The NHS in numbers: What it means to you and your family

The NHS is never far from the headlines. That’s perhaps not surprising when you consider the numbers. After all, it treats a million people every 36 hours, is one of the five biggest employers in the world and, in England alone, costs £110 billion a year to run.

But, what do those numbers really mean to you? They’re casually thrown about by national newspapers, squabbling politicians and embattled health chiefs, but they have little meaning in our day to day lives.

For most of us, the only direct cost we see for our healthcare comes in the medicines we buy. Yet, what about the treatments and procedures that help to keep us healthy too?

This infographic from Pharmacyoutlet puts the cost of our healthcare into context. It highlights the true price of the sorts of things that all of us – or at least a loved one – will need from the NHS at some point. These numbers – rather than grand headline figures –help us all to consider the true price of healthcare in the UK.

The Price Of Healthcare In The UK
Provided by Pharmacy Outlet