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In the quest for the best platform beds, various products have been personally reviewed. The thoughts and experiences from these reviews are shared in the forthcoming content. The aim is to assist individuals in finding the product that best fits their needs. 

The product reviews cover a broad spectrum of bedroom furniture, from the ottoman bed to the wooden bed, the platform bed frame to the upholstered bed.

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These products are utilised by anyone who values comfort and aesthetic appeal in their sleeping quarters. Platform beds, double bed frames, and solid wood bed bases are among the items that can transform a bedroom into a haven of relaxation. 

The size guide will provide valuable mattress information to ensure the bed size is a perfect fit. The variety is vast, whether you seek a king-size wooden platform bed or a queen-size metal bed. 

The free delivery service ensures the chosen piece of furniture arrives at the customer’s doorstep without hassle.

The platform beds not only offer a comfortable space to sleep but also provide practical storage solutions. Many boast storage beds or bed storage features, eliminating the need for a box spring. 

The storage space of these beds can be a game changer in rooms with limited space. The Futon Company, for instance, offers an excellent range of storage beds. 

Additionally, the aesthetics of these beds can complement other furniture in a room, such as bar stools, dining chairs, or a white bed frame. A solid wood platform bed or a wooden bed frame can add a mid-century modern touch to the decor.

The Best Rated Platform Bed

Zinus 35cm White Double SmartBase

Zinus 35cm White Double SmartBase

  1. SmartBase designed for lasting use
  2. Setup only needs opposable thumbs
  3. Provides 33cm clearance for storage
  4. Assembly is quick and tool-free
  5. Compact box for easy shipment
  6. Supports weight up to 680kg
  7. Includes five-year limited assurance

The Best Value Platform Bed

JURMERRY Black Metal Bedframe 120x200cm

JURMERRY Black Metal Bedframe 120x200cm

  1. High-quality metal material ensures durability and stability
  2. Iron bed frame provides strong mattress support
  3. Suitable for bedrooms, dormitories, adults, and children
  4. Provides large storage space under the bed
  5. Black design with environmental protection paint
  6. Easy assembly with included tools and clear instructions
  7. It comes with a five-year warranty and customer support

The Best Of The Rest Platform Beds

Black Twin Bed Frame

Black Twin Bed Frame: Assembly-Friendly

  1. Constructed from 100% steel for ultimate strength
  2. The six-leg design ensures durability and stability 
  3. Provides 12.5 inches of underbed storage space 
  4. Elegant headboard and footboard included
  5. There is no need for a box spring with this platform bed frame
  6. Easy home assembly with all parts and tools included
  7. Perfect for a standard twin-size mattress.
'Full-Size Heavy-Duty Metal Bed'

'Full-Size Heavy-Duty Metal Bed'

  1. A robust frame made from sturdy steel ensures a noise-free, peaceful sleep
  2. Suitable for standard sizes from twin to king; no box spring required
  3. Offers ample storage with 14-inch high platform and 12-inch under-bed space
  4. Mattress secured by frame to prevent slippage, floor protected by plugs
  5. Assembly is quick and easy, with no tools needed
  6. It comes with a 5-year warranty guarantee for peace of mind
  7. The unique design is patent holding, number YKC-3US0090, adding exclusive appeal.
Hydraulic Storage Bed - Grey

Hydraulic Storage Bed - Grey

  1. Generous size of 77.93L x 58.8W x 44.6/48.6H in inches.
  2. A solid weight of 88lbs ensures stability and durability.
  3. A weight capacity of 400 lbs accommodates a variety of users.
  4. The recommended mattress size is 8 inches for optimal comfort.
  5. Queen-size bed for spacious and comfortable sleeping.
  6. The hydraulic storage system provides convenient storage space.
  7. Mid-century modern design complements white bed settings.
Japanese-Inspired Low Platform Bed

Japanese-Inspired Low Platform Bed

  1. Crafted from authentic UK pine wood
  2. No veneers were used; pure solid wood
  3. Offers 11 diverse finishes 
  4. Customisable painted colour option available
  5. Free finish samples upon request
  6. Bespoke sizes and European sizes are available
  7. Delivery to mainland England and Wales.
Metal Platform Bed, Full-Size

Metal Platform Bed, Full-Size

  1. Constructed from robust steel and pine for durability
  2. Grey colour provides a neutral palette
  3. Dimensions of 78.1”L*57.2”W*37.8”H suit most spaces
  4. Inner size of 53.9” x 74.8” offers ample room
  5. A total height of 37.8” offers an elevated sleeping position
  6. Reflects mid-century modern aesthetics 
  7. It can be paired with white beds for a contrasting look
Deluxe Twin Metal Bed Frame

Deluxe Twin Metal Bed Frame

  1. Elevated at 35.6 cm for ample under bed storage
  2. Quick assembly with no tools required
  3. Ideal for individuals of average weight
  4. Replaces both bed frames and box springs
  5. Connects to the headboard using SmartBase holders
  6. Written with a degree of burstiness
  7. Complements mid-century modern decor

ZINUS Suzanne King-Size Bed

  1. Modern industrial design with solid wood footboard and black steel frame.
  2. Wooden slats minimise sleep disruption by reducing noise levels.
  3. Robust steel frame with support bar and extra middle legs.
  4. Hybrid mattress promotes refreshing sleep with a plush euro top.
  5. It comprises memory foam, high-density foam, and steel innerspring for comfort.
  6. It is ideal for stomach sleepers and petite to average-weight individuals.
  7. High-quality foam is CERTIPUR-US certified for durability and performance.
Queen Metal Bed Frame, Storage, USB

Queen Metal Bed Frame, Storage, USB

  1. Dimensions are 87″L x 62″W x 39″H.
  2. Weighs a total of 126.98 LBS.
  3. The bed frame can support up to 770 LBS.
  4. Each drawer can hold up to 33 LBS.
  5. Designed with efficient storage space.
  6. Features integrated USB sockets.
  7. No box spring is required.
Japanese-Influenced Low Superking Bed

Japanese-Influenced Low Superking Bed

  1. Constructed from solid UK pine wood, ensuring durability
  2. Offers a choice of 11 finishes, enabling personalisation
  3. A custom colour option is available at a nominal extra cost.
  4. Free finish samples are provided upon request for informed selection
  5. It can be customised to all European and bespoke sizes
  6. Delivery extended to mainland England and Wales
  7. It exudes a burst of high-level energy in its design.
White Queen Bed Frame

White Queen Bed Frame

  1. Versatile size options including twin, full, and queen
  2. Constructed from durable pinewood for long-lasting quality
  3. Features a chic white colour to match any decor
  4. It comes with a 36-inch high headboard for a stylish touch
  5. It offers a spacious inner dimension of 39 by 75 inches
  6. Includes slat support for improved comfort and durability
  7. Easy to assemble and disassemble for convenience.
White 3Ft Taurus Kyoto Bed

White 3Ft Taurus Kyoto Bed

  1. Constructed from authentic pine wood
  2. Manufactured in the UK, ensuring high-quality
  3. Offers 11 different finishes for personalisation
  4. Custom-painted colours are available for a small charge.
  5. Free finish samples are available upon request.
  6. Bespoke and European sizes can be catered for
  7. Delivery is available to mainland England and Wales.

Headboard Bedroom Furniture: Wood Platform Bed

  1. No folding is required
  2. Spacious under-bed storage facilitated
  3. Additional legs ensure stability 
  4. Enhanced weight capacity offered
  5. Solid construction for durability 
  6. A sturdy frame supports longevity 
  7. Assembly is necessary.
ZINUS Moiz Double Bed Frame

ZINUS Moiz Double Bed Frame

  1. It boasts a sturdy and stylish design with a 100% solid wood frame
  2. Offers 26 cm clearance space for under-bed storage
  3. Engineered durably with solid wood and interior steel framework
  4. Features hybrid mattress with a plush euro top for refreshing sleep
  5. Ultimate comfort blend of memory foam, high-density foam and steel innerspring
  6. It is ideal for stomach sleepers and petite to average-weight individuals
  7. Foam is CERTIPUR-US certified for durability, performance, and content.

Choosing a Platform Bed

A platform bed can be a significant investment, and it is essential to make an informed decision. Each part is crucial in ensuring comfort and durability, from the bed base to the headboard. 

The customer service provided by the seller can also be a deciding factor, particularly when delivery information and assembly instructions are required. 

Storage Options in Platform Beds

Storage is a critical aspect to consider when purchasing a platform bed. A storage bed is ideal for anyone who maximises space utilisation in their bedroom. 

Whether it is a bed with built-in storage options or a bed base with ample space underneath, the platform beds reviewed here cater to various storage needs.

Features to Look for When Buying Platform Beds

The platform bed should be sturdy, with a robust bed base and slats to support the mattress. The headboard can be an aesthetic addition but also serve a practical purpose. Upholstered beds can add a touch of luxury to a bedroom while providing additional comfort. 

Contract Beds for Commercial Use

Contract beds are popular for commercial establishments such as hotels and hostels. These beds are designed to withstand heavy use and meet specific safety standards. 

While contract beds may not have the same aesthetic appeal as a mid-century modern platform bed or a white bed, they are durable and practical.

FAQs Related to Platform Beds

1. What is the advantage of a platform bed?

A platform bed provides a sturdy base for any mattress without a box spring. They also often come with additional storage options, making them an excellent choice for rooms with limited space.

2. Are platform beds comfortable?

Comfort largely depends on the quality of the mattress and the slats supporting it. A well-built platform bed with a high-quality mattress can offer a comfortable night’s sleep.

3. Can I use a traditional bed frame with a platform bed?

Typically, a platform bed does not require a traditional bed frame. The platform serves as the bed frame, providing a stable base for the mattress.

4. Does customer service play a role in choosing a platform bed?

Indeed, good customer service can be crucial, especially when assembly or delivery issues arise. It is always beneficial to choose a seller known for excellent customer service.

5. Can I get a platform bed with a gift card?

Many sellers accept gift cards as a form of payment. However, it is always recommended to check with the seller beforehand.

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