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A thorough review of some of the top under-the-counter fridge products has been conducted. This has resulted in a comprehensive collection of reviews, each brimming with our thoughts and experiences. 

These reviews are meant to guide potential buyers in their quest to find the best product suited to their needs.

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The primary users of under-the-counter fridges tend to be individuals with limited space or those seeking a streamlined, minimalist kitchen design. These fridges provide a compact storage solution that can easily fit under a kitchen counter. 

With features such as an integrated fridge system, reversible door, and an under-counter larder, these fridges are designed to maximise efficiency and convenience.

A wide range of under-the-counter fridges are available, from a larder fridge with an impressive fridge capacity and auto defrost feature to a freestanding fridge with a freezer compartment and an energy rating of F or E. 

It is also worth noting that many of these fridges come with a manufacturer guarantee, often a two-year warranty, providing customers further confidence in their purchase. Delivery information is typically straightforward, ensuring a seamless customer service experience. 

Whether you’re looking for a fridge white in colour, a counter fridge with a right-hand hinge, or an under counter fridge with a small ice box, the following reviews can assist in making an informed decision.

The Best Rated Under The Counter Fridge

IceKing Freestanding White Fridge

  1. Guaranteed for two years for complete peace of mind.
  2. It is eco-friendly with an energy rating of 106kWh annually, saving money and reducing carbon footprint.
  3. Whisper quiet at just 39dB, ideal for small homes, student accommodation, and holiday homes.
  4. Designed for ease of use and functionality with adjustable glass shelves and a reversible door.
  5. Adjustable thermostat for optimal temperature control.
  6. Dimensions are Height 85.0mm, Width 47.5mm, Depth 44.5mm, matching with White Undercounter Freezer RZ109WL.
  7. A Two-year guarantee is offered, reaffirming the product’s reliability and quality.

The Best Value Under The Counter Fridge

White Freestanding Larder Fridge

  1. Versatile door, reversible for convenience
  2. Temperature control features included
  3. Legs can be adjusted for stability
  4. Three shelves on the door for extra storage
  5. It comes with a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer
  6. Ideal companion to range cookers and double ovens
  7. Suitable addition to your kitchen appliance collection

The Best Of The Rest Under The Counter Fridges

White Russell Hobbs Larder Fridge

  1. Accommodates seven bags of food with its 131L capacity. 
  2. A+ energy rating ensures energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 
  3. Perfect under-counter appliance for additional kitchen or utility room storage. 
  4. Adjustable thermostat and feet suit uneven surfaces. 
  5. Peace of mind is offered with a 2-year guarantee upon registration. 
  6. It is ideal for complementing cooker hoods and upright freezers. 
  7. It is a great addition to appliances like washers, dryers, and wine coolers.
Igenix IG3920 Under Counter Fridge

Igenix IG3920 Under Counter Fridge

  1. Compact design for space saving
  2. Dedicated chill compartment for freshness
  3. Adjustable storage for customisation
  4. Bottle shelf and egg rack included
  5. Energy efficient design
  6. Suitable for right-hand hinge
  7. It comes with a 2-year guarantee
Black Retro Freestanding Fridge

Black Retro Freestanding Fridge

  1. Retro design with modern cooling technology
  2. Self-closing door ensures secure shut
  3. Adjustable front legs for level positioning
  4. Chiller compartment for drink cooling
  5. Quieter operation with efficient energy use
  6. Perfect size with space-saving design
  7. No LED light inside for simplicity
Eco100 White Under-Counter Fridge

Eco100 White Under-Counter Fridge

  1. Advanced compressor cooling technology offers a temperature range of 0 – 10°C.
  2. High-density foam injection mould gives it a sturdy build.
  3. Economical energy consumption at only 116kWh per year.
  4. Super low noise output of 41dB, suitable for most rooms.
  5. Features include removable shelves, LED lights, and security locks.
  6. Compliant with CE and ROHS Certification, offering a 1-year warranty.
  7. Versatile with a reversible door and adjustable feet for fitting in various places.
91L HOMCOM Under Counter Fridge

91L HOMCOM Under Counter Fridge

  1. Compact 91L capacity is well-suited for small homes, offices, or solo living.
  2. The top cold box is included for easy cooling and chilling of food.
  3. Adjustable shelves, vegetable drawers and door racks offer organised storage.
  4. Features five adjustable temperature levels for food safety and preference.
  5. Measures 84H x 47.5W x 44.2Dcm with a spacious chill box.
  6. Maximum door opening angle of 180 degrees for easy access.
  7. Excellent air treatment, comparable to American fridge freezers.
White Igenix IG3920 Fridge

White Igenix IG3920 Fridge

  1. Energy efficiency A+ rating
  2. Generous 93L storage capacity 
  3. Includes 82L fridge and 11L Chill box
  4. Furnished with two glass shelves
  5. Two balcony shelves and a bottle shelf are provided
  6. Measures 85 x 47 x 45 cm
  7. A 2-year warranty is available online.

82L Haden Fridge with Ice Box

  1. Compact 82-litre capacity perfect for small kitchens or offices
  2. Two adjustable glass safety shelves included for flexible storage
  3. Salad crisper keeps fresh produce crisp and delicious
  4. Includes a 3-star ice box for storing frozen meals
  5. Mechanical temperature control and manual defrost ensure efficient operation
  6. Interior light included for easy visibility and convenience
  7. Easy to install and maintain, weighing 22kg with dimensions W: 48cm D: 50cm H: 84cm
Black 48cm SIA LFIBL Fridge

Black 48cm SIA LFIBL Fridge

  1. Reversible door for flexible placement.
  2. Six-setting temperature control for custom cooling.
  3. Features a three-star ice box.
  4. Adjustable legs for convenient positioning.
  5. One-year manufacturer’s guarantee for assurance.
  6. Not a chest freezer, but it still provides efficient cooling.
  7. E energy rating, as detailed on the product page.

Beko UL584AP Refrigerator Review

  1. Compact design suits any home or workplace
  2. Spacious interior holds a week’s worth of shopping
  3. Four adjustable shelves accommodate tall or big items
  4. Separate sections for fresh, raw, and cooked items to prevent contamination
  5. Three-door balconies provide additional storage for large bottles and small items
  6. Antibacterial door seal keeps food fresh and safe
  7. Auto defrost feature prevents ice build-up
White Hotpoint 150L Fridge

White Hotpoint 150L Fridge

  1. Offers spacious 149L capacity
  2. Accommodates up to 8 shopping bags
  3. Fresh Zone technology included
  4. Ensures maximum freshness of produce
  5. Maintains correct temperature levels
  6. Comes with LED lighting
  7. High burstiness level featured
White Under Counter Fridge

White Under Counter Fridge

  1. Quick cooling of beverages enabled by the cooler box.
  2. Removable glass shelves for flexible space management.
  3. Advanced compressor ensures efficient energy-saving performance.
  4. Mechanical adjustable thermostat for optimum temperature control.
  5. Incandescent lamps provide gentle and even illumination.
  6. Large size suits singles, families and pet owners.
  7. The door hinge and legs are adjustable for flexibility.
White Hisense Under Counter Fridge

White Hisense Under Counter Fridge

  1. Accommodates up to 7 bags of groceries with a 132-litre capacity.
  2. The automatic defrost feature eliminates manual defrosting.
  3. Special drawer ensures fruit and veg organisation.
  4. The door can be reversed to fit the kitchen layout.
  5. Compact design with dimensions of H84.5 x W56 x D57.5 cm.
  6. Energy class E for efficient operation. 
  7. A stylish white finish complements any decor.
Efficient Black Under-Counter Fridge

Efficient Black Under-Counter Fridge

  1. Advanced compressor cools beverages effectively
  2. Adjustable thermostat from 0℃ to 10℃
  3. See-through Low-E glass door for easy viewing
  4. Low noise level of 39dB suitable for various rooms
  5. Removable wire shelves for easy space management
  6. Fire-retardant metal backing for safety
  7. Compact dimensions and lightweight for easy placement

What to Consider Before Buying an Under the Counter Fridge

Before purchasing an under the counter fridge, it’s essential to consider the size and layout of your kitchen. This type of fridge is perfect for small appliances and can fit neatly under your kitchen counter. 

Considering energy efficiency is essential, especially if you’re looking for a fridge with an E or F energy rating. Lastly, consider the fridge’s capacity. For example, an under counter larder fridge can offer a surprising amount of storage space.

Features to Look for When Buying Under the Counter Fridges

When purchasing an under the counter fridge, look for features such as a reversible door, which offers flexibility in the placement of the fridge. Also, consider whether the fridge has a freezer compartment and manual or auto defrost. 

A fridge freezer might be your best buy if you’re after an all-in-one solution. Lastly, check the manufacturer’s guarantee, typically a 2-year warranty.

The Benefits of Owning an Under the Counter Fridge

An under the counter fridge provides many benefits. Firstly, it helps maximise space, especially in smaller kitchens. Secondly, these fridges are typically energy efficient, which can help reduce electricity bills. 

Moreover, some models have additional features, such as a counter-freezer or a wine cooler. Lastly, reliable retailers, such as AO Retail Limited, sell many under the counter fridges, ensuring quality and customer service.

Different Types of Under the Counter Fridges

There are different types of under the counter fridges available. For example, an undercounter larder fridge offers plenty of storage space, while a counter larder fridge is an excellent option for those with limited kitchen space. 

You might also come across a countertop fridge, which is compact and perfect for storing small items. Lastly, upright fridges are popular due to their sleek design and functionality.

FAQs related to Under the Counter Fridges

1. What is the energy efficiency of an under the counter fridge?

Most under the counter fridges are energy efficient, with many models offering an E or F energy rating. These fridges are designed to consume less electricity, making them a cost-effective choice.

2. Can I fit a washing machine or tumble dryer under the counter alongside my fridge?

Many people fit small appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, or microwave ovens alongside their under-the-counter fridges. This helps to maximise the available space in the kitchen.

3. Does an undercounter fridge come with a freezer compartment?

Some models of under the counter fridges do come with a freezer compartment. This provides convenience as fresh and frozen items are stored in the same unit.

4. Are there any retailers that offer a good range of under the counter fridges?

Yes, retailers such as AO Retail Limited offer a wide range of under the counter fridges. They also provide excellent customer service and often offer a 2-year product guarantee.

5. Are there any additional features I should look for in an under the counter fridge?

Additional features include a reversible door, manual defrost function, and whether the fridge has an integrated system or a counter larder. These features can enhance the functionality and convenience of your fridge.

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