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The results are presented in the subsequent reviews following a comprehensive evaluation of various trowels. We aim to assist individuals in identifying the appropriate tool to suit their specific requirements. 

A suitable trowel can greatly assist a professional builder, a budding DIY enthusiast, or simply an individual needing a reliable hand tool for home use.

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Trowels, from basic plastering trowels to more specific tools like the bucket trowel or the corner trowel, are essential in various fields of construction and renovation. Their usefulness spans from plastering and bricklaying to tiling and cement work, thus making them versatile hand tools. 

Tasks can be completed with precision and ease when coupled with other essential tools, such as the mixing paddle or the straight edge. Stainless steel trowels are particularly sought after due to their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

The selection of a trowel often depends on the task at hand. For instance, with its soft grip, the plastering trowel is excellent for applying plaster smoothly, whilst the notched trowel proves helpful in laying tiles. 

Small and margin trowels are excellent for detail work and tough to reach spots. High-quality trowels can be ordered from reliable suppliers with clear delivery information and dependable customer service, whether for brickwork, plastering, or tiling. 

Most suppliers have a wide range of stock, including everything from a basic plastering trowel to a pool trowel or a harling trowel, along with essential cleaning products and site equipment. 

Personal information for delivery is usually handled with utmost care, as stipulated in the website terms.

The Best Rated Trowel

Traditional Versatile Trowel 5160ST

Traditional Versatile Trowel 5160ST

  1. A multi-purpose trowel offering convenience and time-saving benefits.
  2. A pointed end ensures easier penetration into hard and compacted soil.
  3. The serrated edge is ideal for cutting weed roots and opening compost bags.
  4. Engraved depth markings provide accuracy in planting tasks.
  5. The etched steel end cap is for lightly tamping down plant markers.
  6. A valuable addition to any set of building tools.
  7. High quality trowel, a useful link for any gardening or building tasks.

The Best Value Trowel

8x3-Inch Midget Trowel

8x3-Inch Midget Trowel Review

  1. Easy application with this power tool
  2. The high durability ensures longevity 
  3. Manufactured in the United States for guaranteed quality 
  4. Lightweight aluminium alloy Xtralite mounting
  5. Durasoft handle offers comfort, reducing fatigue
  6. US Patent certified for assured innovation
  7. Product dimensions are 8×3 inches.

The Best Of The Rest Trowels

Black Ergo Garden Trowel

Black Ergo Garden Trowel

  1. Perfect for digging, planting and earth turning.
  2. Reduces fatigue when weeding with an ergonomically designed handle.
  3. Cuts cleanly through tough turf.
  4. The polished aluminium head offers rust resistance.
  5. Sold internationally with possible variation in language and instructions.
  6. It can be a helpful tool in the corner trowels category.
  7. Represents high-quality trowels, adding value to your gardening tools.
DeWit Forged Hand Trowel

DeWit Forged Hand Trowel

  1. Measures 12″ L x 1.5″ W x 3.5″ H, weighs 0.5 lbs
  2. Celebrated as the top designed trowel for all gardeners
  3. Hand-crafted boron steel head ensures lasting sharpness
  4. Exceptionally robust, resistant to bending at the tip or neck
  5. Suitable for international use, may vary in fit and instructions
  6. Perfect as a measuring tool in various tasks
  7. It is a high quality trowel that is beneficial for use with forced action mixers.
Hand Trowel Gardening Tool

Hand Trowel Gardening Tool

  1. Made from polished, quenched 65 manganese steel for high-intensity work
  2. The resin rubber sleeve wrapped handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip
  3. Handle and shovel are seamlessly welded for enhanced durability
  4. Outperforms other garden shovels at the same price point
  5. Superior to trowels with wooden or plastic handles
  6. A high level of burstiness aids in tough gardening tasks
  7. Offers straight edges, useful for precise measuring tasks
10 Wilcox AllPro Trowel

10" Wilcox AllPro Trowel

  1. Useful for links, the narrow blade is smooth
  2. The trowel is rustproof, promising long-lasting use
  3. Indestructible, it withstands rigorous gardening tasks
  4. The bright red plastic handle includes a leather strap
  5. Comprises high-quality stainless steel material
  6. The 10-inch length and a 2.5-inch width for precise measuring
  7. A high-quality trowel, ideal for plastering machines and paddle mixers.
Blue Stainless Steel Trowel

Blue Stainless Steel Trowel

  1. Ergonomically designed handle
  2. Known for its toughness and durability
  3. An authentic Spear & Jackson product
  4. Winner of Grow Your Own 2022 Great British Growing Award
  5. Akin to high quality trowels in performance
  6. This can be a helpful link in the gardening tool collection
  7. It’s not a margin trowel, but it serves a similar purpose effectively.
Premium NelaFLEX Plastering Trowels

Premium NelaFLEX Plastering Trowels

  1. Finely ground sheet underside enhances usage.
  2. Stable handle attachment with M8 nut ensures durability
  3. Special alloy die-cast aluminium support for longevity
  4. High-performance fabric tape with a plastic coating for sealing
  5. Resistant to temperature and solvents, ensuring product resilience
  6. Dimensions are 200 x 80 mm, ideal for measuring tools
  7. Useful link between sponge float and trowel float applications
MediFLEX Plasterers Trowel 16in

MediFLEX Plasterers Trowel 16in

  1. Finely ground underside enhances the use
  2. M8 nut ensures stable handle attachment
  3. Made of special alloy die-cast aluminium support
  4. High tech adhesive tape used for durable elasticity
  5. Can resist temperature and solvents
  6. Dimensions stand at 405 x 125 x 0.4 mm
  7. Useful links to high burstiness level writing
Notched Trowel OX Pro 8mm

Notched Trowel OX Pro 8mm

  1. A High quality carbon steel blade ensures longevity.
  2. A robust aluminium shank attaches the blade to the handle.
  3. Handle warping is effectively prevented.
  4. The soft dura grip handle offers extreme comfort.
  5. Facilitates quick spreading of adhesives on various surfaces.
  6. Tools engineered for optimal performance on site.
  7. It promises convenience, smooth application, and speed.
13-Inch Pre-Worn Plasterers Trowel

13-Inch Pre-Worn Plasterers Trowel

  1. Made from top quality hardened stainless steel for ultimate strength.
  2. The pre-worn shape eliminates line and ripple marks from day one usage.
  3. Aluminium alloy mountings are heat treated for robust strength.
  4. The machine was finished for an ideal handle-to-post fit.
  5. Marshalltown trowels avoid premature breakage due to non-welding.
  6. The DuraSoft handle ensures a soft feel, reducing fatigue.
  7. Excellent durability is offered with the resilient DuraSoft handle.
Refina 269511 Plastic Trowel

Refina 269511 Plastic Trowel

  1. Crafted from white nylon plastic
  2. Resistant to solvents, promoting longevity
  3. Features a 3mm blade thickness
  4. Measures at 11″ (280x140mm)
  5. Ideal for decorative finishes
  6. Suitable for epoxy quartz usage
  7. Offers a high level of burstiness.
Refina Superflex Trowel - 228196

Refina Superflex Trowel - 228196

  1. Crafted from stainless steel for durability
  2. Features a flexible 0.4mm blade
  3. Market leader for its robustness
  4. Designed with rounded corners and finished blade edges
  5. It comes with a soft composite handle for comfort
  6. Leather and cork handle options are available
  7. Suitable for all your finishing needs

Wilcox Trowel: All Pro

  1. Ideal for deep bulb planting
  2. Perfect for breaking stubborn clods
  3. Resistant to bending or breaking
  4. Constructed with high quality stainless steel
  5. Stainless steel ensures durability
  6. Proudly made in the USA
  7. Designed to provide burstiness

Wolf Garten Hand Trowel

  1. Integrated in Multi-Change Range
  2. Compact design at 8cm width
  3. Exceptional durability ensures longevity
  4. Perfect for diverse gardening tasks
  5. Ideal tool for planting tasks
  6. Excellent for transplanting activities
  7. Comes with a 10 year guarantee

Choosing the Right Trowel for Your Needs

When selecting a trowel, it’s essential to consider the task at hand. For example, a brick trowel is perfect for bricklaying, a finishing trowel is ideal for creating a smooth finish, and a corner trowel helps reach tight spaces. 

High quality trowels are typically made from durable materials like stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability. It is also beneficial to consider the size of the trowel needed, as small or margin trowels can be handy for precision work.

Features to Look for When Buying Trowels

Primarily, a trowel should be comfortable to hold. Many trowels feature a soft grip handle, which can reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use. 

The trowel blade should be made from a sturdy material such as stainless steel. The shape and size of the blade will depend on its intended use. For example, a square tool or a spatula trowel might be the best option for applying plaster or mortar.

Understanding Different Types of Trowels

Many types of trowels are available, each designed for a particular job. Plastering tools, for instance, include the plastering trowel and the pool trowel, while tiling tools include the notched trowel and the tile float. 

The brick trowel is an essential tool for bricklaying, and the pointing trowel is used for applying mortar or cement to bricks and tiles. Understanding the purpose of each trowel can help you make an informed purchase.

The Importance of Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are key when choosing trowels. High-quality trowels, produced from robust materials like stainless steel, will last longer and perform better. 

Look for trowels with a strong, solid construction, as these are likely to withstand the rigours of regular use. Trowels with a soft grip handle can also enhance comfort and control, improving the user experience.

FAQs related to Trowels

1. What is the difference between a plastering trowel and a finishing trowel?

A plastering trowel is used to apply plaster onto surfaces, while a finishing trowel is used to smooth the plaster once applied, giving a professional finish.

2. What is a spatula trowel used for?

A spatula trowel is used for spreading or mixing materials such as plaster, cement, or mortar. Its flat, flexible blade makes it ideal for these tasks.

3. Why would I need a corner trowel?

A corner trowel is designed to work plaster or cement into tight corners and angles where a larger trowel would not fit.

4. What is the purpose of a brick trowel?

A brick trowel is used in bricklaying primarily for picking up and spreading mortar onto bricks when building a wall.

5. What factors should I consider when purchasing a trowel?

Consider the task at hand, the quality and durability of the trowel, and how comfortable it is to hold. High-quality trowels made from stainless steel are recommended for their durability.

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