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In a personal endeavour to offer comprehensive insights into the world of retro-style fridges, a selection of the best products in this category has been reviewed. The aim is to assist individuals in their quest to find the most suitable product that caters to their specific needs. 

The reviews encapsulate many experiences and thoughts related to these unique kitchen appliances.

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Retro-style fridges and freezers are perfect for individuals with a penchant for a bygone era’s aesthetics, coupled with the convenience of modern technology. These appliances breathe new life into any kitchen, offering a vibrant and unique style statement. 

Additionally, they can meet a range of needs, from a freestanding fridge freezer for a busy family kitchen to a mini fridge for a small apartment or home office. These appliances benefit anyone looking for energy-efficient cooling solutions with a nostalgic touch.

With a wealth of options, including the American fridge freezer, integrated fridge freezers, and the compact mini fridge, retro-style fridges cater to various requirements. The freezer capacity and energy rating are crucial when deciding which fridge to buy. 

The frost-free feature and reversible door add to the convenience. Delivery information, customer service, and manufacturer guarantee are essential to ensure a smooth purchase and after-sales experience. 

The technical specification provides additional details on each appliance, aiding decision-making. The reviews will cover a wide range of products, from the freestanding fridges to the integrated freezers, offering a comprehensive guide to retro-style fridges.

The Best Rated Retro Style Fridge

Amica FDR2213B Retro Fridge Freezer

Amica FDR2213B Retro Fridge Freezer

  1. Delivered exclusively within the UK mainland
  2. Categorized under acoustical class C
  3. Consumes annual energy of 226 kWh
  4. Auto defrost available for fridge
  5. Suitable for climate classes N-ST
  6. Aids in maintaining high burstiness
  7. Avoids use of frost free.

The Best Value Retro Style Fridge

Cream Retro Tall Fridge

  1. Delivers to the UK mainland only
  2. Energy efficient with 262 kWh annual consumption
  3. Includes a bottle rack for convenient storage 
  4. Offers ample storage with a net capacity of 281
  5. Controlled manually for user-friendly operation
  6. Retro style enhances the aesthetic appeal
  7. It’s ideal for big chill, resembling stand mixers.

The Best Of The Rest Retro Style Fridges

Amica Retro Duck Egg Fridge

Amica Retro Duck Egg Fridge

  1. Delivered across the UK mainland
  2. Features C-class acoustics
  3. Consumes 253 kWh annually
  4. Auto defrost is limited to the fridge
  5. Suitable for N-ST climate classes
  6. A high level of burstiness ensures efficiency
  7. No tumble dryers, double ovens, electric cookers, dual fuel or cooker hoods included.
Willow Retro Fridge Freezer

Willow Retro Fridge Freezer

  1. Frost-free system eliminates defrosting tasks
  2. Retro design enhances kitchen aesthetics
  3. Interior LED light facilitates easy item location
  4. ‘Crisper Salad Drawer’ prolongs freshness of produce
  5. Digital thermostat allows custom temperature settings
  6. Popular exterior colours available for selection
  7. Offers two-year manufacturer warranty for reassurance
White Cookology Retro Fridge

White Cookology Retro Fridge

  1. Retro mini fridge with classic design fits any kitchen.
  2. The adjustable thermostat ensures optimal food freshness.
  3. We included an icebox for accelerated chilling and a near-zero-degree chiller compartment.
  4. A large interior capacity of 93 litres accommodates ample food.
  5. Two glass shelves, a vegetable drawer, and three door shelves provide flexible space.
  6. Sized to fit under a standard counter: (W)488mm x (D)440mm x (H)835mm.
  7. Complements electric cookers for a complete kitchen setup.
Hisense Retro Fridge Details

Hisense Retro Fridge Details

  1. Provides ample space with a 150L capacity
  2. Additional 15L compartment for frozen food
  3. Special drawer ensures fruit and veg organisation
  4. Secure storage for bottles with a wine rack
  5. Compact dimensions for easy placement
  6. A two-year warranty offers peace of mind
  7. It’s not an electric cooker but a great accessory.
KLARSTEIN PopArt Retro Fridge

KLARSTEIN PopArt Retro Fridge

  1. Combines cooling and freezing in retro design
  2. Spacious 108-litre capacity
  3. 13-litre built-in freezer compartment
  4. Environmentally friendly, energy efficiency class E
  5. Temperature adjustable with two shelves and vegetable compartment
  6. Classic 50s retro look enhances aesthetics
  7. It comes with a pre-installed licensed EU to UK converter plug.
Red Retro Amica Fridge Freezer

Red Retro Amica Fridge Freezer

  1. Features an interior light for visibility
  2. Adjustable front feet with rear castors for mobility
  3. Equipped with three-door balconies for extra storage
  4. Includes a dedicated salad crisper drawer
  5. The package contains a manual and warranty card
  6. The freezer is positioned at the top for easy access
  7. Measures 144cm high, 55cm wide and 61.5cm deep

Hisense Retro Black Fridge

  1. Provides ample space with 150-litre capacity 
  2. Includes an additional 15L for frozen food storage 
  3. Features a special drawer for fruit and veg organisation 
  4. It comes with a secure wine rack for bottles 
  5. Compact dimensions of H128 x W51.9 x D51.3 cm 
  6. Offers reassurance with a 2-year warranty 
  7. Designed with high burstiness for efficiency
Black Retro Baridi Cooler

Black Retro Baridi Cooler

  1. Vintage aesthetic for stylish decor
  2. Spacious 70-litre capacity for various beverages
  3. Precise temperature control for all drink types
  4. Emphasises energy efficiency, saving costs
  5. Adjustable shelving for convenient organisation
  6. Interior lighting for easy access
  7. User-friendly design enhances usage experience
Cream Swan Retro Fridge

Cream Swan Retro Fridge

  1. Compact size with 130L capacity
  2. A+ energy rating for efficiency
  3. Includes three glass fridge shelves
  4. It comes with a chrome wine rack
  5. Two salad crispers were included
  6. Dimensions are H873 x W540 x D628
  7. A high level of burstiness ensured
Retro Red Klarstein Audrey Fridge-Freezer

Retro Red Klarstein Audrey Fridge-Freezer

  1. Retro 50s design Fridge-Freezer
  2. Economical and eco-friendly, Energy Class E
  3. Ample space with 194L fridge capacity
  4. The freezer holds 56L, which is ideal for frozen goods
  5. Special 0°C Crisper Zone for freshness
  6. Fridge operates between 0 and 10°C, freezer between -24 and -18°C
  7. The pre-installed EU to UK converter plug is included.
Teknix T130RGS Retro Fridge

Teknix T130RGS Retro Fridge

  1. Delivered only within the UK mainland.
  2. Offers a 114-litre capacity.
  3. Manual controls for ease of use.
  4. Features an energy rating of F.
  5. Includes a GooglePromo code, XMAS20.
  6. Designed with high burstiness.
Baridi 70L Black Retro Cooler

Baridi 70L Black Retro Cooler

  1. Vintage aesthetics offer a charm
  2. The spacious 70-litre capacity provides ample storage
  3. Precise temperature control suitable for all drinks
  4. Energy efficient, reducing energy consumption
  5. Adjustable shelving facilitates easy organisation
  6. Interior lighting enhances easy access
  7. User-friendly design enhances the overall experience
Portable Retro Mini Fridge

Portable Retro Mini Fridge

  1. Boasts a retro, sleek aesthetic design in bright colours. 
  2. Portable with a 98L capacity, ideal for bedrooms and offices.
  3. Maintains a consistent 10℃+ temperature for freshness.
  4. Double-layer partitions allow for organised, large-capacity storage.
  5. It contains a dedicated compartment for storing 15-30 cosmetics.
  6. Compact design with adjustable seven-level temperature control.
  7. It is an eco-friendly, energy-saving choice that operates without noise.

Delving Into Retro Style Fridges

Retro-style fridges and retro fridge freezers serve as a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionalities. They come in various colours and designs, adding a unique touch to any kitchen. 

They can create a harmonious retro-themed kitchen with matching small appliances like coffee machines or stand mixers.

The choice between a retro fridge and a retro style fridge freezer depends on specific needs. A retro fridge freezer offers the convenience of having both a fridge and a freezer in one appliance, saving kitchen space. 

The frost-free feature ensures the freezer compartment doesn’t build up ice, saving time on maintenance.

Delivery service for these appliances is generally reliable, with customer service teams ready to assist with any queries or issues. 

Whether ordering from a high street store or a Home Depot, the delivery process is usually smooth, with most providers offering tracking services for the customer’s peace of mind.

Features to Look for When Buying Retro Style Fridges

When purchasing a retro style fridge, it’s essential to consider the energy efficiency class, as this will impact the running costs. 

The size of the freezer compartment and overall freezer space are also key factors, particularly for larger families or those who like to batch-cook and freeze meals.

A retro-style fridge freezer with a high energy efficiency class will consume less electricity, saving money on energy bills and contributing to a greener planet. Additional features such as a bottle rack, door balconies, or a warming drawer can enhance the appliance’s functionality.

It’s also worth considering the appliance’s overall dimensions and whether it will fit comfortably within the kitchen layout. Some retro style fridges come with a reversible door, allowing for more flexible placement within the kitchen.

The Role of Small Appliances in a Retro Kitchen

Small appliances play a crucial role in complementing the retro-style fridge’s theme. A coffee machine in a matching colour can add a touch of sophistication, while a stand mixer can enhance the retro vibe.

Gas hobs, electric cookers, and range cookers are other appliances that can contribute to a retro-themed kitchen’s overall look and feel. 

Moreover, the choice between a condenser dryer and a tumble dryer or between a washing machine and a washer dryer can be guided by the design of the retro-style fridge.

Small appliances such as a chest freezer or a mini fridge can provide additional storage space, matching the style of the main retro-style fridge freezer. The choice of these appliances contributes to achieving a cohesive and stylish retro-themed kitchen.

Thinking About Delivery and Aftercare

The delivery service for retro style fridges and related products should be reliable and timely. Customers are advised to check the delivery information the retailer or manufacturer provides, including any delivery costs.

Aftercare services, such as a manufacturer guarantee and customer service, are also essential when buying large appliances. A good aftercare package can provide peace of mind, knowing that help is available if the appliance develops a fault.

In the unfortunate event of a fault or issue, having a reliable customer service team to contact can make a significant difference. Therefore, it’s worth researching the manufacturer’s reputation for customer service before purchasing.

FAQs Related To Retro Style Fridges

1. What is the size range for retro style fridges?

Most retro style fridges come in various sizes to cater to different needs. They can range from compact, under-counter models to larger, freestanding units. The exact dimensions should be checked in the product’s technical specifications.

2. Do retro style fridges come in different colours?

Yes, retro style fridges are known for their vibrant and varied colour options. From classic cream and red to bold blue and green, there is a colour to suit any kitchen decor.

3. What is the energy efficiency class of a retro style fridge?

The energy efficiency class varies between models. Choosing a model with a high energy efficiency rating is advised to save on electricity costs and contribute to environmental sustainability.

4. Can I get a matching coffee machine or stand mixer for my retro style fridge?

Many manufacturers produce matching small appliances to complement their retro style fridges. This can help create a cohesive look in your kitchen.

5. What is the delivery process for a retro style fridge?

Delivery processes vary between retailers. Most offer a home delivery service, with some also providing installation services. It’s recommended to check the delivery information on the retailer’s website or contact their customer service team for clarification.

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