Moneyfarm Review

In the ever changing world of digital investments, it’s crucial to stay informed about the new platforms offering to manage your money. 

This Moneyfarm review will provide in-depth insights into this popular consumer investment platform, helping you to make informed financial decisions. 

In order to do this, you will need to know the specifics of Moneyfarm’s services, including their investment strategies, account types, and experiences of users themselves.

After reading this, you will gain a comprehensive understanding into the operation of the platform and the potential benefits for your finances. 

You’ll learn about the Monkeyfarm’s socially responsible portfolios, as well as the fixed allocation and general investment accounts on offer. Once you have this knowledge, you can decide if Moneyfarm fits with your investment goals and risk appetite.

Table of Contents

Background to Moneyfarm Investment Services

Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management platform founded in Italy in 2011. It launched in the UK in 2015, offering investment accounts, ISAs, and pensions. As of 2023, Moneyfarm manages over £800 million for over 80,000 clients in the UK and Italy. 

The company aims to provide a low-cost, transparent fee structure, allowing investing to become accessible for anyone. 

This platform’s investment strategy revolves around budget friendly exchange traded funds (ETFs). The asset allocation team, led by a chief investment officer, will then look over the investment process. 

This provides you with a diverse portfolio, taking into account your specific risk tolerance and where you want to go with your investments. This offers both actively managed and fixed allocation portfolios.

Moneyfarm’s commitment to sustainable investing can be seen in their socially responsible portfolios. These invest in global infrastructure, with companies working on sustainable growth. 

Their investment consultants work alongside clients to ensure their money is invested in a way which aligns with their values.

Additionally, Moneyfarm’s platform is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Therefore, this provides security for your investments up to £85,000. Consequently, this can give some peace of mind to investors.

In addition, Moneyfarm is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), therefore providing clients with an added layer of protection. The platform is also a member of the Investment Association, adhering to their code of ethics and best practices.

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Detailed Moneyfarm Review

This section of the Moneyfarm review focuses on the specific services offered by the platform. 

The company’s primary offering is their general investment account, allowing you to invest money in a range of assets. This is a flexible account, offering no restrictions on when you can withdraw money.

Moneyfarm’s investment portfolios have been designed to meet your desired level of risk, as well as your investment goals. The company offers an actively managed portfolio, in which their fund management team makes investment decisions based on the nature of the market. 

Fixed allocation portfolios are also on offer, involving investing money into a predetermined set of assets which is left to grow over time.

Moneyfarm invests predominantly in ETFs, known for their low costs and high diversity. The company’s investment consultants work alongside you, creating a portfolio tailored to your specific preferences. This could be investing in stocks and shares, bonds, or other assets.

The company also offers a Stocks and Shares ISA, which allows you to invest up to £20,000 per year without being taxed. This is a great way to grow wealth without worrying about capital gains tax.

Assessing Moneyfarm Performance and Returns

When choosing a platform to invest in, it’s important to consider performance and returns of your investments. Moneyfarm’s portfolios have largely delivered greatly positive returns, often going above and beyond market benchmarks. 

In 2021, Moneyfarm’s Balanced portfolio returned 10.5%, whilst the benchmark returned 7.2%. However, past performance does not guarantee future results. This is attributed to their active management approach and asset diversification.

Due to the expertise of their experienced fund managers, Moneyfarm’s actively managed portfolios often perform relatively well. 

They also monitor the market closely to learn trends and make investment decisions based on these forecasts. Therefore, this lets them take advantage of investment opportunities as and when they arise.

Alternatively, Moneyfarm’s fixed allocation portfolios take a more passive approach. These portfolios are designed to grow steadily over time, which brings lower risk to the investor.

It’s also worth noting Moneyfarm’s fees, when assessing performance of what you put in. Based on the amount of money invested, the company charges a management fee. 

This decreases as the amount of money invested increases, making Moneyfarm a cost efficient option for those thinking of investing large amounts.

Customer Experiences with Moneyfarm

When considering where to invest, user reviews of platforms can be valuable. It is important to note that Moneyfarm customer reviews are generally positive, with many pleased with their good customer service and accessible online tools.

Customers appreciate Moneyfarm’s app for its easy use, allowing them to monitor investments and make changes to their portfolio from their smartphone, any time they like. 

In addition, the company also offers a personal investment advisor to each and every customer. This provides expert advice and guidance throughout your investment journey.

However, as with any investment platform, some Moneyfarm customers have raised concerns in reviews. This was in regards to withdrawal difficulties and management fees

However, Moneyfarm has responded by implementing faster withdrawal times and providing detailed fee breakdowns on each client’s dashboard. Therefore, it’s important to consider these reviews in their context, keeping in mind that all investments carry some risk of losing money.

"Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management platform founded in Italy in 2011. It launched in the UK in 2015, offering investment accounts, ISAs, and pensions."

A Comparative Analysis On Moneyfarm and Competitors

When choosing an investment platform, it can be useful to compare it with other competitors. Compared to more traditional providers, Moneyfarm can be more accessible and lower cost. 

As their management fees are lower in general, the online platform makes investing more convenient for many.

In offering its socially responsible portfolios, Moneyfarm differs from other digital wealth management companies. This provides users with the opportunity to invest in companies aligning with their values, a feature not offered everywhere.

However, there are many competing platforms with similar services to Moneyfarm. For instance, Nutmeg and Wealthsimple are also lower cost and automated. Ultimately, your choice between platforms will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Detailed Moneyfarm Review

Investing with Moneyfarm

When you open a Moneyfarm account, you’ll have access to various investment opportunities. It is also important to note that their investment advice is regulated with trusted, lawful counsel from trained professionals. 

The financial advisor assigned to you will help you through the initial stages and beyond, whenever you need help.

Moneyfarm offers a demo account that allows you to test out their platform and view sample portfolios before investing real money. Therefore, this helps investors to assess if Moneyfarm suits their needs.

As an investment company, Moneyfarm aims to make investing simple and profitable. They offer various portfolios, including diversified ones that balance risk and return. 

Whether it’s a new or existing portfolio, the platform’s investment consultants are committed to designing the right investment strategy for your needs.

Moneyfarm has a meticulous investment process, with experienced investors and advisors offering support at every stage. They offer actively managed funds and portfolios, in which your assets are frequently reviewed and adjusted according to the state of the market. 

This ensures that your portfolio remains optimised for maximum returns, according to experienced advisors.

Moneyfarm’s Portfolio Options

Moneyfarm offers a variety of portfolio options, allowing you to find one which suits your specific needs. For instance, the actively managed portfolio is popular among investors who prefer an aggressive approach. 

Your investment consultant will regularly review and adjust your assets to ensure their optimum performance.

Alternatively, the fixed allocation portfolio is more passive. This is because your money is invested in predetermined assets, left to grow over time. 

This involves lower costs which comes with a small money invested fee, as there is less of a need for constant portfolio management.

In addition, investors should be aware that the fixed allocation portfolio tends to carry lower risk and expected returns over the long run, compared to the actively managed portfolio. 

This means that when choosing between these options, investors should consider their risk tolerance and personal goals.

Finally, the socially responsible portfolio is an appealing option when wanting to support ethical companies. 

Moneyfarm’s team meticulously sources organisations which demonstrate their commitment to social and sustainable responsibility. It’s a perfect way to start investing, while also supporting sustainable causes.

Moneyfarm’s User Experience

Moneyfarm’s approach aims for seamlessness in its user experience. Their app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing constant monitoring and changes of your investments. In addition, you can get in touch with your financial advisor from anywhere at any time.

Moneyfarm customer service is also high quality, having teams dedicated to helping you with your every investment need. They support all customers, no matter your experience.

Moneyfarm’s general investment account is a flexible choice, with no restrictions on when you can deposit or withdraw your money. Therefore, this provides you with complete control over your investments. 

This type of account also offers regulated advice, ensuring sound guidance that complies with any financial regulations.

Moneyfarm’s Investment Approach

Moneyfarm’s investment process is arranged to maximise investment returns, whilst also minimising risk. This involves diversifying your investment portfolio to spread risk and increase all potential gains. 

Consequently, you will invest across different asset classes. This includes Moneyfarm stocks, bonds, and commodities. Moneyfarm’s expert investment team selects cost-efficient ETFs to create diversified, low-cost portfolios.

Moreover, the team at the platform gives solicited advice and guidance throughout your investment journey. 

This means that you can rest assured that you’re getting expert advice to help you make the most of all your investments, whether dealing with a traditional financial advisor or on the online platform.

Moneyfarm’s General Investment Account

The Moneyfarm General Investment Account offers versatility and accessibility for its holders. This is a flexible option, allowing investments without any restrictions that may come along with tax efficient accounts like ISAs or pensions. 

This allows depositing and withdrawing funds whenever you need to, giving you more control over your investments.

One of the main benefits of this General Investment account is its low cost, tiered fee structure. This means that you know exactly what you’re paying, as there are no hidden charges. Therefore, this provides a cost efficient and straightforward choice for many.

This account is also easy to manage, thanks to its robust online platform and app. Whether you’re putting in a lump sum or setting up regular deposits, the process is very simple. This means that you can manage your account and track your investments anytime, anywhere.

Customer Experiences with Moneyfarm

Bringing the Moneyfarm Review to Life in a Case Study

This real world example will illustrate the use of Moneyfarm. It is important to note that investors at varying stages of their investment journey will be able to relate to this.

Take Emily, a professional in the height of her career, looking to grow her savings. Whilst she has some investment knowledge, she doesn;t have enough spare time to actively manage her portfolio. 

Emily chose Moneyfarm after hearing positive reviews from friends, and believed it could cater to her investment needs.

She opened a general investment account, and was impressed by how simple that process was. Guided along by her assigned investment consultant, Emily discussed her financial goals and tolerance for risk. In addition, she expressed her desire for diversification.

Her consultant advised blending Moneyfarm investments, in the form of low cost ETFs. This gave Emily diverse exposure to different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. 

This is a strategy aimed at maximising potential returns, whilst also spreading the risk across different assets.

Over a period of time, Emily’s portfolio grew. She appreciated the platform for its transparency, and the regular updates which she received about her investments. Moreover, she found the app particularly helpful in tracking the performance of her investments.

This case study emphasises how Moneyfarm tailors its services to meet personal investment goals and risk appetite. 

Therefore, with the right advice and a diverse investment strategy, investors like Emily can navigate this industry with confidence and success, generating capital growth. 

Key Takeaways

Concluding our in-depth Moneyfarm article, here is a summary of the main aspects that make this investment platform stand out: 

  • Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management company, offering a range of investment services and accounts. This includes both actively managed and fixed allocation portfolios.
  • They’re committed to sustainable investing, seen in their socially responsible portfolios for people wishing to invest ethically.
  • The company offers a general investment account, a flexible option with no restrictions on when you can deposit or withdraw money. Their Stocks and Shares ISA is another popular choice due to its tax free benefits (to a certain level).
  • Moneyfarm’s investment strategy involves the use of ETFs, which offer diversification and are generally more cost efficient than traditional funds.
  • Their customer service has been praised for its user friendly app and dedicated team who are always ready to assist with any queries or issues.
  • Despite the competition from other investment platforms, Moneyfarm stands out for its commitment to transparent, low-cost investing and excellent customer service.

If you’re considering investing with Moneyfarm, it’s worth taking the time to understand their investment process, assess their performance, and read customer reviews. 

This will help to inform your decision objectively, ensuring that you choose the right platform which fits with your personal needs.


1. What are cost-efficient ETFs and how does Moneyfarm use them?

Cost-efficient ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), are investment funds traded on stock exchanges. They are designed to track the performance of a specific index, sector, commodity, or asset.

Compared to traditional mutual funds, there are generally lower costs associated with managing them. This is because ETFs usually aim to replicate the performance of an index rather than actively managing the fund, decreasing management fees.

Moneyfarm utilises these ETFs diversely in their investment strategy. This allows highly diverse, multiple asset classes to their clients. This strategy not only spreads risk, but also allows for potential growth in various sectors of different markets.

2. Why should I consider cost-efficient ETFs in my investment portfolio?

Firstly, as their name suggests, ETFs typically come at a lower cost in comparison to actively managed funds. This means that more of your money is invested, rather than being used in fund management fees.

Incorporating cost-efficient ETFs into your portfolio also comes with increased diversification. As they track a specific index or sector, you are essentially investing in a wide range of companies or assets with just a single investment. 

Therefore, this helps to spread risk and potentially increase returns.

Investing with Moneyfarm

3. How does Moneyfarm’s use of cost-efficient ETFs compare to other investment platforms?

Moneyfarm’s uses its cost-efficient ETFs to provide customers with a diversified portfolio at a lower cost. This strategy makes them different from many traditional investment platforms. 

While other platforms may invest in a mix of assets, including ETFs, Moneyfarm focuses primarily on these cost-efficient funds. 

Investing in these ETFs allows the passing on of cost savings directly to customers. It includes lower management fees, meaning that customers can perhaps see increased returns on their investments. This could prove an appealing choice for maximising returns and minimising costs.

4. Can I choose which cost-efficient ETFs my money is invested in with Moneyfarm?

When investing with Moneyfarm, your money is managed by a professional investment team. This means that your portfolio is constructed based on your personalised want for risk and overall goals.

 While you can’t choose the specific ETFs your money ends up being invested in, you can be assured that the team selects investments that align with your investment strategy you gave them.

The Moneyfarm team monitors the performance of the ETFs regularly, making any adjustments if necessary. This keeps your portfolio optimised for maximum returns, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities. 

You can then track the performance of your investments through the Moneyfarm app, keeping you connected whenever you wish.

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