Pivotell Mk3/11 and Advance automatic pill dispensers


Pivotell automatic pill dispensers and reminders are highly effective in helping vulnerable adults remember to take their medication. Their use often results in improved health, more independence and a better quality of life.

Although the dispensers are used mainly by people with poor memory such as those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, they also benefit patients with conditions including Parkinson’s, mental health issues, learning difficulties, physical difficulties, patients with long-term medical conditions who have to take many different tablets per day, as well as the partially sighted and blind.

The Pivotell Mk3/11 and Advance automatic pill dispensers remind the user to take their medication by means of an alarm and flashing light.  They will make the correct dose available at the correct time of day or night whilst keeping other pills locked and out of sight.

All Pivotell Mk3/11 and Advance automatic pill dispensers now have an antibacterial silver ion technology in the plastics to provide protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses.  This technology significantly decreases microbes including E.coli and MRSA in just 15 minutes, with reductions of up to 99.5% achieved in 2 hours.  It works continuously for the lifetime of the dispenser, protecting against all bacteria and mould.

Pivotell also offer the Advance model with a GSM module allowing the dispenser to send messages via SMS, email or the Jointly app by Carers UK.

This dispenser works in the same way as the Advance model but has the added benefit of sending text/email/app messages to up to three family members or carers to confirm that medication has or has not been dispensed from the device at the medication time. If necessary, this enables appropriate action to be taken to check on the wellbeing of the user before a potentially adverse event occurs.

Examples of messages the GSM dispenser sends are:

  • Dose Dispensed
  • Dose not taken
  • 4 doses only remaining in the medication tray
  • Dispenser has been left upside down
  • Low battery

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All Pivotell dispensers are made in Sweden.  They are robust, reliable and give many years’ service in normal use.  Pivotell also offer a repair and refurbishment service.

For more information on Pivotell Automatic Dispensers and their accompanying products, please visit www.pivotell.co.uk or call the Pivotell team on 01799 550 979.