldable design.
  5. Premium concept2 rowers have ten levels of magnetic resistance as a feature.
  6. The best rowing machines for home workouts includes a 1-year warranty and complies with CE, UKCA, and EN957 safety standards.   

best rowing machines uK

  1. With the RM-TF7102A Rowing machine, an extensive total body workout is easily accomplished at home.
  2. Action that is smooth, vibration-free, and has Bluetooth connectivity for progress monitoring.
  3. The magnetic rower provides a challenging workout with little noise thanks to its 10 levels of resistance and 4 kg flywheel.
  4. An innovative LED display computer that can track Scan, Time, Count, Calorie, Distance, and Total Count is included.
  5. The best rowing machines UK are small and straightforward to assemble, and they can be folded and unfolded for quick storage in only a few seconds.
  6. This versatile cardio and exercise machine is Comparable to the Concept2 Rower, Echelon Row, and Air Resistance Rowers.   

cheap rowers

  1. With the three tension cords, adjust the resistance levels.
  2. An integrated gym improves total-body exercises and muscle toning.
  3. These cheap rowers feature a design that is easily folded is perfect for small spaces.
  4. The free instructional DVD helps with machine mastery.
  5. Exercises are secure thanks to large, pivoting footplates with velcro straps.
  6. A built-in computer keeps track of progress, including time and calories burned.   

cheap rowing machine

  1. Home rower with versatility comparable to Concept2 products.
  2. This cheap rowing machine boasts an easy-to-store foldable design.
  3. Mobility wheels are included for simple movement.
  4. For varying workout intensity, there are eight resistance levels.
  5. Supports users weighing up to 120 kg.
  6. Excellent cardio equipment that can compete with water and air rowers.

fold away rowing machine

  1. Whole Body Workout – This fold away rowing machine provides a low-impact, high-calorie-burning workout by efficiently working all the major muscle groups.
  2. Tracking with an LCD Monitor – The digital display shows the time, speed, distance, and calories burned during your workout, allowing you to keep tabs on your development.
  3. Enjoy a smooth and quiet fitness journey with eight adjustable resistance levels suitable for all levels of individual exercise with Silent Magnetic Resistance.
  4. Secure and Comfy – Padded handlebars provide comfort during extended exercises; similar to a concept2 rower, non-slip foot pedals guarantee secure footing.
  5. Simple Transport and Storage – Constructed with wheels for portability and a foldable design resembling an air rower for simple storage.
  6. Similar to a water rowing machine – Provides a full-body workout similar to a water rowing machine.   

folding rowing machine

  1. This folding rowing machine offers ten silent, frictionless magnetic resistance levels through a 7 kg flywheel.
  2. Boasts a feedback LCD screen that shows time, distance, calories burned, and strokes per minute.
  3. Large pedals with foot straps and an ergonomic comfort seat were added for maximum comfort.
  4. Built with a sturdy tubular steel frame and transport wheels for easy movement.
  5. Has a maximum user weight limit of 120 kg, making a wide range of users possible.
  6. Comes with a two-year warranty guaranteeing the machine’s dependability and quality.   

home rowing machine uK

  1. With the special Water Flywheel and pressure-tested tank, you can experience natural water resistance.
  2. With a roomy, padded seat and the best dual aluminium rail system available, you can comfortably travel.
  3. The solid stainless steel frame and sturdy stabilisers improve stability and durability.
  4. A smart LCD monitor provides real-time feedback on various performance metrics.
  5. This home rowing machine UK delivers the best total-body workout with the least back and joint stress.
  6. Mimics the motion of rowing on the water while providing a powerful aerobic and anaerobic workout.   

Understanding the Types of Rowing Machines 

The market offers several different types of rowing machines, each offering a distinctive rowing experience. Air rowers such as the Concept2 Rower and Model D provide a smooth and natural rowing stroke, as well as a variety of resistance levels. Particularly, British rowers favour this equipment as they are often used for indoor rowing competitions and training.

Alternatively, the rowers from Echelon and JTX Fitness use magnetic resistance. This provides a quieter and more reliable rowing experience.

Water rowers, like the Hydrow Rower and WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine, use water resistance to simulate the sensation of rowing on water. This means that your rowing speed naturally causes the resistance to change. Therefore, the faster you row, the more complex the resistance. 

During workouts, this rower emits a calming, rhythmic sound which improves the overall exercise experience. The Regatta Rower is a rowing machine that combines water resistance and game-based workouts, offering fun and challenging spin on training. 

Finally, the Hydrow Wave Rower is a premium rowing machine that provides an immersive live outdoor reality (LOR) rowing experience.

Features to Look for When Buying a Rowing Machine

When buying a rowing machine, there are a few essential features in mind. Firstly, consider what kind of resistance best suits your fitness level and objectives. Although magnetic rowers like the Echelon offer quiet, smooth operation, air rowers like the Concept2 Rower provide variable resistance and simulate the sensation of rowing outdoors. 

Whereas the Hydrow Rower offers high-tech features and connectivity, water rowers like the WaterRower offer a realistic rowing experience. Another vital element is comfort. 

Additionally, search for a machine with ergonomic handlebars, a comfortable and adjustable seat, and a rowing stroke that slides easily. In order to track your progress during a workout, the device should also feature a clear monitor. This will highlight information such as calories burned, distance rowed, and workout time.

Another factor is your available space. Whilst some rowing machines, like the Model D, are large, others, like the JLL R200, are smaller.

Finally, think about the durability and build quality of the device. Although they are an investment, you should be aware that premium rowing machines deliver better performance and durability.

Incorporating Rowing Machine Workouts into Your Fitness Routine

Rowing machines are flexible, and can be used in any exercise programme. This makes them an excellent option for a cardio workout, as they offer thorough training which targets both the upper body and the leg muscles. 

By enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and building muscles, rowing machines can help you to reach your fitness goals. This is regardless of your level of athletic ability, as indoor rowing can be done at various resistance levels.

A workout on a rowing machine can burn calories quickly, consequently assisting in weight loss. Additionally, rowing’s rhythmic motion is meditative, therefore reducing stress and enhancing mental health.

Rowing Machines in the UK and South Africa

In the UK and South Africa, different types of rowing machines have become increasingly popular. Indoor rowing has been embraced by British Rowing as an essential component of training, which is the organisation that oversees the sport of rowing in the UK.

People in the UK use rowing machines regularly, due to their durable construction and adjustable air resistance. The popularity of home gyms and fitness centres in South Africa has also increased demand for premium fitness gear, such as rowing machines. 

The JTX Fitness rowing machines, renowned for their dependability and effectiveness, are becoming increasingly popular. This highlights how rowing machines are valued in both nations, helping to achieve fitness objectives and enhance general health.

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