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The following reviews share personal experiences and thoughts on some of the best snow blowers. The aim is to aid individuals in their quest to find the most suited product for their needs. 

A range of snow blowers, from electric to gas and even single-stage snow blowers, have been examined.

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Critical features such as throwing distance, clearing width, chute rotation and electric start have been considered, as well as the availability of spare parts and delivery information.

Snow blowers are typically used by individuals who experience heavy snowfall and need efficient snow removal. They can be a lifeline for those living where heavy snow or packed snow is common. 

Using a snow blower considerably lessens the physical strain of shovelling snow, transforming it into a less laborious and quicker task. 

They can be particularly useful for clearing large areas, such as driveways or paths, where manual snow removal would be time consuming and exhausting. 

These powerful machines offer a practical solution to dealing with deep snow. A snow blower can come with a variety of helpful features. For example, some models offer heated handles for increased comfort in cold conditions. 

Others have power steering, making them easier to manoeuvre. The right snow blower might also include a discharge chute, allowing the user to direct the snow to a desired location. 

In addition, some models even have a battery for an electric start, providing a convenient alternative to the pull start often found on petrol lawnmowers and chainsaws. The best snow blower for individuals depends on their needs and circumstances.

The Best Rated Snow Blower

Commercial Snow Thrower Equipment

Commercial Snow Thrower Equipment

  1. Powerful 6.5 HP petrol snow thrower designed for easy snow removal
  2. Perfect for residential or commercial properties with paved surfaces
  3. Economical and efficient engine design, ideal for low temperatures
  4. Easy to use and maintain, with a reliable recoil starter
  5. Self driven wheels for effortless operation in heavy snowfall
  6. Two stage operation system for effective snow and ice crushing
  7. Even snow dispersion through a discharge chute by an impeller

The Best Value Snow Blower

EGO Power+ 21-Inch Cordless Snow Blower

  1. Peak Power technology with two EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries.
  2. Throw snow up to 40 ft for efficient snow removal.
  3. Steel auger cuts through ice and snow quickly.
  4. Clears 8″ of snow on a 12 car driveway with recommended batteries.
  5. High efficiency brushless motor with variable speed auger control.
  6. Weather resistant construction with steel and composite materials.
  7. Two bright LED headlights for nighttime snow removal.

The Best Of The Rest Snow Blowers

Rotatable Chute Thunderbay Snow Blower

Rotatable Chute Thunderbay Snow Blower

  1. Impressive snow clearing ability, managing up to 800 lbs/min and 30ft throw.
  2. Adjustable 180 degree chute control for directing snow effortlessly.
  3. Rubber auger boosts performance, offering effective cleaning and extended usage.
  4. Dual LED headlights enhance visibility in low light conditions.
  5. User friendly design with push button start, ideal for decks, patios, and steps.
  6. Lightweight and optimum for mid sized driveways and walkways.
  7. International products sold from abroad may be different from local items.
Multifunctional Petrol Snow Remover

Multifunctional Petrol Snow Remover

  1. Multifunctional set with snow sweeper, plough blade, dust collector, and broom
  2. Suitable for residential or commercial properties
  3. Five forward and two reverse speeds for quick snow removal
  4. Effortless start up, even in the coldest weather, ensures reliability
  5. Powered wheels for effortless driving and manoeuvrability
  6. Easy mounting of snow plough blade on sweeper
  7. Low maintenance and easy to use
Electric Snow Thrower SJ624E-ES

Electric Snow Thrower SJ624E-ES

  1. Effortless start and maintenance without gas, oil or tune-ups.
  2. The 14-amp motor empowers it to shift to 730 lbs. of snow every minute.
  3. Carves a pathway 21 inches wide and 11.8 inches deep in a single stage.
  4. Adjustable chute directs snow up to 20 ft. away.
  5. High performance alternative to garden tractors and lawn mowers for snow clearance.
  6. It makes lawn rollers redundant during winter, being a powerful snowblower.
  7. Available from your local dealer, it is a popular choice among mechanics.
Petrol Engine Turf Cleaner

Petrol Engine Turf Cleaner

  1. Professional cleaning with quality nylon brush head, suitable for light debris.
  2. A large cleaning area with a motor drive saves time and energy.
  3. A durable, air-cooled engine and tough nylon brush extend the broom’s lifespan.
  4. Easy handling with a 1.8-meter length and curved handle.
  5. A lightweight, detachable structure ensures easy portability.
  6. Functions like a leaf blower, pressure washer, and lawn mower.
  7. Comparable to single stage snow blowers and hedge trimmers.
Cordless Snow Blower SNT2100

Cordless Snow Blower SNT2100

  1. Utilises Peak Power technology with dual 56V ARC Lithium batteries
  2. Capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet
  3. Clears 10-car driveway with 8 inch snow using single charge
  4. Features high efficiency brushless motor for optimal performance
  5. Provides 21 inch clearing width with variable auger speed control
  6. Includes two bright LED headlights for nighttime snow removal
  7. Robust steel construction, weather-resistant and conveniently compact for storage.

Mellif Cordless Electric Snow Shovel

  1. Designed for Makita 18V batteries, ensuring effortless snow removal.
  2. Equipped with a brushless motor for better performance and durability.
  3. Features adjustable snow direction and an 8m throwing distance for efficiency.
  4. The lightweight and cordless design facilitates easy manoeuvring and minimises arm fatigue.
  5. Comfortable auxiliary handle and soft grip ensure optimal operation.
  6. A safety switch is included to guarantee safe use.
  7. It comes with a 12 month replacement service for customer satisfaction.

Ryobi 18V Snow Shovel, Green

  1. Ideal for small snow-covered areas
  2. Fits over 200 RYOBI ONE+ DIY and gardening tools
  3. Offers cost effective, need-based equipment
  4. 25 cm working width, 15 cm clearing depth
  5. Snow proof storage for battery, IPX4 rated
  6. Ejects snow up to 6m distance
  7. Comparable performance to single stage snow blowers
CUSROS 63cc Petrol Leaf Blower

CUSROS 63cc Petrol Leaf Blower

  1. Rapid heat dissipation ensured by air cooling
  2. The engine provides a potent 63cc displacement
  3. Comfort from the thickened backrest and shoulder straps
  4. A single-stage snow blower with low maintenance
  5. One handed control with variable speed
  6. Easy start with a large rope wheel design
  7. Detachable air tube, 270° rotatable outlet.

Handheld Rechargeable Snow Thrower

  1. Snow Thrower for residential and commercial use.
  2. Clears a 10″ wide and 5″ deep path efficiently.
  3. The electric motor moves 300 lbs of snow per minute.
  4. A maximum throwing distance of 25 feet ensures quick work.
  5. Eco-friendly, producing no smog and quieter than gasoline alternatives.
  6. Lightweight, compact and easy to operate with an adjustable ergonomic handle.
  7. It is ideal for quick snow jobs around the house on hard surfaces.
Hillvert HT-ST-900N Electric Snow Blower

Hillvert HT-ST-900N Electric Snow Blower

  1. The powerful engine provides 750mm clearance
  2. Toothed steel worms glide through snow easily
  3. High speed wheel absorbs more snow
  4. Electric start ensures reliable ignition
  5. Locking feature for easy speed control
  6. Adjustable speed for user control
  7. LED headlight enhances visibility.
2-Stroke 52CC Snow Sweeper

2-Stroke 52CC Snow Sweeper

  1. Professional cleaning with quality nylon brush head, perfect for light dirt removal.
  2. Strong, durable design featuring an air-cooled motor and wear resistant brush head.
  3. Motorised operation saves time and effort, outperforming traditional brooms.
  4. Large cleaning area capability, facilitating efficient and thorough cleaning.
  5. Conveniently lightweight and portable, it is perfect for easy transportation.
  6. User friendly design with adjustable length and curved handle for convenient use.
  7. High performance 1700W motor, superior to other gas brooms in efficiency.

Versatile Snow and Debris Sweeper

  1. Ultimate debris removal with a high speed industrial impeller system
  2. Powerful 12 HP gas engine with efficient single speed operation
  3. High efficiency with a clearing path of 39.3 inches
  4. Advanced design with heavy duty steel frame and manoeuvrable wheels
  5. Operates best on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete
  6. All season sweeper for outdoor surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, and patios
  7. Removes dirt, leaves, twigs, snow, gravel, and mulch with ease
Red, Black Two-Stage LEDAMP Blower

Red/Black Two-Stage LEDAMP Blower

  1. Iron and plastic construction ensures durability
  2. Electric/manual start offers convenience
  3. High-performance 11 HP 302 cc engine
  4. Clearing width of 71 cm for efficient snow removal
  5. Finished in striking red and black
  6. Measures 134 x 76 x 113 cm, ideal size for storage
  7. Superior to single stage snow blowers in performance.

Why Choose a Snow Blower

When removing snow from outdoor spaces, using traditional garden tools such as a shovel can be exhausting and time-consuming. Introducing a snow blower into your outdoor power equipment collection can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on snow removal. 

Petrol chainsaws, lawnmowers, and petrol hedge cutters have their place in garden maintenance, but when dealing with heavy snowfall, the snow blower reigns supreme. It’s an invaluable tool, particularly for those living in areas prone to heavy snow.

The Different Types of Snow Blowers

The market offers a variety of snow blowers, each designed to cater to different needs. The electric snow blower, for example, is a popular choice for its ease of use and suitability for smaller areas. 

They are ideal for dealing with wet snow that often proves challenging to clear. A gas snow blower or even a single-stage snow blower may be more suitable for larger areas. 

These heavy-duty machines are built to handle deep snow and large areas efficiently. The Cub Cadet snow blower is another option, known for its robustness and reliability.

Features to Look for When Buying a Snow Blower

When purchasing a snow blower, it’s essential to consider features such as throwing distance, clearing width, and chute rotation. 

Electric start is a feature that adds convenience by eliminating the need for manual starting, commonly found in petrol lawnmowers and petrol chainsaws. Another crucial factor is the availability of spare parts. 

Choosing a snow blower with readily available spare parts ensures you can easily maintain and repair your machine, extending its lifespan.

Where to Buy a Snow Blower

Snow blowers can be purchased from various outlets, including Home Depot, local dealers, or online. When purchasing, it’s crucial to review delivery information to ensure the timely arrival of your machine, especially if you’re expecting heavy snowfall soon. 

Stanley Black and Decker is a popular manufacturer of snow blowers and other garden equipment like brush mowers, electric chainsaws, and grass trimmers, and their products are widely available.

FAQs related to Snow Blower

Can a Snow Blower be used on wet snow?

Yes, a snow blower can be used to clear wet snow. However, electric snow blowers are particularly effective in dealing with this type of snow.

What is the throwing distance of a snow blower?

The throwing distance of a snow blower varies depending on the model. Some machines can throw snow as far as 10 metres, which can be advantageous when clearing large areas.

How important is clearing width in a snow blower?

Clearing width is crucial as it determines how much snow can be cleared in a single pass. A larger clearing width means fewer passes, making snow removal more efficient.

What are the benefits of an electric start in a snow blower?

An electric start eliminates manual starting, often found in petrol lawnmowers and chainsaws. It adds convenience and ease of use, particularly in cold weather conditions.

Are spare parts readily available for snow blowers?

The availability of spare parts varies depending on the brand and model. Choosing a snow blower with readily available spare parts is advisable to ensure ease of maintenance and repair.

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