1 December 2023

Motability Cars: What are they are how to get the best deals

For many years Motability schemes have helped those keep their freedom and mobility. The flexibility this scheme offers can bring a new lease on life to people who are less-abled. 

Just because you are buying a Motability vehicle don’t think that you are stuck with a handful of cars to choose from. There is a huge range of brands to choose from and over a hundred models so no matter if you want a small city car or large SUV, there is a car for you. 

Each car you get on a Motability deal comes brand new and the lease lasts for three years. Motability will sort out your insurance, breakdown cover, an servicing/maintenance at no extra cost. All included in the one price you pay.

Better still if you hand the car back after the three year lease in good condition, you could be eligible for the good condition bonus payment. Right now that is £600 for the three year lease. Not a bad perk for taking good care of the car.  

After your deal is over just pick which car you would like next and you are off again on another three year deal. To get your car you will be best to find your local Motability dealer. If you are in Scotland, it would be worth checking out John Clark who has dozens of dealerships to choose from. 

Who can buy a Motability car?

To become eligible for the Motability scheme you need to have been getting one of these benefits and have at least a year left on the allowance.

If you don’t find you need to drive very often you might want to consider opting for a scooter rather than a car, or even just get the odd taxi or bus as you need. Of course, it is up to you to find the best way to spend your allowance for your own needs.

It’s worth noting that there can be two named drivers including carers. These can be changed at any time during your lease to be as fluid as your needs can be. 

Do Motability cars need any special equipment? 

You might be wondering how a Motability car differs from a standard car and aside from the financial benefits and all-in-one package it offers, you will benefit from the ability to adapt it to your specific needs. 

There are a wide range of adjustments you can have as part of your order. Everything will be all set for you when you pick up your car. Most of these enhancements are even available at no extra cost to you. 

Some of the things you have altered include an adjustable steering column which can allow the steering wheel to move in/out or up/down. This can help you position the wheel exactly where you need it. 

Push-pull hand controls. This will allow you to operate the brakes or accelerator with your hands. Ideal for those with limited mobility or not much strength in their legs. There are also pedal extensions for those who can’t quite reach the pedals. 

Swivel seats to make getting in or out of your car far easier. This means the entire seat turns or can even extend out of the vehicle and can features such as lowering or tipping. There are manual and electric versions available. It can be operated with a remote control to get into the right position. 

A wheelchair stowage enhancement to add an electric boot hoist to lift your wheelchair into the car for you. It takes the weight and maneuvers it into the boot. Most are operated by an electric keypad to get the chair into the right place. 


The great thing about these enhancements is that if more than one person will be driving the car Many adaptations are fitted alongside normal controls allowing other family members to still use the car as you normally would. 

Getting a car through motability truly is a straight-forward way to get onto the road and confidently drive. 

Meet the writer

Jessica Brown


My names is Jessica and I am a writer on the UK Care Guide website.  

My specialist is researching and then writing about a broad range of topics.  I studied English Language and Literature at Manchester University, and a use my skills to produce articles, such as the one you are reading.



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