Show a Little extra Love and Appreciation on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show our mothers, grandmothers and other maternal figures how much they are loved and appreciated. All mothers appreciate the quality time they spend with family. This includes mothers who are living in an assisted living community or a senior care facility who are still able to celebrate the day, with some suggestions here for staying in as well as going out. 

Flowers never to out of fashion

A bouquet of her favourite flowers will brighten her day and show that you remember what she likes best. If you are not sure what these are, consider buying flowers that she held in her bridal bouquet or headdress. Flowers are symbolic of many emotions, so you can search online for flowers that will convey a message. For example, orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength and also a Chinese symbol meaning “many children”.

Tulips symbolise happiness, with pink tulips representing affection and caring. Carnations signify faith, love, beauty and charity Pink carnations are said to be the symbol of a mother’s undying love. For roses, choose a pink rose for gratitude and appreciation or yellow to celebrate her caring nature. The day lily is a Chinese symbol for motherhood, whilst Calla lilies stand for beauty Gerbera Daisies represent cheerfulness as well as purity beauty. 

Go out and about

Whilst creating memories by spending time together, it’s also important to mark the day with a gift that she can keep. This Mother’s Day gift guide has ideas that celebrate the love between mother and child. Physical gifts can become family treasures to pass down from generation to generation as well as being a physical reminder of the time you spent together. 

Go to a favourite restaurant

If she’s able to leave the house, go for a relaxed meal at her favourite restaurant or choose a 5-star hotel for an extravagant afternoon tea. You could book a table at the hotel or venue where she held her wedding breakfast or somewhere she always used to go as a child on her birthday.

Plan a picnic

If you want to make the best of the spring weather take in a walk in a local park to enjoy the spring sunshine before or enjoy the flora in the local botanical gardens. Take a picnic with you with some of her favourite snacks. Add a bottle of prosecco to toast her good health. 

Visit friends or family

If there is a friend or family member who your mother hasn’t seen for a while, arrange for this to happen. You could make this a surprise visit from a friend who lives some distance away. Arrange transport and accommodation for the friend so that the two can meet after the Mother’s Day celebrations. If your help is needed, commit to helping the friends meet up on a regular basis. 

Visit a place of interest

Visiting a local art gallery or museum or watching a live game of a sport they enjoy is a fun activity as you can discuss favourite artists or enjoy the ambience and camaraderie of other fans in the arena. 

Staying in  

If going out on Mother’s Day isn’t possible, join her for a takeout from their favourite restaurant or cook for them at home, making an effort with the table decor. 

Potluck lunch

If there are a few of you visiting on Mother’s Day, have a potluck lunch where everyone brings a dish, with the focus on spending time together relaxing and chatting as well as eating. Have cocktails and mocktails for a bit of fun at afternoon tea. 

Enjoy music together

Music makes you feel happy and engaged and perfect to share with a senior mum or grandmother in particular. You can just listen or have an impromptu sing-along or listen to the reminiscences that are triggered by certain songs from their youth. Find out what type of music your mother or grandmother used to listen to when she was younger and create a playlist in a format that she can play at home. 

Bring out the old photo albums

If your mother or grandmother has albums of old photos, take some time to find out about the relatives you have never met, but are in the photos and may have been significant to her. This can be a powerful way of strengthening your bond as you see your mother in a new light, talking about her life before you came along.

Start a project together

Whether there is a patchwork quilt that has been waiting to be finished for years, or if you are both interested in creating a family tree, work on this together over time, and you could link up with cousins and other family members that you have lost touch with. 

Fun with grandchildren

If you are celebrating Mother’s Day with your grandmother, find a simple craft activity that she can do with the grandchildren. Press simple flowers, decorate wooden picture frames or gift the child a starter sewing kit or art kit that Grandma can help and encourage the young person with. 

Create a personal “Show and tell” photo book just for Mum or Grandma.  Get your child to choose their favourite photographs that you know your mother hasn’t yet seen and let the child share the stories behind the pictures and why they chose them for this special album.

Commit to staying connected in future

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to look at how connected your mother is to your family. Take other members of the family with you when you see her, particularly those who might feel awkward to visit on their own. Arrange for video chats or telephone calls from those unable to visit. If she hasn’t already got a smartphone, tablet or another way of connecting her to the internet, make this your Mother’s Day gift to her. Then she can independently maintain communications with friends and family and watch videos uploaded online of the child’s sports day or other out-of-school activities. 

When you celebrate Mother’s Day, it can be hard to say goodbye. Solve this problem by asking for her advice. Tell her that you would appreciate her help in planning your child’s birthday party or other social events where her input on food, music or décor. 


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