Shakespeare 2 Coin: A Timeless Treasure

William Shakespeare 2 Coin | November 2023

The Royal Mint produced a commemorative coin featuring William Shakespeare that is valuable to coin collectors. This one-of-a-kind coin was issued to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the famous playwright William Shakespeare’s passing. 

Shakespeare’s tragedies are beautifully captured in the coin’s design, created by John Bergdahl and is a prized possession for many.

This coin serves as both money and a representation of the rich cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. It honours Shakespeare’s life and creative output, whose plays significantly impacted English literature. 

This coin set, which is in brilliant uncirculated condition and bears a special edge inscription from one of Shakespeare’s plays, is a prized collectable item.

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Historical Significance of the Coin

A significant part of English history is the 2-pound coin designed by William Shakespeare. It honours one of the greatest playwrights the world has ever known, as well as his life and accomplishments. 

Shakespeare’s works, like Richard III, have a lasting impact on theatre and literature. This coin is an essential piece of history because it was released in honour of him on the 400th anniversary of his passing.

Additionally, this coin has historical value to coin collectors. The Royal Mint released a set that includes it. Coins honour other significant anniversaries like the Great Fire’s 350th anniversary and World War I’s 100th anniversary.

Design Features and Symbols

The William Shakespeare 2-pound coin features a beautiful design. It was designed by John Bergdahl and included allegoric elements that allude to Shakespeare’s tragedies. Shakespeare’s tragic plays, like the well-known tragedy Richard III, are evident in the design.

Along the edge of the coin is “The Hollow Crown,” a quote from Richard III. This distinctive feature increases its appeal to coin collectors. The coin also features a Jody Clark-created portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse.

Mintage and Circulation Details

The 2-pound William Shakespeare coin was struck and used in commerce in the United Kingdom. It was part of a collection of 2 coins that the Royal Mint had produced, each featuring a different historical figure or event. 

This coin, issued to commemorate Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago, is a significant money item.

Numerous coin collectors include the coin in their collections in circulated condition. The Royal Mint also made the coin available in a brilliant uncirculated variety, which collectors highly prized for its immaculate condition and superior craftsmanship.

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Collecting and Investment Value

For coin collectors, the 2-pound William Shakespeare coin has high investment potential. Its value is influenced by its historical significance, distinctive design elements, and status as a commemorative coin. It’s more than just a coin; it’s an item from the past.

The condition of the coin may also affect how much it is worth. A coin in brilliant, uncirculated condition can sell for more money than one that is circulated. Because of this, many coin collectors seek out the uncirculated variety.

How to Authenticate the Coin

The William Shakespeare 2-pound coin must be authenticated based on several factors. This applies to the text on the coin’s edge, the images on the coin, and the obverse portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. 

All of these characteristics must correspond to the official descriptions offered by the Royal Mint.

Examining the coin’s weight and measurements is another method of confirming its authenticity. The coin should be precisely 12 grammes in weight and 28.40 mm in diameter. Any variations from these requirements might be signs of a fake coin.

Buying and Selling Tips

Making sure a William Shakespeare 2-pound coin is authentic is crucial. You can ensure you receive a genuine coin by purchasing from a reputable retailer or the Royal Mint. Additionally, since the coin’s value is prone to change, it is advantageous to monitor market trends.

Knowing a coin’s actual value is essential when selling it. For a professional evaluation of your coin’s value, ask. Remember that a coin in brilliant, uncirculated condition can sell for more money than one that has been used.

Care and Preservation of the Coin

Proper care is required to maintain the value of your 2-pound William Shakespeare coin. Never touch the coin’s face; always handle it with clean hands. The coin can be protected from damage and fading by being kept in a fantastic, dry location.

Consider using coin holders or capsules for long-term storage. These can shield the coin from debris, moisture, and other potentially harmful substances. 

Regularly inspecting your coin can also help you catch any potential problems early and take the necessary steps to maintain its value and condition.

William Shakespeare 2 Coin

Notable Coins in the Series

The William Shakespeare 2-pound coin was one of many commemorative coins produced by the Royal Mint. The Beatrix Potter coin, honouring the cherished children’s author, is one of these. 

In addition, a coin honouring renowned English civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel was introduced by the Royal Mint. These coins are prized by coin collectors, just like the William Shakespeare coin.

The World War Centenary coin, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, is another noteworthy coin in the series. 

Like the Shakespeare coin, this coin has historical value and is prized by collectors. The silver coins in the series are precious due to their rarity.

"The Royal Mint produced a commemorative coin featuring William Shakespeare that is valuable to coin collectors."

The Shakespeare Histories Coin

A sister coin to the Tragedies coin is the 2-pound Shakespeare Histories coin. Shakespearean play genres are recognised on both coins. Like the Tragedies coin, the Histories coin has distinctive designs and symbols for the plays that fall under this category.

Like the Shakespeare Tragedy coin, this English coin is valuable to collectors. The Tragedies coin shares the coin’s edge inscription, “The Hollow Crown.” The two coins and the play genres they stand for are connected by this shared characteristic.

Coin Hunting in Great Britain

Collecting rare coins like the 2-pound William Shakespeare coin is a common pastime for collectors in Britain. Stamped coins, marked or modified in some way after they were struck, are frequently sought after by coin collectors.

Some coin collectors have discovered rare coins in their change, including the Shakespeare Tragedy and Histories coins. These discoveries are thrilling and occasionally valuable, mainly if the coin is in good shape.

Special Features of the Shakespeare Coins

The Tragedies coin is one of Shakespeare’s coins with edge inscriptions. The passages inscribed here are taken from the plays they refer to. As an illustration, the Tragedies coin’s description reads, “What a piece of work is a man,” which is taken directly from Hamlet.

The coins also have play-related symbols on them. For instance, the skull and rose on the tragedy’s coin stand for death and love, two prevalent themes in Shakespeare’s tragedies.

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