Did you know that around one in three adults over the age of 65 will have at least one fall a year? Around half of these people will suffer more frequent falls.

The real damage might not be caused by the fall itself, but rather by its effects in the hours, days and weeks that follow. If somebody who lives alone has a fall and they’re unable to get back up they could be left for hours, even days, without help. Going through such an experience can have huge medical and psychological effects.

Many people who go through such an experience can be left feeling vulnerable and scared in their own homes, worried about what might happen if they fall again.

The personal alarm service, provided by Lifeline24, is a great solution to these problems and concerns. Lifeline24 is an affordable, national provider of personal alarms and provides older people and their loved ones with peace of mind.

This blog post takes a closer look at the personal alarm service, providing an insight into the equipment used and the benefits older people will find by having an alarm in their home.

How a Personal Alarm can help

Personal alarms have been made specifically for older people who are living alone, people living with a long-term medical condition or those who are disabled. Of course, anybody looking for extra safety or peace of mind can benefit from a personal alarm.

It is particularly useful for those who live alone, and are at risk of a fall. Falls are the most common cause of injury related deaths in people over the age of 75. In fact, falls among older people are the most common cause of major trauma seen in hospitals.

If somebody lives alone and has a fall they may be unable to reach their phone to call for help. If they are unable to get up off the floor they could be left there for hours or even days in some cases.

A personal alarm gives older people a lifeline. With a pendant button around their neck or wrist, people can simply press a red button in situations like these and help will be found.

Having an alarm also provides family members and friends with the peace of mind that their loved one has somebody to call for help. The stress of worrying about scenarios like the one mentioned above can disappear.

It also means that the old and frail can continue to live independently whilst in the comfort of their own home – rather than having to move into a care home.

What’s Included with an Alarm?

The personal alarm service provided by Lifeline24 includes the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit and the MyAmie Pendant. Both parts are manufactured by Tunstall here in the UK.

The Lifeline Vi is the ‘hub’ of the personal alarm service. This is a small, stylish box which can be installed easily by the alarm user or a loved one. The unit is simply plugged into the mains power and the telephone socket, with the telephone going into the back of the box using the adapter provided.

Once everything is connected, a test call can be completed with the Care Team by pressing the red button. The Lifeline Vi includes a built-in microphone and loudspeaker, for clear communication between the Care Team and the alarm user in an emergency. The loudspeaker is loud enough so that it can be heard in another room.

The MyAmie Pendant has been designed with comfort and simplicity in mind. It can be worn around the wrist or around the neck, with both attachments included alongside the alarm.

It’s small and discreet with most alarm users never taking their pendant off. Yet the red button on the pendant is a third larger than the previous version. The MyAmie Pendant has the following features:

Waterproof – For use in the bath and shower.

100 Metre Range – For use outside in the garden.

869MHz European Social Alarm Frequency – It won’t interfere with any other medical equipment in the home.

It is the red pendant button that will be pressed by the alarm user if they have a fall or feel unwell at home.

24-Hour Monitoring, 365 Days a Year

Everybody who has a personal alarm from Lifeline24 is monitored by the Platinum Accredited Care Team. The team received this special accolade by the Telecare Services Association, the industry and standards body for Telecare and Telehealth in the UK.

The Care Team work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that they are always there for alarm users. Once the red button has been pressed on the pendant or base unit, an alert call will be raised to the Care Team.

Within seconds a member of the team will respond over the base unit loudspeaker, asking the alarm user what has happened and if they’re okay. The situation is assessed, and the Care Team member will take the appropriate actions.

Commonly, this will involve them calling the alarm user’s emergency contacts. This is a list of family members, friends and neighbours provided by the alarm user. If the alarm user requires medical attention, the Care Team will also call for an ambulance.

The Care Team will also have the alarm user’s medical history on their system, which they can then pass on to the paramedics. This will help ensure that they are in best possible position to help once they arrive.

Don’t worry! If the Care Team don’t hear a response back from the alarm user they will assume that help is needed and will call for it immediately.

Busting Personal Alarm Myths

There are some myths out there about the personal alarm service and equipment. Fortunately, we can put your minds at ease and resolve these misconceptions for you:

“The Lifeline Pendant is uncomfortable, heavy and ugly.”

Although this may have been true in the past, with the MyAmie Pendant from Lifeline24 this is certainly not the case. Our pendant only weighs seven grams and is around the size of a watch face. It can also be worn multiple ways, including around the wrist, neck and on a belt clip or brooch.

“The Lifeline Pendant will break in the shower.”

This is not the case with the MyAmie Pendant. Alarm users can keep their pendant on whilst in the bath or shower as it is waterproof. This is vital as the bathroom can be a very slippery room and a common cause of falls and accidents in the home.

“I still won’t be able to call for help in a power cut.”

The Lifeline Alarm has a back-up battery which will power-up if a power cut occurs. It has a 40-hour charge and once power is restored it will begin to re-charge once again.

“The alarm won’t work if the wearer is outside in the garden.”

Our alarm will still work outside in the garden, and throughout the home, as it has a range of up to 100 metres.

“It will take a long time to install the alarm.”

Not only are the Lifeline Alarms delivered within 24 hours, for free, but as we mentioned above they can also be installed within a matter of minutes.

A Highly-Recommended Service

Lifeline24 hopes to provide peace of mind for its personal alarm users and their loved ones. Having a personal alarm can make such a difference, by giving older people a sense of security and allowing them to remain comfortable at home.

People who join Lifeline24 are full of praise about the service, sharing positive comments through our online reviews. Below are just a couple of the testimonials that we receive:

“Get a Lifeline, get a bit of security, and take away all your worries. I think that most elderly or disabled people have got a fear that if anything happens, what are they going to do? I’ve had it in the past, so they must have the fear of what if this happens to me. The Care Team do show that they do care for me and at the end of the day I really do feel safe with my Lifeline alarm.” – Peter Johnson

“The Care Team were extremely kind and understanding throughout the set-up of my alarm and I have to say that the installation was quite easy for me and my husband to complete. I chose to wear my pendant around my neck and I am proud to wear it, it’s not in any way uncomfortable and I can always tuck it inside my dress or blouse if I don’t want it on show.”Joan Wood

 Do you Qualify for VAT Exemption?

The personal alarm is a product which qualifies for VAT Exemption. Customers will not pay any VAT if they have a long-term illness, a terminal condition or a disability. A long-term or chronic illness is one that lasts longer than three months.

There are many medical conditions which would qualify for VAT Exemption, including the following:




Heart Disease




What’s Next?

For further information about the personal alarm service please visit the Lifeline24 website. Alternatively, you can give the sales team a call on 0800 999 0400 or complete the ‘contact us’ form.

Order over the phone or online using the discount code “UKCARE10 to receive £10 off your personal alarm.

Alongside the personal alarm service, we also have a blog which provides older people with interesting and useful articles.