Pensionbee Review

If you’re looking for a new pension provider, or want to further understand what’s available out there, then this article is for you. 

We will comprehensively guide you through the ins and outs of what services and products PensionBee provides, as well as their approach to customer experience and their financial performance. 

You’ll know about their background, gaining a true understanding of the customer experience. Consequently, this review will equip you to make an informed decision about your pension management.

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Background to PensionBee Review

Pension Bee, based in London and founded in 2014, aims to make saving for retirement simple and less of a chore. It is important to note that it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

The company is somewhat of a newcomer in the pensions industry, and made a name for itself by providing accounts where customers can consolidate their existing pension pots into one easily managed plan. 

PensionBee aims to differentiate itself from competitors through its emphasis on online account management and use of technology to simplify pensions.

PensionBee works with established asset managers like L&G and HSBC to invest its customers’ pension funds. 

Consequently, this enables PensionBee to offer customers various different options from their pension plans. These range from tracking the stock market to socially responsible investments.

PensionBee’s simplicity is its unique selling point. The company aims to make pension management as easy as possible for its customers, along with a clear fee structure and an accessible online platform. 

Customers can choose from different investment plans that fit their risk tolerance. For example, lower risk funds are designed to preserve capital. Alternatively,  medium risk funds are available for those willing to take their chances a bit more.

One of the key factors that makes PensionBee stand out against many other pension providers is their principle of staying transparent. 

All customers are given clear information about their projected pension, as well as any extra fees they may have to pay. In an industry that’s often criticised for its hidden and unclear charges, this comes as a refreshing change.

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A Review on PensionBee

PensionBee offers pension plans for different risk appetites. The company offers four different plans, each tailored to the customers’ specific risk level and investment strategy. 

These range from the ‘preserve’ plan, designed for low risk funds, to the ‘tracker’ plan, offering medium risk exposure to the stock market. Therefore, there’s something for everyone.

One of PensionBee’s standout services is its Fossil Fuel Free Plan. This invests in companies which align with the Paris Agreement goals, excluding organisations with significant involvement in the fossil fuel industry. 

This is great for environmentally conscious investors who want to invest money in a way that aligns with their values, helping the planet along the way.

Furthermore, PensionBee is straightforward in its pricing structure. Customers pay a simple annual fee, varying on their pension pot size. 

There’s also no initial cost to transfer your existing pensions to PensionBee, and the annual management fee is usually lower than the charges of many traditional pension providers.

In addition, PensionBee stands out for its more digital approach. Their online platform is designed for easy use, allowing customers to manage their pension pots from their phone or computer whenever needed. 

This makes it simple to keep track of your pension savings, anywhere or anytime.

Moreover, PensionBee aims to appeal to digital-savvy consumers through its user-friendly website and mobile app. This allows customers to simply manage their pension and track performance via PensionBee’s online dashboard. 

The digital focus helps to simplify oversight, as well as engaging tech-comfortable pension holders.

The PensionBee Service Offering and fees

When it comes to service, PensionBee aims to make things incredibly simple for their customers. This is helped by its digital platform, where customers manage their pension pots, view their estimated retirement income, and change their investment plan if needed. Therefore, this takes the hassle out of pension management.

One of their main service offerings is its consolidation service. This service allows customers to combine their previous pensions into one PensionBee account, therefore facilitating easy management with their retirement savings. 

Furthermore, PensionBee manages the transfer process directly with the customer’s previous providers. Also, PensionBee offers a pension calculator. This allows customers to estimate their projected retirement income. 

This tool considers factors such as age, current pension pot size, and desired retirement age. Therefore, this makes it easy for customers to plan for their financial situation in retirement.

While PensionBee is predominantly digital, the company also provides telephone and email services. 

These services are renowned for being helpful, friendly and responsive, as PensionBee reviews outline that customers can expect prompt and professional assistance whenever necessary.

Here is an overview of the typical fees charged by PensionBee for their pension management services in the UK:

Account Fee

Based on your pension pot size, PensionBee charges a fixed annual account fee:

  • £0 for pots under £10,000
  • £45 for pots between £10,000 – £100,000
  • £145 for pots over £100,000
Background to PensionBee Review

Ongoing Charges

This covers the underlying costs of the funds in your pension portfolio. PensionBee says this averages around 0.5%, although this can vary based on your individual investment choices.

Setup Fees

There are no set up fees with PensionBee.

Transfer Out Fees

After being with them for a minimum of 12 months, there is no exit or transfer out fee when moving your pension away from PensionBee. However, within the first 12 months, there are exit fees of £100.

Management Fee

On top of the account fee and ongoing charges, there is no additional management fee.

Advisory Fees

Optional one-off advice sessions are offered for £150 per session.

Withdrawal Fees

There are no withdrawal fees charged for taking pension income or cash lump sums.

"Pension Bee, based in London and founded in 2014, aims to make saving for retirement simple and less of a chore. It is important to note that it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority."

Evaluating PensionBee’s Customer Experience

Customer experience is a key part of PensionBee’s offering, and the company has received positive reviews for being user friendly, as well as its excellent customer service. 

Customers appreciate the simplicity at the heart of the company, as well as its fee transparency and pension calculator.

Moreover, reviews for PensionBee’s customer service are generally positive. Customers report that the team is responsive and knowledgeable, meaning that transferring all old pensions over into management is simple and stress-free.

PensionBee also receives high marks for providing education on its platform. This comes in the form of guides and articles on pension planning, supporting you to understand retirement options to make informed decisions.

The company’s commitment to providing a high-quality customer experience is clear, whether online or on the phone. This is just one of the reasons whyPensionBee is so popular for many.

Although PensionBee garners positive feedback overall, some reviews mention occasional administrative delays during busy periods. However, PensionBee’s customer service team is credited with typically resolving issues promptly.

A Review on PensionBee

Assessing PensionBee’s Financial Performance

Since its founding, PensionBee has seen impressive financial performance. The company’s customer base has steadily grown over time, now managing billions of pounds worth of pension funds. 

This growth is driven by the company’s unique value proposition to simplicity and transparency.

Despite being new in the pensions industry, PensionBee has quickly become established and financially strong. This is why PensionBee became a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange in 2021.

Whilst PensionBee’s fees are lower than other providers, the company’s simple and transparent pricing structure helps it still maintain financial success. This means that it offers a valuable service at a reasonable cost, making it attractive to many customers.

PensionBee’s financial performance is not only a testimony to their successful business model, but also to the growing demand for simple and transparent management services in the industry. Therefore, this leads the future to look bright for PensionBee.

Exploring PensionBee’s Investment Strategies

PensionBee offers various investment strategies which suit different risk tolerances, financial goals and circumstances. One of their unique offerings comes from their medium risk funds tracker. 

This plan provides customers exposure to a lot of different investments, including stocks, bonds, and other asset classes. Consequently, this balances risk and return, becoming a popular choice for many investors. 

In addition, the company has a low-risk funds preservation plan on offer. This is a great option for conservative investors who want to protect their capital. 

In this plan, the money is invested in creditworthy companies and other assets of lower risk, providing a steady return while minimising the risk of capital loss.

PensionBee’s tailored plan is another popular offering. This plan adjusts the risk level based on your age, gradually transferring investments from higher-risk assets to more conservative ones as you approach retirement. 

Therefore, this helps to protect your pension pot from market volatility as you start getting close retirement.

Understanding PensionBee’s Tax Implications

PensionBee provides clear information about the tax implications involved in investing with them. Contributing to your PensionBee pension, you get tax relief at the highest rate of income tax you pay. This can significantly boost your pension pot over a long period.

It’s also important to know that you’ll have to pay income tax on your pension when you start to withdraw it after retirement. However, you can generally take 25% of your pension without being taxed, consequently providing a significant boost to your overall amount.

The PensionBee Service Offering and fees

PensionBee’s Approach to Financial Advice

Whilst PensionBee doesn’t offer financial advice, they do provide a great amount of information and resources which help their users make informed decisions about their pensions. 

This comes in the form of guides on understanding pensions tax relief, to articles on different investment strategies.

Although PensionBee doesn’t have financial advisors in their staff, they do work with a partner company that can provide financial advice for an additional charge. This can prove very useful to customers who are looking for more tailored advice on their pension planning.

The PensionBee website provides details on each pension plan’s risk level, fees, and historical returns. This transparency allows customers to make informed decisions when dealing with their pension income, even without extra professional help.

PensionBee’s Unique Approach to Transfers

One of the praised features of PensionBee is their seamless pension transfer process. If you’re self-employed, have past employers, or simply have many different pension pots lying around, PensionBee could be a viable solution in bringing them all together into one, simple plan. 

The transfer process is simple and actively managed by their professional team. They will contact your old pension providers and take care of all the paperwork, making it easy and hassle free on your side. 

This means that you only have to provide some basic information, such as your national insurance number and details about your old pensions.

Once completing the transfers, you can manage your consolidated pension pot through one PensionBee account. 

This will provide a clear overview of your pension income, including how your money is invested and your projected amount which you will get when you retire. This can help you to plan for a secure retirement with ease, knowing all your pensions are in one account.

However, it’s important to note that timeframes for completing pension transfers can vary. Although PensionBee aims to streamline the consolidation process, complex transfers may take longer to finalise. 

This is because checking eligibility and validating details with old providers requires due diligence.

Evaluating PensionBee’s Commitment to Simplicity

PensionBee’s goal is to keep pensions simple, and they certainly live up to this claim. Their platform is user friendly and accessible, with a clear interface and straightforward features. This simplicity extends to their fee structure too, with just one simple annual fee which is clearly stated upfront.

Apart from its easy use, PensionBee simplifies the complex world of pensions through their resources and well reviewed customer service. 

Whether looking to understand the benefits of employer contributions to your pension plan, or trying to calculate the impact of ranging risk levels for your investments, PensionBee’s guides and customer service team are there to help.

As a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company, PensionBee must also adhere to standards around transparency, and treat customers fairly. 

Consequently, this provides customers with the peace of mind that their retirement savings are being managed by a legitimate and reliable provider.

Bringing A Review on PensionBee to Life

This example is one which many can relate to, illustrating how PensionBee can be a practical solution in a real-world context. Alex is a self-employed graphic designer, who has had various pension pots accumulating over his career from different contract roles. 

Therefore, this meant that keeping track was a real challenge. He had heard about PensionBee from his financial adviser and was intrigued by the idea of bringing his old pension pots together into one account.

Having read some positive PensionBee customer reviews, Alex decided to give it a go. He was drawn to the varying risk levels on offer, appreciating the stability that the low-risk plan offered. 

He was also pleased with the guaranteed benefits of tax free contributions, as well as the clear and straightforward fees.

The transfer process over to a single PensionBee plan was smooth and simple. Alex was impressed at the ease in which he could invest his money in ethical companies. Alex also appreciated the option to move into a pre-annuity plan as he got closer to retirement.

Another aspect which Alex found particularly helpful was the clear exit fee information. For instance, he liked knowing upfront the potential costs he might incur if moving his pension pot later on. 

This transparency around short-term investments gave him a clear understanding of where his money was being invested in the short run.

Alex’s had a great experience with PensionBee with its easy management, simplicity and transparency. He advocated for PensionBee, recommending it to other self-employed friends to reduce the hassle in managing pensions.

Key Takeaways

In summary of PensionBee, here are the key aspects to consider when researching your pension management options. These takeaways should help you to decide if PensionBee aligns with your retirement savings needs.

  • PensionBee offers a variety of pension plans, including a low-risk funds preserve option. This is ideal for cautious investors.
  • PensionBee could be a great option for those who are self-employed or have multiple pensions from different employers. Their service helps to consolidate all your pensions into one easy-to-manage plan.
  • PensionBee fees offer a simple transparent approach upfront, with no hidden cost in your money invested.
  • PensionBee has a user-friendly online platform. This makes it easy to keep track of your retirement savings, allowing you to manage all your pensions in one place at any time.
  • If you’re getting closer to retirement, PensionBee’s pre-annuity plan could be an option to consider. This gradually shifts your investments to more conservative assets as you approach retirement.
  • If you’re interested in short-term investments, PensionBee provides clear information about where your money is being invested in the short-term.
  • PensionBee is well-regarded in its customer service and transparency, making it reliable to cover your pension management needs.
Exploring PensionBee's Investment Strategies


1. How does PensionBee’s low-risk funds preserve plan work?

The pension fund involved in the preserve plan is tailored for investors who are seeking minimal risk at a low cost. It predominantly invests in high-quality bonds, cash, and low-risk assets. This works to safeguard capital and provide a steady return. Therefore, this is ideal for those nearing retirement or preferring stability in their investments.

2. Is PensionBee suitable for self-employed individuals?

Yes, PensionBee is an excellent option for self-employed individuals. It allows you to consolidate multiple pensions into one easily manageable plan, therefore simplifying tracking and providing clarity for freelancers, contractors, or business owners.

3. What is a pre-annuity plan, and does PensionBee offer it?

A pre-annuity plan gradually shifts investments from higher to lower risk as retirement approaches. Therefore, PensionBee’s Tailored plan mirrors this strategy, automatically transitioning to safer assets as you age, preserving capital before retirement.

4. Does PensionBee cater to short-term investments?

Yes, PensionBee offers options suitable for short-term investments. However, pensions are typically designed for the long term. To align short-term pension use with your overall financial goals and risk tolerance, remember to consult a financial advisor.

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