How To Meet New People | March 2024

It is key to note that making meaningful connections can significantly impact your social life, allowing you to experience true friendship and shared experiences. This article aims to guide you through the task of meeting new people, providing practical steps to achieve this goal. 

  • If the idea of making new friends seems daunting, reading this article will provide clear, actionable steps to increase your social circle.
  • You will gain insight into strategies for successful socialising, learning how to effectively navigate different social settings, and how to approach and maintain new relationships.
  • We’ll delve deep into understanding the dynamics of social interactions, providing a useful guide on how to meet new people. Finally, we’ll also cover ways to foster lasting relationships.

This guide will help you to meet new people and build meaningful relationships.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to put your new knowledge into practice through action, using it to expand your social life and make new friends.

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Background to Meeting New People

Meeting new people can seem challenging, but it’s a skill that can be developed. It’s about finding shared interests and frequenting places where you can find like-minded individuals. If you struggle with this, remember that you are not alone. 

Rather, research shows that 40% of people find it difficult to make new friends. This is where joining activities such as book clubs, sports teams, and community centres can be beneficial. 

This is because these places offer a relaxed environment to strike friendly conversations with others who share similar interests. For instance, Cineworld Cinema is a popular spot where film lovers gather, with their unlimited card offering a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. 

Cineworld Unlimited membership offers advantages like access to upcoming releases, discounts on cinema snacks, and a 10% discount at partnering restaurants like Bella Italia. 

Not only does having an Unlimited card enrich your movie experience, it also improves your chances of meeting new people with similar interests.

How to Meet New People

Meeting new people involves putting yourself out there. There are various ways and places to meet new individuals.

Join a club or group

  • Look for local clubs or groups that align with your interests like a book club, hiking group, volunteer organisation etc.
  • Attending their events and meetings is key, allowing you to find people with similar interests.

Take a class

  • Enrol in an evening class such as cooking, art and photography 
  • Classes allow you to meet people with similar interests in a relaxed environment.

Try a new hobby

  • Pick up a new hobby like rock climbing, dance lessons or learning an instrument.
  • This will allow you to meet new people who share your hobby, whilst also learning something new.

Attend local events

  • Check event listing sites for various local events happening like festivals, shows, meetups etc.
  • These events are great for meeting new people, allowing you to get to know others in an informal and fun setting.

You can find a link to this video on YouTube here.

Get to know your neighbours

  • Introduce yourself to neighbours you see in your apartment building, street or neighbourhood.
  • Neighbours can become great friends, as you can see them regularly and they might share similar interests.

Reconnect with old friends

  • Look up old classmates, colleagues and acquaintances you’ve lost touch with.
  • This is because rekindling old friendships can be very rewarding.


  • Volunteer for causes and organisations you care about.
  • Whilst also contributing to the community, You’ll meet people who share similar principles.

Use online friendship sites

  • Try trusted online friendship sites and apps to connect with people nearby.
  • If you’re new in town or have a busy schedule, these apps can prove useful for making local friends.

Go to networking events

  • Attend professional or industry networking events and conferences in your city.
  • This is an opportunity to meet new contacts and build relationships.

Talk to people around you

  • Chat with people you encounter during your day, such as at a coffee shop or the local shops.
  • Being open can lead to interesting conversations and connections.

Accept invites and say yes

  • Say yes when co-workers, friends, or neighbours invite you to join them for an activity.
  • It is key to remember that accepting invitations can introduce you to new people.

Try online dating

  • Dating sites and apps allow you to connect with potential partners.
  • Even if you don’t find a partner, you might find a new friend.

Adopt a dog

  • Adopt a dog and take it to a local dog park.
  • This is because other dog owners are often friendly and open to conversations.
How to Meet New People

Join community groups

  • Join local community Facebook groups and NextDoor groups.
  • This is a great way to connect with people nearby who share interests.

Switch up your routine

  • Try a new restaurant, coffee shop or gym to switch up your daily routine.
  • Again, this will allow you to meet new people.

It is key to note that being open and receptive is vital to making new friends. This means that the more you expose yourself to social situations, the more likely you are to meet new people.

Strategies for Successful Socialising

You should be aware that successful socialising is about building meaningful and lasting connections, as well as meeting new people. One strategy is to regularly engage in activities you love. 

Therefore, a Cineworld’s Unlimited Card can come in handy if you are passionate about films. It not only provides access to unlimited movies but also allows you to mingle with fellow film enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, being an unlimited member at Cineworld gives you access to unique benefits. For instance, the free tastecard offers discounts on a variety of restaurants, so you could invite someone to join you.

Another strategy is to be active on social media. This means that you should follow Cineworld and other places which you visit, as engaging with their posts can lead to interactions with other followers. Therefore, this will help to broaden your social circle.

''It is key to note that making meaningful connections can significantly impact your social life, allowing you to experience true friendship and shared experiences.''

Navigating Different Social Settings

Remember, different social settings require different approaches. For instance, the approach you might take at a book club meeting will differ from that at a sports event or a Cineworld cinema.

Whilst a book club will focus their discussions on a particular book, talking about the game or players at a sporting event can help to break the ice. At Cineworld, discussing a recent or upcoming film can start a conversation. 

Therefore, you should aim to find common ground, supporting you to start a conversation and potentially find a new friend.

5. Approaching and Maintaining New Relationships

Although approaching new people can seem daunting, everyone at socialising events are there to make new friends. For instance, start with a friendly conversation about mutual interests.

Maintaining the relationship is the next step, meaning that you should keep in regular contact and invite them to share in activities. For example, inviting them for a movie using your Cineworld Unlimited Card or arranging to meet at a community centre can help to strengthen the bond.

This highlights how meeting new people is about finding common interests and platforms where you can interact comfortably. Although it requires a bit of effort and stepping out of your comfort zone, the rewards are worth it.

Understanding the Importance of Networking

Leveraging Mutual Friends

Having mutual friends can be an excellent way to meet new people, as these older friendships can often introduce you to new people in an organic setting. 

For example, you could accompany your mutual friend to social gatherings. This can include a visit to the local Cineworld to watch a 3D film or a regular film. Therefore, this scenario provides common ground for initiating conversations and forging new friendships.

Furthermore, mutual friends can also invite you to social events where you can meet their other friends. In these settings, the key is to remain open and receptive. This means that you should engage in conversations, show interest in others, and most importantly, be yourself.

Lastly, remember to reciprocate. This means that you should introduce your new friends to your circle, helping to strengthen your bond and build a community. This is not only beneficial for you but also enriches the social life of your friends.

Cineworld Plus Benefits

Being a Cineworld Plus member has its perks. Besides the unlimited cinema tickets and a 10% discount on cinema snacks, it offers opportunities to meet new people. For instance, Cineworld Plus members have access to special events which allow you to meet other cinema lovers.

Members also receive a unique ID that gives them access to the Cineworld app, which can be a great conversation starter when meeting new people at the cinema. For instance, discussing the app’s features or the discounts can initiate friendly conversations.

In addition, Cineworld offers a gift card for their members which can be the ideal gift for someone who is passionate about films. This can be an excellent way to show appreciation to your newly made friends and strengthen the bond.

Moreover, Cineworld also offers a voucher for Meerkat Movies, allowing members to get 2-for-1 cinema tickets. This can be a great opportunity to invite a friend or a group to the cinema, consequently building your social connections.

Local Cineworld Events

Local Cineworld cinemas often host events that create a perfect setting for meeting new people. These events can range from special screenings to film premieres.sBeing an Unlimited card holder will allow you to attend these events.

This offers an opportunity to engage in conversations with other attendees. For example, you can discuss the film, share opinions, and in the process, form new acquaintances. 

Cineworld Unlimited cardholder events are not limited to film screenings, as the also hold events such as Q&A sessions with filmmakers and actors. These events attract a crowd of film enthusiasts, which is the ideal place to meet like-minded people.

Moreover, Cineworld also hosts events in collaboration with local businesses, offering a more relaxed and social atmosphere. Therefore you will easily be able to spark friendly conversations and meet new people.

Meeting People at Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have always been great places for meeting people, providing a perfect setting for casual conversations. You can start by visiting the coffee shop at your local Cineworld. 

Many people visit coffee shops to unwind before or after a movie. This means that engaging in a casual chat about the movie or their favourite cinema snacks can initiate a friendly conversation. 

In addition, you can also meet people by attending events at coffee shops. Many coffee shops host events like book clubs or poetry readings, which can support you in connecting with people who share similar interests.

Lastly, regular visiting coffee shops will allow you to get to know other regulars, forming a tight-knit community. Being a regular can help you become a part of this community, thus providing an opportunity to meet new people.

Building Meaningful Connections

Embracing Community Centres 

Community centres are a hive of activity, offering a multitude of opportunities to meet new people in real life. They host a variety of events and classes that attract diverse groups of people, providing an excellent platform to make new friends.

For instance, you might encounter a fellow Cineworld unlimited member at a film appreciation workshop, consequently allowing you to speak about the latest films and discounts available at the local cinema. This shared interest can act as a foundation for a budding friendship.

In addition, community centres often need volunteers for their various programmes. Not only is volunteering helpful to the community, it is a chance to interact with others who are working towards a shared goal. This makes it an experience which can lead to lasting friendships.

Case Study

Here’s a real-world case study to explore meeting new people in a real-world setting. This example should be relatable for many people, offering practical insight into how the strategies discussed in this article can be applied.

Jane is a movie enthusiast and a Cineworld Unlimited member, often visiting her local Cineworld to watch the latest films on the big screen. Although she loves the experience, she wants to expand her social circle and meet people who share her love for cinema.

To begin, Jane utilised her Cineworld membership benefits, allowing her to attend special screenings and events exclusive to Cineworld ticket holders. This enriched her cinema experience, as well as offering the chance to meet fellow unlimited customers.

In addition, Jane made use of the 10% discount on cinema tickets provided to Cineworld Unlimited members. This meant that she started inviting people she met at these events for a drink or a movie, using the discounted tickets.

Jane also visited her local community centre, which hosted a monthly film club. Attending these gatherings, Jane met people from her locality who shared her love for films. This allowed her to become part of a community, as well as expanding her social circle.

Moreover, Jane used the Unlimited Helpline to solve any issues she had with her Cineworld account. This often led to interesting discussions with other Cineworld members about their customer service experiences, further strengthening her new friendships.

Finally Jane made a point of keeping an eye on the advertisement boards at the Cineworld cinema. This is because they often displayed upcoming events and gatherings, providing additional opportunities to meet new people and bond over shared interests.

Key Takeaways and Learnings

In this article, we’ve explored various strategies on meeting new people and expanding your social circle. Here, we summarise the key aspects covered in the article:

– Attend events and participate in activities at community centres, which is the ideal platform to meet new people who share similar interests.

– Make the most out of memberships like Cineworld Unlimited, with benefits including special screenings, exclusive events, and discounts on cinema tickets. These are also excellent conversation starters.

– Be open to making connections in everyday places like coffee shops. This is because regular visits can lead to familiar faces and potential friendships.

– Mutual friends can be a great way to meet new people, as accompanying your friends to social gatherings to expand your social network.

– Volunteering at events in your community or at your local cinema can help you meet people, consequently building a sense of community.

Make use of the 10% discount offered to Cineworld Unlimited members, allowing you to invite potential friends for a movie or a drink.

In conclusion, meeting new people requires a bit of effort and stepping out of your comfort zone. However, utilising the right strategies can make it a rewarding experience. This means that you should try to find shared interests, visiting places where you can meet like-minded individuals. 

Whether it’s at a community centre, a book club at a coffee shop, or a movie night at your local Cineworld, opportunities to make new friends are all around you.

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