Online Fitness Communities for Elders

Modern Online Activities for the Elderly To Mitigate Ageism

Modern technologies are widely used in our everyday lives, multiple industries, the entertainment sphere, and more. They are often associated with young people who are actively involved in creating new technologies. At the same time, there are multiple biases related to older people and their interaction with modern technologies.

As a rule, all of them are related to a false statement that after reaching a certain age, people can not effectively use such technologies because of problems with cognitive functions. In most cases, these stereotypes are related to simply less access of older people to devices, the Internet, and so on. However, in recent years, this trend is quickly changing. 

For example, a study conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that the percentage of smartphone users aged 65+ increased from 13% (2010) to 61% (2021). During the same period, the rate of active social network users also rose from 11% to 45%.

Understanding Ageism

Ageism is a complex term that means a set of stereotypes and prejudices towards people of other ages (older, in this case). Ageism affects the way we think and feel about people of a certain age category, which may lead to different discriminations. Based on multiple researches, about half of the world’s population expresses ageism towards older people. 

This phenomenon has long-term consequences, including spoiling the effective communication between different age groups and health problems (depression, an increase in alcohol consumption, decreased longevity, etc.). Speaking about the USA, 1 of every 7 dollars spent on health care yearly is directly connected with fighting against ageism (about $63 billion).

Modern Online Activities for the Elderly

Modern technologies bring multiple opportunities for older people to maintain an active informational life, stay abreast of all news, and constantly develop cognitive abilities. For this purpose, they can use virtual social interaction, expand their knowledge on educational platforms, or even stimulate cognitive abilities via online gaming. 

Online Gaming for Cognitive Stimulation 

Online casinos are extremely popular among seniors since they combine interaction with the same-thinking people, excitement from winnings, and cognitive stimulation. Modern sites described at CasinoDeps offer various skill-based games like blackjack or poker, which require experience, constant training, developing strategies, and quick reactions to changes on the table. 

With live dealer games, people do not need to leave their own houses to plunge into the atmosphere of a land-based casino, interact with the dealer, communicate with opponents at the virtual table, and more. 

Gambling at online casinos is a good option for seniors since they offer multiple game categories, dedicated customer support services, and top security measures. 

Virtual Social Interaction

Modern technologies allow people to communicate no matter the distance between them. Thanks to such platforms as Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, they can help older people maintain face-to-face conversations with their friends and close ones. One of the most quickly developing social networks among older people is Facebook. 

This platform allows them not only to search for new friends and communicate with like-minded people but also to get info on various topics. And statistics clearly show that. By the end of 2021, about 50% of 65+ people in the USA were active Facebook users, and this tendency is going to grow. 

Online Courses and Educational Platforms

There is a strong tendency in the development of online learning platforms. In fact, the concept of online learning has increased by 900% since the time of its inception (at about 2000 years). A wide selection of free and paid platforms offer multi-level courses on any topic, from writing skills and geography to programming and AI. 

There are hundreds of reputable educational sites like Udemy, Khan Academy, edX, Coursera, Kajabi, and more. Thanks to perfect optimisation, people can join them from any device and learn new things on the go.

Virtual Book Clubs and Discussion Groups

It is not a secret that reading powerfully stimulates your brain and makes it work faster and more effectively. Regular reading may boost connectivity in the brain, decrease the stress level, and help relax. That is why it is widely used in therapeutic programs, especially those aimed at fighting Alzheimer’s

To bring this effect to a new level, elderly people may participate in virtual book clubs and discussion groups. It is a perfect option to share your thoughts on specific problems with others, look at them from different perspectives, and develop non-standard thinking.

The Benefits of Staying Active Online

Here is a list of the most prominent advantages elders experience from staying active online.

  • Combating social isolation and keeping communication with close ones at the desirable level.
  • The development of interpersonal connections and finding like-minded individuals.
  • Mental health and constant cognitive stimulation.
  • Access to the latest news and trends.

Finally, staying online develops emotional well-being. When people share their thoughts, impressions, or even concerns, it helps increase the sense of validation and empathy.


Modern technologies help seniors stay active and involved in global processes, stimulate cognitive health, and many more. For this purpose, they can use multiple tools, including social networks, educational platforms, and sites for virtual social interaction. 

Online casinos play a special role in this activity. These are platforms where older people can not only have fun and get cash rewards but also use their cognitive abilities to win in skill-based games. 

Having only a smartphone or a tablet with access to the Internet, people can find new like-minded individuals and keep in touch with close ones regardless of the distance between them. 


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