Popularity For Penis Fillers Growing: Are They Safe?

Over the last few years, the popularity of penile fillers has been growing. According to recent research, as much as 45% of men are unhappy with their penis size, and rather than live with low self-esteem and affected sex life, many are now deciding to take action with cosmetic injections to increase length and girth – with the results of some procedures lasting as long as two years.

But – as with any cosmetic surgery or injections – as the popularity grows, so too do the questions about their safety. Across the internet, there are a number of articles discussing everything from health to fertility to side effects, but many of them are contradictory and don’t give a clear, definitive answer on how safe penis fillers really are. 

So which ones are true and which ones are false? Well, if you are looking into penis fillers or are simply interested to know more about the continuously growing trend, below is an accurate look at the procedure and how safe it is to undertake in 2023: 

The Safety Of Penis Fillers

First off, the safety of penis fillers often depends on the sort of penis fillers that are being taken. For instance, permanent fillers such as Paraffin or Silicone do have a high risk of complications, mostly due to the fact that they cannot be dissolved or altered after the procedure. 

Other penis fillers, such as PRP – platelet-rich plasma – are safer. This is because the platelets are taken from the patient’s blood, meaning there is a lower risk of infection, and the filler generally dissolves after one to two years. 

It’s also important to note that the safety of penis fillers largely lies with the person who is implementing them. As mentioned before, a large percentage of men want a bigger penis, but that doesn’t make it wise to go to the first and cheapest clinic that they can find. 

For instance, low-cost penis fillers administered by someone with few credentials and qualifications are going to be far less safe than penis fillers administered by an experienced practitioner. 

The Fertility Implications

Once again, the question of fertility depends on the kind of penis fillers that men are opting for. The safest male enlargement injections are not permanent, which means that the effects can be reversed. 

These penis fillers do not have an impact on fertility and, if administered by a professional in the field, will not have an impact on erections or sex life. That being said, sex is normally avoided after 10 days to ensure the penis recovers efficiently.

The Side Effects Of Penis Fillers

Professionals should always talk through the side effects before a cosmetic appointment is made, but all the same, it is important to know the truth of penis enlargement before even considering it. 

One of the most common side effects of penis fillers is the discomfort that can be felt immediately after the process and the bruising or swelling that may occur. These symptoms can also lead to worsened sexual performance anxiety, which is part of the reason why men opt for penis fillers in the first place.

Other noted side effects have been the formation of bumps, cysts and skin irregularities. More rare side effects have also been reported, such as the cutting of the suspensory ligament, and an interference with nerve tissues and blockages of blood vessels. These can cause scarring, infection and reduced sexual function. 

As mentioned before, however, the professional will discuss all of these side effects at length, and going to a professional in the first place should lower many of these risks and will allow for a clear, informed decision.


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