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March 2024

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Stairlifts in Exeter

As one of the most reputable stairlift companies in the United Kingdom, we have assisted numerous Exeter residents in improving their mobility and independence by installing stairlifts. 

We provide stairlift solutions with exceptional customer service, expert guidance, and reasonable prices.

Benefits of Stairlifts

Stairlifts have been indispensable mobility aids for Exeter residents, especially those with limited mobility due to age or conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

Stairlifts have enhanced individuals’ independence, quality of life, and practicality. Whether a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift, these mobility aids have provided Exeter residents with a level of independence never before seen. 

Outstanding customer service is a crucial component of stairlifts, whether purchased from the leading UK stairlift manufacturers, Acorn Stairlifts or Brooks Stairlifts. 

From the initial home survey to the installation date and beyond, stairlift users in Exeter receive first-rate service and complimentary stairlift advice from seasoned professionals to ensure their continued mobility. 

However, the advantages extend beyond the user. Numerous guests have been comforted by the presence of stairlifts in their hosts’ homes, knowing that their loved ones can appreciate the home without having to navigate the stairs with difficulty. 

In such unprecedented times, the presence of a stairlift provides comfort to those unable to visit elderly or disabled loved ones routinely.

How to Choose the Right Stairlift 

Given the variety of stairlifts available on the UK market, selecting the appropriate stairlift may appear daunting, particularly for those seeking stairlifts for the first time. 

However, critical considerations such as the staircase type (straight or curved) and factors such as cost, the stairlift manufacturer’s brand, and additional features frequently influence selections. 

When contemplating the type of stairlift, the staircase’s structure is of primary importance. Those with straight stairs will choose a straight stairlift by default. 

On the other hand, a curved staircase requires a curved stairlift designed to accommodate specific staircase shapes and turns. 

Additionally, those with limited staircases are addressed. Numerous stairlift manufacturers, including Acorn Stairlifts and Companion Stairlifts, produce stairlifts explicitly designed for narrow staircases. 

New Stairlifts in Exeter

Purchasing a new stairlift ensures access to the most advanced safety sensors and technologies, ensuring a secure and safe ride every time. 

Initially, the cost of a brand-new stairlift may appear formidable; however, its comfort and easy operation make it a worthwhile investment. In addition, numerous stairlift suppliers in Exeter provide prospective purchasers with cost-free price estimates.

Numerous stairlift manufacturers in the United Kingdom generate many innovative stairlift products. 

Companion Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, and Acorn Stairlifts each provide distinctive, quality-assured solutions. These brand-new accessories also include contemporary safety features.

Handicare Stairlifts and other manufacturers are known for their innovative solutions, such as remote controls for added convenience. Potential purchasers of a new stairlift can also take advantage of the after-sales services offered by stairlift manufacturers.

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Used Stairlifts in Exeter

Used stairlifts are an attractive option for those seeking more affordable prices. Qualified stairlift engineers rigorously inspect each reconditioned stairlift to maintain its quality despite being previously used.

Used stairlifts in Exeter provide an economical alternative. Reputable stairlift providers stock a variety of used stairlifts, ensuring that customers have stairlift options to choose from. 

Assured Mobility is available for used or refurbished stairlifts sourced from reputable stairlift companies in the United Kingdom. Models like the Companion and Bruno Stairlift offer silent and comfortable operation. 

Rental Stairlifts in Exeter

Many choose rental stairlift services in Exeter because they are an ideal option for those who require a stairlift for a limited time. With stairlift rentals, clients can enjoy the advantages of a stairlift without the long-term commitment or out-of-pocket expense of purchasing one.

Stairlift rentals include straight stairlifts for a straight staircase and curved stairlifts for a multi-landing or curved staircase to accommodate various requirements. The majority of reputable stairlift companies in Exeter offer stairlift rentals.

Maintenance and potential repair costs are typically included in the rental fee, ensuring a hassle-free experience during the rental period. Engineers of stairlifts ensure the machine’s correct operation and provide the renter with peace of mind. 

To investigate rental options, individuals are encouraged to contact us for personalised guidance and a no-obligation estimate. 

Second-Hand Stairlifts in Exeter

This mobility solution can also be considered at a reduced cost by selecting a second-hand stairlift. Although reconditioned, these stairlifts undergo a comprehensive inspection by certified engineers to ensure absolute safety and dependability.

A used stairlift provides all the advantages of a brand-new stairlift, including mobility assistance and autonomous stair navigation, at a fraction of the cost. It is an affordable option for individuals with limited mobility who may find the cost of a new stairlift prohibitive.

Used stairlifts maintain quality and safety. Reputable manufacturers like Acorn Stairlifts and Handicare Stairlifts frequently offer refurbished and safety-tested pre-owned models.

Refurbished Stairlifts in Exeter

Reconditioned stairlifts are an excellent option for those on a limited budget who need a dependable mobility solution. Before being resold, these stairlifts are subjected to rigorous testing and maintenance to ensure they meet the manufacturers’ high standards.

Many of the stairlift companies in Exeter offer refurbished stairlifts from Acorn Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, and Handicare Stairlifts, among others. Each refurbished unit is guaranteed to have fully operational safety features and is supported by a limited warranty for your peace of mind.

These reconditioned stairlifts provide the same level of comfort, safety, and independence as a brand-new lift. They facilitate stair navigation and substantially enhance the quality of life of their users.

Straight Stairlifts in Exeter

Linear stairlifts are designed primarily for linear staircases. Straight stairlifts are a cost-effective solution for many individuals with limited mobility or independence concerns, as their prices and simplicity of installation are among the best available.

Straight stairlifts have been designed by stairlift manufacturers in the United Kingdom to glide along a straight rail installed on the staircase. 

Models such as the Brooks Stairlift, the Bruno Stairlift, and the Acorn Stairlift provide a seamless experience with safety sensors and remote control operation.

The majority of installations of straight stairlifts are concluded within one week. This is highly advantageous to prospective consumers, providing them with a quick and convenient mobility solution.

Curved Stairlifts in Exeter

Curved stairlifts are designed to accommodate staircases with curves or turns, unlike straight stairlifts. Top stairlift manufacturers in the United Kingdom, such as Companion Stairlifts and Handicare Stairlifts, are renowned for their superior curved stairlifts.

The curved staircase in your residence should allow you to continue your independence. Curved stairlifts are designed to seamlessly follow the curve of your staircase, offering you the highest level of comfort and safety.

Moreover, curved stairlifts, such as the Acorn Stairlift and the Companion Stairlift, offer the user flexibility. They are custom-made for each staircase, ensuring a perfect fit and allowing the lift to navigate corners, landings, and spirals expertly.

Stairlift companies in Exeter

Exeter is privileged to be home to some of the best stairlift manufacturers in the United Kingdom, offering straight and curved lifts. 

Acorn Stairlifts, Companion Stairlifts, and Brooks Stairlifts are among the reputable companies in Exeter that provide dependable solutions.

When selecting a stairlift in Exeter, many companies will conduct a home survey to comprehend the user’s mobility needs better and evaluate the staircase’s layout. Maintaining a no-hard-sell policy, these businesses offer clients expert advice without any purchase obligation.

From new stairlifts to used stairlifts, rental options, and refurbished units, these stairlift companies in Exeter offer various options to meet their customers’ diverse needs. Contact Stairlifts Exeter today to learn more about our services.

Installing Stairlifts in Exeter

Installation of your chosen stairlift in Exeter, whether a new stairlift, a reconditioned stairlift, or a rental option, is typically a simple process. Qualified stairlift engineers install to ensure safety and quality. 

Once the installation date has been determined, the trusted professionals work quickly to cause minimal disruption to your residence.

In addition, manufacturers of quality stairlifts ensure that the staircases are not damaged during installation. The stairlift is installed on the staircase, not the wall, thereby preserving the structural integrity of your property. 

With comprehensive refund policies in place, any installation or operation complaints can be resolved expeditiously. 

Notably, most stairlift installations in Exeter are completed within a week, illustrating local businesses’ prompt and professional service. 

Stairlifts for Narrow Staircases

Exeter’s stairlifts are not restricted by staircase capacity. Residents with limited staircases can rely on numerous stairlift manufacturers offering customised solutions. 

The prevalent concern is addressed by providing various safe and comfortable options for navigating narrow stairs. 

In addition, most of these options are foldable, allowing abundant space for other stairway users when the stairlift is not in use. Consequently, stairlifts from companies such as Age UK Stairlifts and Meditek Stairlifts are optimal for such circumstances. 

Manufacturers ensure that safety features such as seatbelts, swivel seats, and safety sensors are uncompromised regardless of the staircase’s width. 

Consider the outdoor stairlift options designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and the rigours of steep, confined outdoor stairs. 

Exeter’s Trusted Stairlift Supplier

There are numerous stairlift companies in Exeter, but residents should favour those with a track record of excellent service and quality designs. 

A few of the leading stairlift companies in the United Kingdom stand out for their exceptional customer care and extensive selection of stairlift solutions. 

Handicare Stairlifts and Companion Stairlifts, for example, provide an extensive selection of products, from straight to curved stairlifts, to meet the needs of every consumer. 

Similarly, Acorn Stairlifts, a reputable stairlift provider, offers superior customer service and video and photo estimates to ensure safety in these unprecedented times. 

Stairlift Maintenance Services

Repair and maintenance services for stairlifts are crucial for ensuring the equipment’s durability and safety. Regular maintenance prevents problems from escalating and guarantees that the funicular operates efficiently. 

These services are provided by trained engineers at most stairlift companies in Exeter, ensuring quality and diligence. 

Whether a Brooks Stairlift, Meditek Stairlift, or a stairlift designed by Frederick Brooks, professional maintenance and repair maintain them in tip-top shape, ensuring safe and efficient operation for users. 

Stairlifts that are rented include regular maintenance as part of the rental fee.

During servicing, the replacement of the battery, the smoothness of the voyage, and the operation of safety features are primary concerns. Therefore, a regular maintenance schedule is recommended to ensure optimal stairlift operation.

About Exeter

The South West of England is home to Exeter, a metropolis with a rich and varied past. It is located in Devon County and is renowned for its cathedral, university, and beautiful quayside. 

The city’s vibrant cultural scene, comprised of numerous cafés, restaurants, and independent stores, reflects its dynamic and modern character.

The city’s area code is 01392, which connects residents and businesses to the more extensive network. The primary postcode areas are EX1, EX2, EX3, and EX4, which contain the city’s first two letters. 

Exeter contains several magnificent monuments and attractions. With its captivating Gothic architecture and Astronomical Clock, Exeter Cathedral dates back to 1400 A.D. Additionally, the city is home to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, which displays Exeter’s extensive history.

The quayside of Exeter is a hub of activity with antique stores, restaurants, and biking trails. In the meantime, the city’s Underground Passages offer a unique underground voyage through mediaeval tunnels. 

Notable is the city’s dedication to assisting individuals with mobility issues. For those who require them, stairlift services in Exeter are readily available, including installation, maintenance, and customer service. 

Here is a list of local areas and boroughs where stairlift services can be provided in Exeter.

  1. Pennsylvania
  2. St David’s
  3. St Thomas
  4. Polsloe
  5. Whipton
  6. Exwick
  7. Marsh Barton
  8. Alphington
  9. Countess Wear
  10. Duryard
  11. Newcourt
  12. Pinhoe
  13. Topsham
  14. Middle Moor
  15. Exminster

The following are towns, villages, and boroughs within 10 miles of Exeter:

  1. Topsham
  2. Cranbrook
  3. Broadclyst
  4. Exminster
  5. Ide
  6. Clyst St George
  7. Kennford
  8. Whitestone
  9. Stoke Canon
  10. Starcross
  11. Farringdon
  12. Thorverton
  13. Kenton
  14. Woodbury
  15. Tedburn St Mary
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Stairlifts Cost In Exeter?

The cost of a stairlift can vary depending on a few factors, including the type of stairlift you want, the brand of stairlift, and any additional features. On average, a straight stairlift can cost anywhere from £2,000 to £5,000, while a curved stairlift can cost anywhere from £4,000 to £10,000.

A second hand stairlift or a used stairlift is typically 30% – to 50% cheaper than a new one.

Refurbished or Second Hand Stairlifts In Exeter

A refurbished stairlift or a second hand or used stairlift means they’re lifts that have been used before and then, in some cases, have been refurbished to a high standard. This is usually the most cost-effective option.

Outdoor Stairlifts In Exeter

Outdoor stairlifts have been specially designed for external use, great for gardens with multiple levels or steep inclines.

Acorn’s advisors can advise you on the most suitable option for your situation; for example, you may require a chair that has to be weather resistant or must take a particular weight.

New Stairlifts Near Me 

A new stairlift, or perch lift, will mean that it is built for you and has not been used by anyone else. You can get straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts if the lift needs to go around a landing. We can also supply lifts suitable for inside or outside the home.

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