Dementia Blogs

We have researched the net and linked below a number of dementia blogs from a number of different sources around the internet.  Dementia is clearly an important issue and one that more and more people, both from an individual and family perspective.  We recognise that at this time people come to the internet to often start their research.  Our dementia blogs are here to help you with your research.  You can read more information about the different types of dementia on our site on our pages called Dementia Care.

Dementia Blogs for you to read

uk care guideUK Care Guide

UK Care Guide provides information and resources for those looking for information on care.

Blog title Topic content Author Link    
Do we need a 24/7 Dementia helpline Derek Fisher argues that we need a 24/7 national demential helpline in the UK Derek Fisher Read here
Living with Dementia Ken Clasper shares his personal experiences of living with Dementia Ken Clasper Read here
Dementia care on hospital Wards Naomi Gallant, an Occupational Therapist, shares her experiences of dementia care on hospital wards Naomi Gallant Read here