On page advertising

If you are a brand or a product provider we have a number of advertising options that may interest you.

You are able to advertise your business banners on almost any page on the site.  Find a page(s) that you think is suitable for your business and there are a number of options available to you.

What advertising can you do

Sponsor a page

You are able to remove all branding and sponsor a page.  This means you can use it to capture leads directly. In effect it is like having a one page website all to yourself.  We will get the traffic to the page and you can take the leads.

Here is an example of one where leads go directly to Compass Continuing Healthcarehttps://ukcareguide.co.uk/chc-funding/

Full page advertising

If you really want to capture people’s imagination you can have an ad like this.  This has tremendous impact as it displays a full page ad whenever someone looks to leave the page. Have a look – https://ukcareguide.co.uk/folding-commode/

Banner ads

You can have simple banner ads like these:

Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific size requirements.

What to do next

The costs will depend on the size of the ad that you want and the page that you want your advertising to be added too.   For a smaller banner ad the costs start at £39 per month.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email [email protected]