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Commode Chair In 2022

What is a commode chair?

Often called just a commode, this is a piece of equipment that is typically used by people who have difficulty accessing a standard toilet or bathroom, often through illness, injury or disability.

The commode may have wheels to provide ease of transport from one room to another (this will more than likely be the bathroom) and will always have a flip up/ drop down seat in which to cover the toileting pan or pail that rests underneath.

Commodes can either be quite basic or can be designed to blend in with furnished surroundings, in essence looking just like normal armchair until required for use.

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Our Number 1, and best rated, commode chair

Aidapt Essex Adjustable Commode

Why we rated this the best

  • The steel frame ensures that this product is very lightweight.
  • The toilet pan can hold up to 5 litres of fluid, ensuring a good capacity without being too cumbersome.
  • The legs are extendable and this is done easily by removing and replacing pegs.
  • The padded handles ensure comfort and ease when moving from stand to sit and visa versa.

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This is rated our best value for money commode chair

Etac Swift Commode Chair

What you need to know

  • The adjustable leg length provides adaptability for both the user and can offer further stability in instances of uneven floor height,
  • Removable arm rests enables user to perform side transfers if required,
  • the waterproof cover means that this product can also be used as a shower seat,
  • The blend of aluminum and plastic provides good stability.

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The best of the rest

Aidapt Norfolk Adjustable Commode Chair

What you need to know

  • The padded seat and backrest provides comfort when used,
  • The Aidapt Norfolk is light and easy to assemble,
  • The toilet pail can hold up to 5 litres, yet is easy to carry with a bucket-handle design,
  • This commode can accommodate weights of up to 154kg, making it an ideal choice for the larger person.

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Gordon Ellis Royale Wooden Commode

What you need to know

  • Designed to look like an armchair yet converts quickly and easily to a commode,
  • Available in a wide variety of colours to tastefully blend in with the decor in your home,
  • The whole chair is easy to clean, ensuring a high level of hygiene can be maintained.
  • The wooden frame is very durable.

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NRS Healthcare Swift 4 in 1 Shower

What you need to know

  • Can be used as a standard commode toilet or a shower chair, thereby reducing the amount of equipment required at home,
  • The padded seat provides comfort yet is waterproof and easy to wipe down,
  • Both the backrest and seat are removable, ensuring ease when cleaning,
  • Despite it’s versatility, this product is very lightweight.

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NRS Healthcare F18864 Dovedale Commode

What you need to know

  • The metal legs of this commode are splayed, offering greater stability.
  • The seat cover is easy and quick to remove, making it a convenient choice,
  • This commode toilet chair can accommodate people weighing up to 28 stone,
  • The material that is used is fire retardant, providing extra piece of mind.

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Kent Stacking Commode Chair

What you need to know

  • At just £30, this is one of the cheaper commodes to buy,
  • It’s simplicity makes it ideal for those seeking a commode for short term use,
  • The material is vinyl welded so as to reduce the possibility of bacteria build up.
  • With a weight of just 6.1kg, this commode toilet is exceptionally lightweight.

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Homecraft Bedroom Commode

What you need to know

  • These woven commode chairs enable the product to blend in tastefully into whichever room they are placed,
  • The material used provides flexibility, ensuring maximum comfort for the person using it,
  • The vinyl seat pad ensures the chair is just as comfortable when used as a standard armchair,
  • Despite it’s aesthetically pleasing look, the chair is very easy to clean, ensuring that hygiene is easy to maintain.

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Z-Tec Folding Steel Commode

What you need to know

  • Made from steel, this is one of the lighter commode chairs on the market,
  • The backrest and armrests are softly padded to provide extra comfort,
  • The clever design enables the backrest to convert into a handle when folded, ensuring ease of transportation,
  • Gutter clips and swing latches click on the legs click in the places to ensure a sturdy base when assembled.

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NRS Healthcare M66119 Wheeled Commode

What you need to know

  • Can be used as a standard commode or over toilet chair due to the addition of wheels,
  • The lightweight design ensures the chair is easy to transport around the home if required,
  • The seat, backrests and armrests are all padded with an easy to clean material,
  • Armrests and footrests can both be swung away. This makes transferring to the side a lot easier if required.

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How does a commode chair work?

A commode is built to look and feel like a standard 4 legged dining or armchair. However, once the seat is flipped up or removed, there is a frame underneath that enables a toileting pan or pail to be inserted.

Once this pan is inserted, the commode chair is used just as a normal toilet would be. The only difference is that the commode can be used in any room of the house and will require emptying and cleaning after use. This task is often undertaken by a family member or care giver.

Some commodes have wheels which enable the user to be wheeled to and sit over a standard toilet. In this case, the toilet pan would not be required.

Who would use a commode chair?

Commodes work well for those that are unable to access a standard bathroom or toilet with ease. The use could be short term, as an example for somebody that has just left hospital following surgery or may be required for longer term use. Commodes are often used at night by the elderly to negate the need to walk to the bathroom in the dark and therefore reduce the risk of falls.

What to look out for when buying a commode?


Consider whether the commode will be kept in the bathroom, the bedroom or the lounge. This decision will ultimately influence your choice in the design. You may also want to consider a folding commode chair if storage space is tight.

Whether to have wheels:

If the commode is going to remain in the same place every time it is used then wheels are not required. This can however be restrictive for the user and you may find that wheels offer you that little bit more flexibility.

Size and weight:

Different designs come with different size and weight limits so it is important to check these on the product specification prior to purchasing.

How much does a commode typically cost?

Commodes for sale can vary greatly in price depending on the specification. A basic fixed size commode toilet chair can be purchased for around £30.

At the opposite end of the scale, a heavy duty wheeled commode can cost over £1000. When looking at commodes for sale, it is important to consider what functionalities are essential versus what are just optional extras.

As an example, somebody who has good postural control will not need a commode that tilts backward in space, thereby reducing the cost significantly.

A helpful video for you

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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