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Overchair tables are necessary for people who spend a lot of time sitting down, especially those who have mobility problems or are recovering from an illness. 

They are frequently used by seniors, people who need the extra convenience of having a stable, adjustable surface within arm’s reach, people who work in healthcare and residential settings, and others. 

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These tables offer a safe area for meals, reading, writing, and other activities that call for a stable surface because they are made to fit over chairs, beds, and wheelchairs.

The use of hoverchair tables is very beneficial. They reduce the need for assistance with daily tasks and increase the user’s independence and comfort. 

The user can adjust the height and angle of the table to suit their particular needs using the various adjustments found in most models, which enhances ergonomics and lessens strain. 

They accommodate people who must spend much time in a chair or bed because they allow them to eat, read, and do other things comfortably. This dramatically raises their quality of life.

We have thoroughly reviewed some of the top chair tables on the market to deliver thorough and trustworthy information. Our analysis considered many variables, including overall user experience, adjustability, durability, and stability. 

This guarantees that the tables we suggest comply with the fundamental criteria and provide extra features that improve usability and satisfaction. Our goal is to assist potential customers in making informed decisions while considering their needs and preferences.

The Best Rated

Tarn Chair Table Review

  1. Expertly made in the UK and distributed to private customers and care facilities.
  2. Comes with a removable non-slip mat and an 80x40cm oak laminate top that is easy to clean.
  3. The height of the table can be changed, ranging from 57.5 to 81 cm.
  4. Allows for width adjustment up to 105 cm.
  5. It has braked castors for stability and can support up to 5 kg of weight.
  6. Simple and tool-free assembly encourages independent personal care. 

The Best Value

Portable Adjustable TV Table

  1. Adjustable, with up to 18 different table configurations to accommodate different heights.
  2. Added a removable stability bar to ensure maximum stability.
  3. Extremely adaptable; great for crafts, cooking, and various hobbies.
  4. Portable and lightweight, perfect for use in any house room.
  5. It folds away and fits under sofas or beds, making it easy to store.
  6. Has a bed table feature, which is ideal for residents who require bed linens.   

The Best Of The Rest

Adjustable Elite Care Table

  1. Simple height adjustment for a range of requirements 
  2. Ample tilting table top improves reading comfort
  3. Brake-equipped swivel castor wheels ensure stable positioning.
  4. A surface made of plastic that is simple to clean
  5. Versatile positioning with a quick-release lever around chairs or beds
  6. An excellent bathroom tool that works with power and shower chairs  

Adjustable Movable Bedside Table

  1. Built with solid MDF and carbon steel for stability and capacity.
  2. Has four silent, 360-degree swivel wheels that guard against scratching flooring.
  3. The height ranges from 55 to 80 cm for individual comfort.
  4. Includes a shelf for storing remote controls, books, magazines, and snacks.
  5. Easy assembly with provided hardware and clear instructions.
  6. Has versatility as a nightstand, side table, or bedchair table. 

Standard EasyLift Overbed Table

  1. Perfect for meals, hobbies, and reading and writing
  2. Makes adjustments with minimal finger pressure and smoothly.
  3. Has a sizable, contemporary beech tabletop with raised edges to stop spills.
  4. Height can be adjusted from 630 to 825 millimetres.
  5. Comes with castors for simple movement and cleanup.
  6. Enhances daily living aids for residents in reclining chairs or divan beds.

Adjustable Aidapt Overbed Table

  1. Offers a stable, solid surface perfect for use in a chair, wheelchair, or bed.
  2. Versatility is ensured by compatibility with most low beds, wheelchairs, and chairs.
  3. Has a sizable, laminated workspace for convenience in cleaning and security.
  4. Made with durable, hygienic materials, with a 10 kg weight restriction.
  5. Developed by Aidapt, a leading provider of mobility and healthcare products.
  6. A wonderful gift that improves daily life for people of all ages.

Adjustable Deluxe Twin-Top Table

  1. One-handed operation with adjustable angle.
  2. Modifications in height, width, and angle are available.
  3. Choose between standard or extension pieces for beds that are 5 feet wide.
  4. A side table that right- or left-handed people can use.
  5. Four locking brake castors are included for stability.
  6. Has a beautiful beech-finished laminate top.

Standard Adjustable NRS Healthcare Table

  1. The best, most durable table for use in a chair or bed; great for meals, reading, and hobbies.
  2. Easy height adjustment is possible to meet different needs.
  3. A sizable tabletop made of beech with raised edges to prevent spills.
  4. Allows for a wide height range of 76 to 107 centimetres.
  5. Equipped with castors for improved mobility and cleaning simplicity.
  6. Easily integrated with shower stools and bathroom accessories. 

Elite Adjustable Twin-Top Table

  1. Flexible positioning makes it perfect for bedroom or living room use.
  2. Simple height and tilt adjustments for the best reading comfort.
  3. Comes with swivel castors for straightforward positioning and movement.
  4. Has two castors with brakes to ensure stability and safety.
  5. Has a 9 cm clearance under chairs or beds.
  6. A cross-headed screwdriver and a 16mm spanner were required for easy home assembly.   

Adjustable Breeze Mobility

  1. Tableone has curved table surfaces for user comfort.
  2. Height and width adjustment.
  3. For added stability, casters can be locked.
  4. Convenient for beds, recliners, and wheelchairs.
  5. Finished in a lovely beech design.
  6. Assures the rights of residents are protected.   

Adjustable Portable Laptop Table

  1. For increased durability, made of superior particleboard and powder-coated metal.
  2. Has adjustable height from 72 to 94 cm to accommodate different seating configurations.
  3. Created with wheels for simple movement between different living spaces.
  4. Nylon wheel locks ensure stability and guard against floor damage.
  5. Features a multipurpose design that makes it perfect for a computer desk, writing desk, or nightstand.
  6. The simple assembly process includes Easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary parts.

KMINA - Adjustable Overbed Table

  1. This adjustable overbed table, adaptable for beds, wheelchairs, and sofas, makes daily life easier for people who are bedridden or use wheelchairs.
  2. For customised user needs, height, width, and inclination are adjustable.
  3. Supports a maximum weight of 22 lbs. and is safe and stable with locking brakes on all four wheels.
  4. A strong steel frame with wooden tabletops, ensuring durability.
  5. Simple to put together with the included tools and step-by-step video instructions.
  6. Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, and people who are elderly, pregnant, or have mobility issues.   

Adjustable NRS Healthcare Table

  1. Perfect for meals, hobbies, and reading and writing.
  2. It takes little effort to adjust the height simply.
  3. A sizable tabletop with moulded edges that stop spills.
  4. Height adjustable from 74.5 to 105.5 cm.
  5. Wheels are installed for simple movement and cleaning.
  6. Compatible with perching stools, divan beds, and recliner chairs.  

Aidapt Adjustable Overbed Table

  1. Provides a solid, stable surface adjustable for angle and height.
  2. Suitable for most low chairs, beds, and wheelchairs.
  3. Has non-slip feet for stable insertion.
  4. A sizable, effortlessly washable laminated tabletop with guiding rails.
  5. Long-lasting, hygienic design that can support up to 10 kg.
  6. Produced by Aidapt, a leader in mobility and healthcare solutions.   

Adjustable Black Overbed Laptop Stand

  1. A sturdy design ensures durability, including a steel frame and an MDF table top.
  2. The distinctive C-shape design fits various settings, such as a sofa or bedside.
  3. The edge’s ridge prevents the slipping of objects.
  4. Four easy-rolling casters ensure simple transportation.
  5. Height-adjustable to accommodate various beds, sofas, and individual requirements.
  6. Has a weight capacity of 20 kg. They are 77L x 40W x 76-100H cm in size.   


Key Considerations for Overchair Tables

Understanding the critical factors that should be considered when buying an overchair table. The table’s adjustability ought to be the main factor. A coffee table that can be adjusted in height allows the user to personalise it to their comfort, improving daily living. 

This feature allows for optimal table positioning based on the user’s seated height, which is especially helpful for people who use wheelchairs or recliner chairs.

The tabletop is crucial, in addition to adjustability. Reading and craft projects are just two things that can benefit from a tilting top. 

Some tables even feature a two-part tabletop, one tilt for convenience while the other remains flat for stability. Since some materials are more straightforward to maintain and clean than others, the tabletop material is also something to consider.

The presence of castors on the table’s legs is another crucial aspect to consider. The table can be moved easily thanks to its castors, making it simple to place and move as needed. To prevent accidental movement of the table, it is imperative to ensure the castors are lockable for safety reasons.

Finally, it’s essential to think about delivery information and customer service. It is advised to make purchases from a business that provides exceptional customer service and precise delivery details. This guarantees that any questions or concerns will be promptly addressed and the product will be delivered quickly and effectively.

Features to Look for When Buying Overchair Tables

Some features of an overchair table warrant special consideration when considering buying one. One of these is how well the table fits with other pieces of furniture, like beds, chairs, and wheelchairs. 

For those who spend a lot of time in beds or chairs, a hoverchair table that can also be used as an overbed or bed chair offers versatility and can be especially helpful.

Another crucial component is the stability of the table. A solidly constructed table guarantees security and avoids mishaps. Over-chair tables from well-known manufacturers like Bristol Maid and NRS Healthcare are well-known for their dependability. 

Furthermore, a table with a tilting top can be very helpful. This feature enables the user to change the angle of the tabletop, making it simpler to read, write, or perform other tasks. 

Last, but not least, think about tables that are VAT-exempt. This indicates that the item qualifies for a VAT exemption, saving customers a lot of money, especially if they need these tables due to a disability or ongoing illness.

The Role of Overchair Tables in Daily Living

Overchair tables are essential for improving daily life for people with mobility issues or who spend a lot of time sitting down. They enable users to do various things, from reading to writing, or enjoy crafts from the comfort of their chair or bed, including eating meals.

Overchair tables can act as a support system for daily living aids and a valuable surface for various tasks. For example, they can keep things like bath seats, bed rails, shower luxury commodes, and dressing accessories within the user’s easy reach. The user’s independence is increased, and their quality of life is enhanced.

Additionally, overchair tables can help to ensure the user’s safety. It can be helpful to provide a stable surface for food and beverages to avoid spills and other mishaps. Additionally, having a safe place to store items lessens the need for risky reaching or stretching motions.

In essence, overchair tables act as priceless household aids by enhancing users’ comfort, convenience, and safety and thereby vastly improving their quality of life.

Comparing Overchair Tables from Different Brands

Comparing options from various brands when choosing an overchair table can be helpful. High-end overchair and bed chair tables are a speciality of NRS Healthcare and Bristol Maid. They provide strong, sturdy, and adaptable tables that meet many needs.

Another reputable manufacturer of overchair tables is Drive Medical, which has various options available, including tilting-top models for added convenience. With features like easy-roll castors for effortless movement and locking mechanisms for safety, their tables are made simple to use.

Brands that provide additional wheelchair accessories and mobility aids should also be considered. These can include bath boards and toilet surrounds to foot comfort options. You can ensure that all your needs are met by choosing a brand with a wide selection of products.

Remember that your ideal overchair table will depend on your requirements and situation. As a result, it’s crucial to conduct in-depth research and evaluate your options before choosing.

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