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Outdoor Platform Lifts In December 2023


In a wheelchair, navigating stairs can be a true challenge. This article examines the solution, which consists of outdoor platform elevators. 

We discuss the varieties, advantages, and installation procedures, among other essential aspects.

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What Are Outdoor Platform Lifts 

Wheelchair users require outdoor platform elevators as a vital access aid. They are installed outside buildings to facilitate access for individuals with limited mobility. 

The primary function of these elevators is to traverse the stairs leading to the principal entrance of public and commercial buildings. 

Various wheelchairs and mobility devices can be accommodated by the various lift services available.

These lifts appear in numerous varieties, the most widespread being vertical platform elevators. These provide a straightforward and efficient solution as they travel directly up and down. 

Inclined platform elevators are a viable option for stairways. They effortlessly traverse steps, providing users with a stress-free experience.

The Importance of Accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility has become a requirement for public and commercial spaces. According to the Equality Act, it is essential to provide accessible entrances for everyone, including those with special access requirements. 

The building’s primary entrance should be as inviting as feasible. Outdoor platform support can have a substantial impact.

In addition to being a practical solution, lifts are a cost-effective way to provide disabled access. The external platform requires minimal construction and can accommodate a variety of spaces.

Material and Installation Considerations

Numerous outdoor platform elevators are constructed of stainless steel. 

This material guarantees durability, particularly in exterior applications where weather resistance is essential. Installation of an external platform lift is straightforward and requires minimal construction.

A new lift installation should consider the dimensions of the outdoor platform and the space available. The lift must be large enough to accommodate the wheelchair or mobility device while fitting within the open space.

The Benefits of Outdoor Platform Lifts

Outdoor platform elevators provide numerous advantages. They increase the accessibility of public buildings for those with mobility impairments, allowing everyone to experience them. 

They can accommodate a variety of wheelchairs and mobility devices, making them an invaluable public resource.

Additionally, the elevators are a cost-effective means of enhancing accessibility. With minimal construction required, they provide a viable alternative to extensive renovations. 

As a result, the building is more accessible and complies with the Equality Act, fostering a more inclusive society.

Looking Ahead

Our experience has shown that the demand for outdoor platform lifts is increasing. A more significant emphasis on equal access requirements in public spaces will increase the prevalence of these lifts. 

They represent a practical and economical remedy to a pressing problem. We anticipate outdoor platform elevators to play an even more significant role in our buildings and public spaces.

Lift Maintenance and Services

Installation of an outdoor commercial platform lift necessitates routine maintenance to ensure its continued functionality. 

Engineers conduct regular inspections and restorations as needed as part of this process, which relies heavily on lift services. This ensures the lift continues to provide wheelchair users with a reliable and secure means of access.

In addition, lift services can guide selecting the most appropriate lift for a new construction or an existing commercial structure. Before recommending, they evaluate the design, anticipated utilisation, and available outdoor platform size.

Meeting Accessibility Regulations

The Equality Act mandates that all individuals must have access to public buildings. This comprises individuals with limited mobility and wheelchair users. Installing an outdoor platform lift is one method for facilities to comply with these requirements.

This legislation emphasises the need for wheelchair accessibility in all public structures. It is a legal requirement and makes commercial and public buildings more accessible to visitors of all mobility levels.

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Suitable for a Range of Buildings

Outdoor platform elevators are broader than just public structures. They are also appropriate for commercial systems that require wheelchair accessibility. 

These lifts provide a practical and cost-effective access solution from office buildings to retail centres. In addition, the minimal construction required for installation makes it a viable option for numerous locations.

Even in external applications, the stainless steel composition guarantees durability and longevity.

Outdoor Platform Lifts for Various Mobility Equipment

Outdoor platform elevators are designed to be adaptable. They are not only compatible with wheelchairs but also mobility vehicles. This means that anyone with mobility issues can benefit from the installation of the lift.

The platform lifts’ design permits a variety of platform sizes. This means that they can accommodate a variety of mobility aids, providing a suitable and efficient solution for access needs.

"Wheelchair users require outdoor platform elevators as a vital access aid."

Cost-Effective Solution

Installing an outdoor platform lift is a cost-effective way to provide access for people with disabilities. Installing ramps or lifts is substantially less expensive than extensive construction work.

Additionally, the lift’s stainless steel construction ensures that it can withstand the rigours of outdoor use, thereby reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Our research shows outdoor platform elevators are a practical and cost-effective way to improve access to public and commercial buildings. As we progress towards a more inclusive society, the significance of these lifts will only grow.

Types of Platform Lifts

The market has many outdoor platform lifts designed to satisfy specific requirements. In outdoor platform lifts, Vertical and inclined are two prevalent types. 

Vertical platform elevators transport passengers from the ground to the entrance floor of a building in a smooth manner.

In contrast, inclined platform elevators are designed to traverse the steps leading to the main entrance. They adhere to the stair’s incline, transporting wheelchair users and those with limited mobility safely and effectively. 

These lifts, like vertical lifts, require minimal construction work for installation, making them a less disruptive option.

Benefits of Outdoor Platform Lifts

The Impact of Wheelchair Access

Accessibility for wheelchair users is a crucial factor in the design of public spaces. External platform lifts are essential for wheelchair access, allowing individuals to enter quickly and exit buildings. 

Outdoor charges, particularly those installed at the main entrance, offer a practical solution to accessibility problems.

Increasing wheelchair accessibility requires more than just substantial modifications. It involves fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of mobility, feels welcome. It also involves complying with laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities.

Integrating Lifts in Commercial Buildings

Frequently, commercial structures have specific access requirements. An external platform lift can be a practical and cost-effective solution. Whether it’s a store, office facility, or restaurant, an outdoor charge can significantly improve accessibility.

Minimal construction work is required to install an external platform lift, reducing disruption and costs. In addition, the lift becomes an integral part of the structure, providing a dependable solution for those who require stair assistance.

Considerations for Mobility Scooters

Outdoor platform lifts are not limited to wheelchair users only. They can also accommodate mobility devices, an indispensable mode of transportation for many individuals with mobility impairments. 

These lifts, including vertical platform lifts, are designed with larger platforms in mind. Therefore, these elevators increase the number of people entering a building. 

This is consistent with the universal design principle, which promotes accessibility for everyone regardless of their mobility requirements.

The Step Lift Solution

In certain situations, a complete platform lift may be optional. In such cases, a step lift can be a helpful solution. Step lifts are designed to overcome minor floor-level differences, making them ideal for entrances with a few steps.

Step lifts are as effective as full-size platform lifts despite their smaller dimensions. They provide a straightforward and practical means of building access for individuals with limited mobility. Including such a lift makes a building more accessible and inclusive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much building work is needed for lift installation?

Vertical platform lift installation requires minimal construction. This indicates that the process is less disruptive and more cost-efficient than extensive renovations. The focus is on incorporating the lift into the commercial building’s structure. This construction approach ensures minimal building work so regular operations are not substantially disrupted.

Are outdoor platform lifts suitable for those with impaired mobility?

Absolutely. Outdoor platform elevators are intended to be a practical solution for individuals with limited mobility. They provide a safe and dependable way to traverse stairs using a wheelchair or mobility device. These lifts substantially improve the accessibility of a building by facilitating the journey from ground level to the main entrance.

Can a vertical platform lift be installed in a commercial building?

Platform elevators can be installed in various environments, including commercial structures. They provide an efficient means of enhancing accessibility and complying with Equality Act requirements. No matter the building type, a lift can be incorporated to complement the existing structure with minimal construction work.

What is involved in the building work for lift installation?

Installation of a lift requires site preparation, installation of the lift mechanism, and the addition of finishing details such as control panels. The goal is to install the charge safely and securely, with minimal building structure disruption. The procedure may vary depending on the lift type and the building’s specifications.

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