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1 December 2023

The senior’s guide to staying healthy 

As we age, we require more care and a better diet to stay in good shape. Understanding the needs of the body as it grows is important for physical and mental well-being. 

Good health would not come right away, especially if you are not regular with your exercise and healthy habits. So we are compiling a list of some of the most essential habits to help seniors stay well. 

Wash your hands frequently

Washing hands was always important and something we were taught when young. If you are already in the habit of cleaning germs from your hands, you are better off than you think. 

After the pandemic, it is even more important to wash hands regularly after you come back home. Make sure to always have a hand sanitiser by your side if you do not have it already.

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Be Regular with Exercise

When you are exercising, your body releases happy hormones that promote better mental well being. When you are walking, running, going to the gym or just using a vibrating plate, your body is adjusting to the activity, which will keep you active

Exercise helps keep your muscles flexible and active, which will keep you on your toes and prevent immobility. 

Learn how to manage stress

There is a lot of time after retirement, which was otherwise filled with some kind of work. While it may be good for relaxing in the initial days, it can lead to significant stress later on. 

Overthinking will cause a lot of anxiety and stress, which has a lot of detrimental effects on your health. You can take out time for meditation to help with mental well being. Make good use of relaxing candles that are meant to calm you – buy them here!

Get plenty of rest

As much as staying active is important, you also have to take plenty of rest. Giving your body time to recuperate after activity is essential to avoid fatigue. Take time out for resting and relaxing, which can be a part of your routine. 

Go to a park not for walking but just for sitting and soaking up nature. You can even join a group to partake in leisure activities. 

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Eating tips  

Good eating habits are just as important as exercising to help nourish your body. You have the responsibility to eat as healthy as possible. 

The body’s metabolism is comparatively more fragile as you age, so try to stick to a balanced diet. You can also start taking up multivitamins to regulate your nutrient intake. You can easily find the best ones on this website!

The Takeaway

Cultivating healthy habits does not have to stop as you grow old. You should be all the more careful with your exercise regime and eating practice. Maintain basic hygiene, which will help you fight off common viruses and bacteria. 

Always remember to pair a good amount of exercise with the right food so that your calorie intake is just what you require. Rest whenever you need it to keep stress at bay. 

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