Postural Support

We all, regardless of health, know that feeling, when you’ve been in one position for a while and you start to feel uncomfortable: the cushion needs plumping, you feel pressure on parts of your body.

Being comfortable yet appropriately supported can really impact on our general feeling of wellbeing. It has a wider impact too: it plays a key role in rehabilitation and/or ongoing care. It can be corrective or supportive. It can reduce or even eliminate the incidence of pressure sores.

How do you choose the right support?

There are a few basic considerations:

  • Short or long term usage?
  • How will it be used?
  • Where will it be used?

There are lots of ‘off the shelf’ cushions that certainly have a place in delivery of comfort, especially as a short-term answer.

More often than not, they are of a memory foam type, which will over time compress and stop delivering the same degree of support. Others rely on micro beads- the same filling used in bean bags- so by their very nature they move.

For postural support that is going to be used for long periods a more substantial solution may be more appropriate.

The micro bead system figures highly in such cases, especially as the beads microscopically settle into every crease, to perfectly mirror your anatomy.

You can go for a version where the ‘beanbag’ forms the core structure, over which a fixed mould is laid to hold you in the correct position.

The newest- and best- option is a beanbag with vacuum moulding: Stabilo.

Why is it the best?

It enables precise yet infinite adjustment to support you exactly as needed, without any pressure points.

The big difference is that the vacuum system can be easily adjusted and reformed as your needs change.

And that can all be done at home, without having to buy additional equipment, new moulds etc.

It is even possible to pressure-map during the initial forming process, to ensure even a tiny potential pain point is smoothed away.

Manufactured from neoprene (the material used for wetsuits), it is water resistant yet breathable. Spills can be wiped off. It can be disinfected. It can be submerged in water

The end result of a vacuum system is a feeling of comfort and security, whether in a seat, bed, push- or wheelchair- indeed, individual cushions have even been used in a canoe!

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Chilli Bean

Why is this good?

  • In essence a large beanbag seat that is vacuum formed to each person to allow proper positioning of the body and proper support.
  • The large surface area disperses weight distribution for stabilising firmness and optimum comfort.
  • Adding sound or vibration devices underneath transforms the Chilli Bean into a safe sensory environment.
  • Adding a roller base means the occupant can be safely transported from room to room, area to area, without any need to be transferred from the security of the Bean.



Why is this good?

  • A mattress- sized and shaped version, Grande can be used flat as a mattress, or folded and shaped to provide postural support in a range of positions, from prone to part-raised.



Why is this good?

  • A circular cushion for the neck, Bagel provides ultimate control to stabilise the head and neck.
  • The child or adult can safely enjoy a bath or a swim, being appropriately and safely supported.



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