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Nationwide building society roll number In December 2023

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Nationwide has its own numbering system for accounts with sort codes in the range 08-32.

The account number is up to 8 digits long and is made up of the customer’s building society roll number, followed by a unique identifier for that particular account.

What is a building society roll number? – Roll number meaning 

A building society roll number, sometimes also called a building society reference number, is a unique number assigned to each member of a building society. It is used to identify members and their accounts.

Bank roll numbers are usually between 6 and 8 digits long, and they are usually printed on the back of a member’s passbook or savings book.

What is a building society reference number?

“Building society reference number” is a synonym for building society roll number. 

Where is the roll number on a bank card?

Usually, you won’t find a roll number on a bank card. Instead, bank cards generally show the card number, expiration date, cardholder’s name, and, especially in the UK, sometimes the account number and sort code. 

The roll number is usually connected with building societies in the UK. It is a unique way to identify customer accounts, especially when sort codes and account numbers are not used. If you need to find your roll number, you are more likely to find it on a bill from your bank or building society than on your card. 

Make sure you always keep your account information private and safe.

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Why do building societies have roll numbers?

Bank roll numbers were introduced so that building societies could keep track of their members and their accounts. They are used to identify accounts and to process transactions.

Building societies usually have a large number of members, so reference numbers help them to stay organised and efficient.

Do all building societies in the UK have roll numbers?

Most building societies in the UK use roll numbers, but there are a few that don’t. Nationwide use their own account numbers, as do a few other smaller building societies.

Some of the smaller building societies, as well as some of the newer ones, may not have reference numbers.

If you’re not sure whether your building society uses roll numbers, you can check with them directly.

hat is the difference between a sort code and a roll number?

A sort code is a 6-digit number that identifies the bank and branch where an account is held. Sort codes are used to process payments between banks and building societies.

Why are roll numbers important?

Roll numbers are important because they help building societies to keep track of their members and their accounts. They are used to identify accounts and to process transactions.

Building societies usually have a large number of members, so roll numbers help them to stay organised and efficient.

What is the sort code for Nationwide?

The sort code for Nationwide is 12-34-56. You’ll be able to spot it on your statements, passbook, and paying-in book.

Who are Nationwide?

Nationwide is one of the largest building societies in the UK, with over 15 million members. They have branches all over the country, as well as a network of ATMs.

Nationwide offers a range of financial products and services, including savings accounts, current accounts, mortgages, loans, and insurance.

Nationwide Roll Number

The term “Nationwide Roll Number” does not refer to a single, centralised system that is known across the country. 

In the UK, a “roll number” is usually a unique reference number used by building societies (like Nationwide) to identify individual customer accounts, especially for societies that don’t use a standard sort code and account number system. 

If you’re asking about banking with Nationwide, it would be best to call the bank or building society directly for specific and accurate information. 

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