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We have comprehensively reviewed some of the most sought-after TV beds. Insights gleaned from personal experiences have been shared in the subsequent assessments provided. 

The intention behind these reviews is to assist individuals in selecting a product most suited to their requirements.

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TV beds offer a unique blend of comfort and entertainment, making them popular among various bedroom furniture items. 

They cater to a wide range of users, from tech enthusiasts who desire a king-size TV bed complete with all the mod-cons to those seeking a double TV bed, perfect for cosy weekends. 

The appeal of such beds transcends age groups, proving equally popular among children and adults. The convenience of having a television neatly tucked away in the bed frame, only to be revealed when needed, is a space-saving solution many find appealing. 

These beds fulfil a variety of needs. The ottoman or cabin bed styles often feature built-in compartments for those prioritising storage. Leather, metal, wooden, or even novelty beds all have the added advantage of a TV bed frame. 

Customising the headboard, be it a fabric, metal or wooden headboard, allows for personalisation. Brands like Kaydian Design, X Rocker, and Happy Beds are known for their quality products. 

The information regarding delivery, including the delivery policy and opening hours, can be found in the store locator or useful links sections. Many retailers offer free delivery and finance options, making purchasing a TV bed even more convenient. 

Whether it’s a grey TV bed or one with a unique headboard height, these reviews aim to cover a wide spectrum.

The Best Rated TV Bed

Thornberry Leather TV Bed

Thornberry Leather TV Bed

  1. Features impressive statement headboard
  2. Equipped with a controlled TV mechanism
  3. Suitable for accommodating TVs from 20″ to 43″
  4. Includes sprung slatted base for optimal comfort
  5. Constructed from solid and sustainable materials
  6. Modern design complements most home interiors
  7. Ideal for sweet dreams on a king-size mattress

The Best Value TV Bed

Electric TV Bed Selection

  1. Supports slimline LED TVs, size 20″-43″
  2. Remote control operates the TV lift
  3. Fashionable, modern headend with button feature
  4. Sprung slatted base for comfort and support
  5. Colour options include slate grey and light grey
  6. Meets BS EN 1725 and BS EN 5852 standards
  7. Ideal as guest beds or children’s beds

The Best Of The Rest TV Beds

AVA Leather TV Bed

AVA Leather TV Bed

  1. The Ava TV bed, part of the new XR Living Collection, features a minimalist stitched headboard upholstered in faux leather PU, ideal for any modern home.
  2. It features a 180-degree rotating VESA TV mount suitable for various TV sizes, offering great flexibility for viewing or following a home workout.
  3. The bed has built-in under-bed lighting controlled by a remote, allowing you to create the perfect bedroom ambience with dimmable multi-colour LED light options.
  4. The inbuilt media storage shelf has a breathable mesh lining to prevent devices and consoles from overheating, and cables can be neatly hidden under the base.
  5. The Ava bed is available in three different colours and four sizes – Single, Small, Double, Double, and King, making it suitable for all family members.
  6. Mattresses are sold separately, allowing you to choose the perfect one for comfort.
  7. The Ava Bed excludes TV, bedding, and accessories.
Thornberry Blue Velvet TV Bed

Thornberry Blue Velvet TV Bed

  1. Showcases a striking statement headboard
  2. Equipped with a remote-controlled TV mechanism
  3. Suitable for TVs ranging from 20″ to 43″
  4. Features a sprung slatted base for enhanced comfort
  5. Constructed with durable and sustainable materials
  6. It boasts a modern design compatible with most home interiors
  7. A grey TV bed that adds a touch of elegance.
Super King Titan 4.1

Super King Titan 4.1

  1. Features 4.1 and 3D surround sound
  2. HD sound system with a built-in sub-woofer
  3. Eight speakers are located in the headboard and footboard
  4. USB chargers on both sides of the headboard
  5. Bluetooth connectivity compatible with iPhone
  6. It can accommodate a 43-inch TV, which is great for gaming
  7. The remote control can be charged via USB.
UK Handmade Velvet TV Bed

UK Handmade Velvet TV Bed

  1. The crimped pattern enhances the modern look.
  2. Industry professionals handpick high-quality materials.
  3. Concealed TV lift in the footboard for relaxation.
  4. Handcrafted in the UK with premium velvet.
  5. Durable with metal fixtures and sturdy wood.
  6. Various sizes are available, including double and super king.
  7. Guaranteed delivery within 1-7 business days.
Onyx Grey Velvet TV Bed

Onyx Grey Velvet TV Bed

  1. It boasts an impressive statement headboard
  2. It comes with a remote-controlled TV mechanism
  3. Suitable for TVs ranging from 20 to 43 inches
  4. Features a sprung slatted base for optimal comfort
  5. Constructed with solid, sustainable materials
  6. Modern design fits with most home interiors
  7. Grey TV bed enhances bedroom aesthetics
Onyx Grey Velvet TV Bed

Onyx Grey Velvet TV Bed

  1. Slimline TV up to 43″ is accommodated.
  2. Remote control operates the TV lift.
  3. Assembly of ottoman storage on either side is possible.
  4. Compliance with BS EN 1725 and BS EN 5852 is ensured.
  5. 90-degree adapters for HDMI and Aerial connections are included.
  6. High-quality fabrics and sustainable wood are used.
  7. Sumptuous, soft onyx dark grey velvet upholstery is featured.
Single Arden TV Bed Bundle

Single Arden TV Bed Bundle

  1. Watch your favourite shows in bed with a built-in 32″ Smart TV.
  2. Operate Smart TV effortlessly from bed with remote control.
  3. Timeless style with upholstered Valencia in designer grey fabric. 
  4. The bundle deal includes a 1000 spring Memory foam mattress.
  5. High-quality materials ensure longevity and perfect fit.
  6. A range of sizes is available for every bedroom need.
  7. The Arden bed is a perfect choice for TV enjoyment in bed.
Black Leather Ottoman Media Bed

Black Leather Ottoman Media Bed

  1. Generous under bed storage offers a tidy space solution
  2. Gas lift ottoman with ventilated mattress base ensures comfort
  3. Integrated 4.1 surround sound system with 3D and HD quality
  4. Built-in sub-woofer with eight directional speakers in headboard and footboard
  5. USB chargers on both sides of the headboard for convenience
  6. Remote control with visible sound levels for easy sound adjustment
  7. Bluetooth connectivity and space for up to 43″ TV ideal for gaming
Super King TV Bed - Slate Grey

Super King TV Bed - Slate Grey

  1. Exclusive product with a 2.1 surround sound system
  2. Touch panel control on the footboard for ease
  3. Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless control
  4. Solid hardwood construction ensures durability
  5. The Slate Grey fabric headboard is handcrafted
  6. Under-bed storage area for convenience
  7. Ventilated mattress base for comfort
Grey Birlea Plaza TV Bed

Grey Birlea Plaza TV Bed

  1. The elegant contemporary Plaza bed frame offers a grand statement
  2. Enjoy your favourite programmes from the bed’s comfort
  3. Television concealed in the footboard rises with a button press
  4. Sprung slatted base provides natural bounce for comfort
  5. Accommodates maximum 38-inch TV; check dimensions before fitting
  6. Requires mains power supply, TV mechanism on bed’s left side
  7. The lid closes automatically once the TV is lowered, offering a sleek design
Basecamp Gaming Bed Features

Basecamp Gaming Bed Features

  1. Sturdy steel-made bed frame ensures heavy-duty use
  2. Standard UK 3ft bed suitable for junior gamers
  3. Rotating TV mount supports up to 32″ TV
  4. The undercarriage storage cavity prevents consoles from overheating
  5. Bed available in black or white for home decor
  6. Ideal for gaming, movie marathons with friends
  7. Excludes TV, bolt fixings, bedding and LED lighting
King-Sized Cream TV Bed

King-Sized Cream TV Bed

  1. Exclusive product with a 2.1 surround sound system
  2. Silver speakers with a touch panel on the footboard
  3. Bluetooth connectivity and quiet TV hideaway mechanism
  4. Durable hardwood construction handcrafted by skilled craftsmen
  5. Slate grey quality fabric with detailed stitching
  6. Convenient under-bed storage area
  7. Ventilated mattress base for enhanced comfort
Blue Cerberus Gaming Bed

Blue Cerberus Gaming Bed

  1. Beautiful faux leather upholstery enhances aesthetic appeal
  2. Ideal size for junior gamers fits standard UK 3ft mattresses
  3. VESA mount included supports up to 32″ TV with 180-degree rotation
  4. Cable management tube facilitates a tidy bedroom environment
  5. Undercarriage storage cavity suitable for game consoles and PC hardware
  6. A vented mesh frame prevents consoles from overheating
  7. Inspired by eSports, it is available in a striking blue and black finish.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying TV Beds

When purchasing a TV bed, one must consider several crucial factors. Firstly, the size of the bed is of paramount importance. 

Double TV beds are an excellent choice for couples or individuals who enjoy a spacious sleeping environment. However, a king-size or super-king TV bed might be more appealing for those who crave luxury and space. 

It is also essential to pay heed to the material of the bed. Metal beds exude a modern and sleek look, while wooden beds offer a traditional and warm appeal. 

Another popular choice is the leather TV bed, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any bedroom. The choice of the bed frame material often boils down to personal preference and the room’s existing decor.

Finally, the functionality of the bed ought to be addressed. Adjustable beds provide the flexibility to alter the sleeping position, enhancing comfort and relaxation. 

On the other hand, ottoman beds or cabin beds with storage compartments can be a practical solution for those with limited space. 

Selection of the Right Mattress for TV Beds

The choice of mattress significantly influences the comfort and durability of the bed. Latex mattresses are known for their resilience and ability to conform to the body’s shape, providing excellent support. 

Conversely, a double mattress can offer more space and comfort, particularly for double TV beds. 

The importance of mattress protectors cannot be overstated. They safeguard the mattress from spills and stains, prolonging its lifespan. Furthermore, a well-chosen mattress protector can add extra comfort to the bed. 

For children’s beds, safety and comfort are top priorities. A mattress with medium firmness is usually recommended as it provides the necessary support while being comfortable enough for a child’s lighter body weight.

Features to Look for When Buying TV Beds

Several features can significantly enhance the user’s experience when purchasing a TV bed. A bed frame with a built-in TV lift mechanism must provide a seamless viewing experience. The lift mechanism’s quality can impact the TV bed’s durability and functionality. 

Another desirable feature is an integrated sound system. This can transform the TV bed into a complete entertainment hub, perfect for movie nights or gaming sessions. 

Including USB ports and plug sockets in the TV bed frame can boost convenience. This allows for easy charging of devices, ensuring your tech is always ready to use. 

Payment and Delivery Options for TV Beds

Many retailers offer flexible payment options, including the acceptance of American Express. This makes purchasing a TV bed more accessible to a wider range of customers. 

Delivery information is another crucial aspect to consider. Many companies offer free delivery, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of the TV bed. The delivery policy should be read carefully to understand the terms and conditions. 

Some companies also offer installation services. This can be particularly helpful as setting up a TV bed requires technical knowledge and expertise.

FAQs related to TV Beds

What is the advantage of a grey TV bed?

A grey TV bed can offer the bedroom a sleek and modern look. Grey is a neutral colour that can easily blend with most decor styles. 

Is a tech bed the same as a TV bed?

A tech bed usually refers to a bed that has integrated technological features. A TV bed falls into this category as it has a built-in TV lift mechanism.

Can I use my own mattress with a TV bed?

Yes, you can use your mattress with a TV bed if it fits the bed frame dimensions. 

What type of TV can be used with a TV bed?

The type of TV that can be used with a TV bed depends on the specifications of the bed frame. Most TV beds are compatible with flat-screen TVs. 

Are TV beds safe for children?

TV beds are safe for children, provided they are used under adult supervision. The TV lift mechanism should be kept out of reach of young children to prevent accidents.

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