Is The Popularity Of Electric Cars In Decline?

Analysing Google Trend data, UK Care Guide has identified that since June 2022, the number of people searching Google for information on electric cars has halved.

Google Trends is a search platform that shows the popularity of a search term over a chosen period in a selected region. It shows the relative popularity in the form of a ratio.

Google Trends divides a particular query’s search volume by the total number of searches completed in the given time period and geographic region.

The resulting ratio is then scaled on a range of 0-100.

Based on this analysis, you can see that as of June 22, the search ratio score was 100.  However, by 18 March 2022, this had fallen to 36 representing a decline of 64%.

Google Trends data

The chart below is interactive, so you can see the scores at different points in the past year.

Please note if you cannot see the chart displayed below, you may need a Chrome browser to access it.  If you cannot see it, you can click here to access the interactive graph.

Whilst the number of electric cars being sold is increasing year on year, it is interesting to see that the popularity, in terms of people searching for information on electric cars, is falling.

The fall can be attributed to:

High electric costs

The rise in energy bills in the past year has made people more concerned about the cost of charging cars at home.

Limited Range

While electric cars have come a long way in range, they still have a shorter range than traditional vehicles. This may make them less attractive to drivers who frequently travel long distances.

Charging Infrastructure

While charging stations are becoming more prevalent, they are less widespread than petrol stations. This can make it more difficult for electric car owners to find a place to charge their vehicles, especially on long road trips. Stories in the press about people struggling to find charges has also probably led to the decline,

Lack of Model Options

Although the number of electric car models is growing, it still lags behind the number of traditional gasoline-powered models. This can limit the options available to consumers and make it more difficult to find an electric car that meets their needs.

Further information

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