Residential Care and Care costs

We have brought together all the key things that you need to think about when thinking about and searching for a residential care home.

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Care in the home

Receiving care in the home is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to residential care. In this section we have set out all the key things to think about.

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5 steps to find a suitable care home

  • Step 1

    Residential care is designed for those that need round the clock care, whilst providing any practical, emotional and personal support. Residential care often allows residents to maintain their independence whilst giving them the necessary support with day to day tasks such as eating, washing, house-keeping and bathing.

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  • Step 2

    Once you have identified the type of care that you need, the next step is to identify a suitable location for the care home.

    When short-listing your care homes, think about what you want from the home and see if the short listed care home provides those facilities. You can visit the page of the short-listed care homes of this website and use that to do your initial research.

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  • Step 3

    The regular who is responsible for monitoring and inspecting organisations that provide care services is called the Care Quality Commission (CQC). All care providers will have been registered and been inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

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  • Step 4

    Once you have identified the short-listed care homes that you visit it is really important that you pay them a visit. Whilst the care home will always try and make a great impression when you visit it is important that you look around and make sure you ask a range of questions.

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  • Step 5

    For more information on working out what the costs of care will be, please visit our section on meeting care costs.

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Information on specific care types

There are many areas where specific information is needed on care. Please click on the boxes below for information on that particular care type.

UK Care Guide – Care Homes | Home Care | Care Jobs | Advice

Want to know a little more about UK Care Guide?

At UK Care Guide we understand how important it is to find the right type of care for you or a loved one. Therefore, the aim of UK Care Guide is to try and make this as simple as possible by bringing together all the things that you will need to think about if you are a looking for a residential care home, home care provider alongside help in understanding how you can meet your care costs.

Search for care

The UK Care Guide site has sections on our website to help you search, containing in excess of 15,000 care providers, for local care providers, whether that be residential care homes or home care.

Care Fees

We also have developed a powerful care fees calculator that will help you estimate the financial costs of care of either residential care or a home care provider. This will help you with your financial planning and budgeting.

Paying for your care can be very expensive. Therefore, we have provided details of how you can meet your care fees and if you still need help, we can provide you with access to a specialist care financial advisor that can talk you through the options, as getting this wrong could have significant financial impacts later down the line.

Care information

If you are looking for any information on specific care needs, in areas such as dementia, alzheimer’s, cancer, elderly, respite and young adult care, you can also find this across the UK Care Guide site.

Care jobs

On top of all this, UK Care Guide have also created a jobs board, which is specifically aimed at those that work in the care and nursing sector, whether that be in a residential care home, home care provider or as a nurse.  Our aim is to create a comprehensive jobs board allowing you to search for jobs by both specialism and/or by location.  Alternatively, you can upload your CV to the UK Care Guide job site and allow potential employers find you! If you want to have a look at our latest job listings, click here.

Care Forum

Finally, UK Care Guide have also launched our Care Forum.  This is a discussion board, open to all, allowing people to discuss and share any care related topic.  If you have anything you wise to discuss, please do register and join in the chat.  A link to the job board can be found here.

If you would still like to know more about UK Care Guide, please watch our video.

More information

UK Care Guide is here to help you, so if there is anything that you have questions about, please do get in contact by emailing us at or calling us on 0161 818 7099.