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Top Features Of An Assisted Care Taker Facility

In 2020, there were 490,326 people living in care homes in the UK. When your loved one gets older, they may have difficulty caring for themselves. To keep your loved ones safe and ensure their daily needs are met, it is sometimes best to put them in an assisted care facility.

How do you know which assisted caretaker facility to choose for your loved one?

Keep reading for a complete guide to the top features of an assisted caretaker facility, including security features to look for and the features that will increase your loved one’s comfort while living in care.

Top Features To Look For In An Assisted Care Facility

To ensure you’re making the best decision for your loved one, here are the top features to look for in an assisted care facility. If you’re feeling guilty about moving your ageing loved one into a care facility, you must remember that you’re prioritising their safety.

Ensuring Simple And Easy Visitation

If your loved one is in care, they will be surrounded by other people their age and will likely feel less lonely. However, to stay connected to your loved ones and ensure they do not miss out on quality time with you, you should ensure that visitation is straightforward.

You need simple visitor registration processes that won’t make you feel intimidated when you visit your loved one. Visitor management software helps make visitation more accessible, using mobile registration forms to help you access the building and see your loved one. The staff will have detailed records of your visit, including your contact information, and you won’t feel overwhelmed when visiting your loved one.

Providing Patients With Safe Outdoor Areas

Any quality care facility will offer residents and patients the opportunity to spend time outdoors safely. Spending time outdoors can improve your loved one’s quality of life, stimulate a better mood, and reduce stress.

Since those in care are vulnerable, the facility must secure the outdoor space with a perimeter. The perimeter will prevent intruders from entering the grounds without using an intercom to contact reception, meaning your loved one can enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Modern Security Technology

When people choose to place their loved ones in a care facility, it is usually to ensure their safety. So, it makes sense that any facility you choose should be secure, with effective emergency response procedures and real-time monitoring to ensure medical patients are safe.

Touchless Access Control And Rule-Based Restrictions

A commercial keyless door entry system can secure the building from intruders, and it can also restrict areas within the building that contain medications and other dangerous items. The facility should fit staff-only rooms and building doors with door locks limiting access. By installing touchless access control, staff can move freely throughout the building by simply waving their hand in front of the access reader. 

The reader will then use Triple-Unlock technology to communicate with users’ mobile access credentials. Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth communication ensure first-time entry, and users don’t have to withdraw their mobile devices from their pockets. Since there may be emergencies where immediate assistance is required, seamless movement throughout the building is essential.

Fire Alarms And Smoke Detection

An adept fire alarm and smoke detection system is essential in an assisted living facility. Since many residents will not be fully mobile, the staff will need to evacuate residents, which could take some time manually. To ensure staff can respond quickly and get all residents to safety before an emergency evolves, they need to be aware of smoke and fire detection. 

With a cloud-based fire and smoke detection system, staff will receive immediate mobile notifications should smoke or fire be detected in the building, allowing them to respond quickly and unlock access control doors remotely using a mobile application. Cloud-based access control and alarm technology will help to improve emergency response protocols and increase the chances of escorting all residents to safety.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are integral in preventing crime and providing evidence should a crime occur at the care facility. Security cameras can also manage residents and maintain an awareness of their whereabouts. To manage more residents with fewer staff members, care facility nurses and staff members need tools to monitor and manage multiple residents from one location. With cloud-based security cameras, staff can check security cameras using their mobile devices.


If you’re looking to put your loved one into an assisted caretaker facility, security is a top consideration.

A secure facility is the right choice for your loved ones. Your loved one needs to spend time outdoors in safety, and they need to be monitored at all times to ensure their safety is not at risk. The facility should secure the building from intruders, and there should be measures to ensure that your loved one cannot access medications and dangerous kitchen utensils kept in staff areas. Your loved one needs to be safe in their new home


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