15 Reasons Why Spain is an Amazing Place to Retire

Looking to move somewhere different to live out your retirement years? Here’s why Spain could be a good choice…

The dream for most Brits is to work hard and save plenty of money to retire early. For many, this dream includes buying a property abroad and lounging around by the poolside for the years to follow. The question is, is Spain a good choice for this?

Spanish property law is rather similar to that in the UK, which makes it a real draw for those wanting to retire somewhere a bit more exotic. That said, there are countless other reasons to choose Spain to live out your final years. Here are 15 of those reasons, right here…

1 – Fantastic Climate

First and foremost, the Spanish climate is no rival to the dreary British Isles. Spain boasts three different climates, generally culminating in hot, dry summers and cold, rainy winters. With an average annual temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, it’s no wonder so many Brits choose to retire here.

2 – Cheap Cost of Living in Some Places

Cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in all of Western Europe. On average, the monthly cost of living is 900 euros. That said, if you’re retired and don’t have to pay a  mortgage or rent, you could comfortably live off of your pension and savings.

This is because eating out is fairly cheap, and alcohol costs far less here than in the UK. What’s more, the warm climate means that many basic commodities are pretty cheap, as they don’t have to be sourced from far and wide.

3 – Brilliant Healthcare

The healthcare system in Spain is pretty similar to that in the UK; as long as you’re registered to receive it, you should get basic state services for free. Then, you may have to pay a subsidised fee for any prescriptions.

Generally, you should be paying into the system to receive this free care. That said, the European Economic Area (EEA), home to Britain and Spain, means that British people in receipt of a UK State Pension are entitled Spain’s state healthcare too.

4 – Drinkable Tap Water

It might seem trivial, but tap water is perhaps something we take for granted in the UK. Being able to turn on the kitchen tap and pour drinkable and safe water straight into a glass is not always possible. That said, Spain is one of the countries where this is totally doable, although the flavour may vary from place to place.

5 –  Community Vibes

If you wish to settle down somewhere to live out your final years, Spain is a great place to forge roots. After all, the Spanish people are known for their community-based living, prioritising family bonds.

Because of this, new faces are usually welcomed with open arms. Hopefully, you’ll find that your neighbours are quick to make you feel at home, so you should make plenty of friends here.

6 – Varying Scenery

If you love getting out and about, you’ll love the Spanish scenery. From beaches to hills, forests to mountains, Spain is filled with a variety of landscape. This makes it a perfect place to explore and, depending on your interests, you won’t be hard-pressed for things to do.

7 – Amazing History

Speaking of things to do, there’s history written on every street corner in Spain. From cathedrals, to castles, to old towns, the ancients and medieval people have certainly left their mark. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, you’ll be thrilled with the sites to see.

8 – Affordable Flights

Retirement wouldn’t be the same without frequent visits from the children and grandchildren. Well, not to worry, as flights to and from Spain are often cheaper than a trip across the UK! This means it shouldn’t be too tricky to coax your family over for visits, and with the Spanish scenery to greet them, who wouldn’t want to?

9 – Great for Children

To add to this, any visiting grandchildren are sure to have a blast. With so much sea, sand, and sun, they’re bound to enjoy every minute of their visits to their doting grandparents.

10 – Fabulous Food

Ever heard of the Mediterranean diet? Well, it’s touted as one of the healthiest and most well-balanced diets out there. What with the masses of oily fish, beautiful fresh vegetables, and plenty of olive oil, it could even help you to live longer!

11 – Safe Streets

Across the globe, Spain is one of the safest places to live, ranking 38 out of 163 countries for safety and peace. In fact, violent crime here is rather rare, and the accommodating nature of locals to tourists means you’re sure to enjoy your time here. Although street crime and gangs are a growing issue, the other benefits speak for themselves.

12 – Excellent Transport Links

The Spanish government have invested a lot of money on creating a modern and efficient public transport system. So, if you’re hoping to get frequent visits from the family, and enjoy the many sites Spain has to offer, this will be ideal for you.

13 – Many English Speakers

Although you may wish to learn to speak Spanish whilst you’re there, between now and then, you shouldn’t have any trouble speaking with the locals. Many Spaniards can speak English, allowing you to get by pretty well without having to know the local lingo.

14 – Spanish is Easy to Learn

That being said, if you’re serious about learning the local language, Spain shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up. After all, both English and Spanish both have their roots in Latin. If you immerse yourself in the local communities, you may find yourself becoming a natural!

15 – Plenty of Expats

When retiring to Spain, you’ll expect to be met by lots of foreign faces and accents. That said, you might yearn for a taste of home every so often, and you won’t be short of this here.

In fact, Spain is the fourth most popular country to move to for Brits, boasting a whopping 380,000 expats! So, you won’t be short of British friends to connect with here.

Is Spain the Place for You?

As you can see, Spain is certainly a top choice for anyone looking to move abroad during their retirement years. The glowing sunny weather speaks for itself, but couple that with everything else and you can’t lose!

Of course, not everywhere is perfect, so be sure to do your research to see if there are any downsides to turn you off the idea. But, once you’ve weighed it all up, perhaps Spain will be the place for you?


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