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Due to their versatility and ability to meet various needs, microwave ovens have become essential to modern kitchens. Microwave ovens have something to offer everyone, from the busy professional constantly on the go to the culinary enthusiast who thrives on experimenting with new recipes to the busy parent who needs to whip up a quick meal for the family. 

They bring unmatched convenience and effectiveness to the table. Microwave ovens make cooking from scratch, defrosting frozen food, and reheating leftovers simple and time- and effort-efficient tasks. 

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To thoroughly understand their features and performance, we have closely examined some of the top microwave ovens on the market. In-depth analysis of each model’s power, capacity, user interface, and extra features like the grill feature, automatic cooking programs, and energy efficiency are all part of our review process. 

We also considered the design and build quality to give you a complete understanding of what to anticipate from these appliances. The reputable manufacturers of the products we’ve reviewed are known for their dedication to quality and innovation. 

They were chosen for their superior performance, simple operations, and the value they provide to customers. Each of these microwave ovens has distinctive qualities that cater to various cooking requirements and preferences, ensuring an appropriate option for everyone. As a result, our reliable reviews will help you make an informed choice when you buy your next microwave oven.  

The Best Rated

Silver SHARP 20L Manual Microwave

  1. A 20-litre, 800-watt, black, compact microwave ideal for small appliances.
  2. A straightforward manual control panel for cooking with a 35-minute adjustable timer.
  3. Stylish design with black window, handle-less door, and silver-tone dials.
  4. The best kitchen appliance for apartments, campers, and student housing.
  5. Easy to use with no complicated controls, enhancing ready meals’ functionality.
  6. A product with high performance and seamless integration with other home appliances.   

The Best Value

Toshiba 800w 23L Advanced Microwave

  1. The modern conveniences for busy lifestyles are embodied in this Toshiba 800w 23L microwave oven.
  2. An express cook function enables quick cooking options between 1 and 6 minutes.
  3. It boasts pre-programmed settings, a timer, and automatic defrost features for best performance.
  4. A 5-blade fan’s low-noise operation makes it perfect for homes with young children.
  5. Safety is ensured by a child lock function, making it a dependable appliance for families.
  6. Toshiba guarantees a one-year product warranty, demonstrating its dedication to client satisfaction.   

The Best Of The Rest

Compact Panasonic Solo Microwave

  1. A 20-litre capacity compact oven improves functionality.
  2. An integrated microwave with a high power of 800 W for effective cooking.
  3. An easy-to-use touch control panel.
  4. Child safety locks protect the fingers of the young.
  5. Performance cookies maximise product type efficiency.
  6. Properly dispose of old appliances while reserving all rights.   

COMFEE' Retro 800w 20L Microwave

  1. Utilise the eight cooking presets to prepare popular dishes.
  2. To meet various heating needs, there are five power levels.
  3. Has an intuitive control panel and LED digital display.
  4. The Express Cook function guarantees quick food preparation.
  5. Retro design gives your kitchen a distinctive touch.
  6. Family-friendly child safety lock ensures security.   


Toshiba 800w 23L Microwave

  1. This Toshiba 800w 23L microwave offers exceptional convenience for a busy lifestyle.
  2. Instant cooking is possible with the Express Cook feature for up to 6 minutes.
  3. With just one touch, a procedural memory and pre-programmed menu will heat your favourite items.
  4. The kitchen timer and defrost by weight make this the perfect appliance for busy kitchens.
  5. The low-noise operation, made possible by a five-blade fan, guarantees peace.
  6. A 1-year warranty and a child lock function ensure security and dependability.   

COMFEE' 700w Digital Microwave - Grey

  1. Easy meal preparation with six preset cooking options.
  2. Eleven power levels meet a range of cooking requirements.
  3. The Express Cooking feature makes sure that food is prepared quickly.
  4. The defrost function ensures a practical and effective thawing.
  5. The kitchen’s aesthetics are seamlessly incorporated into a stylish design.
  6. Increased functionality in a small package.   

Haden CF36 Microwave Features

  1. Its sensible, affordable, and simple design makes it perfect for beginners.
  2. Trusted since 1958, Haden was influenced by the British countryside.
  3. A sophisticated 17-litre microwave with express features and six heating settings.
  4. Made of dependable stainless steel with a bright white finish.
  5. Completes Haden’s kitchen set with colourful toasters and kettles.
  6. Values user privacy and avoids gathering personal data.  

Hisense Digital Solo Microwave H20MOWS4UK

  1. A 20L capacity of a medium size accommodates various plate sizes.
  2. Powerful 700-watt cooking that is quick.
  3. Programming that is automatic guarantees flawless cooking.
  4. A timer feature for accurate cooking.
  5. Encourages simple maintenance for hassle-free use.
  6. High burstiness level for effective performance.   

Sharp 800W Black Microwave

  1. Has an 800W power rating for quick and effective cooking.
  2. Touch controls are available for seamless functionality.
  3. A 20L roomy capacity allows for larger dishes.
  4. Has eight convenient automatic cook/defrost features.
  5. Has a child lock feature for increased security.
  6. Sized to fit any kitchen at H25.78 x W43.95 x D35.85 cm.  

Black Samsung 23L Microwave

  1. Has an interior made of ceramic enamel for simple cleaning.
  2. Extremely durable against rust and scratches, keeping its new appearance over time.
  3. Offers an Eco mode to help with energy conservation and bill savings.
  4. Has a deodorization feature that keeps your microwave fresh after use.
  5. Has a child lock to protect children from hot cooked food.
  6. Regrettably, phrases like “washer dryers,” “financial conduct authority,” and “wine coolers” have no bearing on the description of the product.   

Panasonic CT57 Microwave & Grill

  1. Utilise Panasonic’s inverter technology for wholesome, fresh cooking.
  2. Quick, even cooking is guaranteed by precise power control.
  3. Intelligent design conserves about 20% of the space on the kitchen worktop.
  4. The fan’s new location creates more interior room for larger dishes.
  5. The Junior Menu is pre-programmed to accommodate picky eaters’ preferences.
  6. The 34cm turntable enhances practical cooking.   

Cello 800W Microwave-Grill, White

  1. Ample 20-litre capacity that can accommodate different cooking needs.
  2. Quick cooking is ensured by 800-watt power.
  3. Featuring an easy-to-use touch control for smooth operation.
  4. Your food will be ready when you hear an audible signal.
  5. The digital control feature improves the grilling abilities.
  6. Has a glass turntable included, making it perfect for countertop installation.   

Panasonic Silver Microwave Oven

  1. Has a sizable 20L capacity.
  2. A microwave with an 800W output offers high power.
  3. Has nine automatic cooking programmes for a variety of foods.
  4. Features an intuitive touch control panel.
  5. Has a quick increment setting of 30 seconds.
  6. Small-sized, measuring H25.8 x W44.3 x D34 cm.   

Russell Hobbs Advanced Microwave

  1. A 20L Russell Hobbs microwave that is small and perfect for modern kitchens.
  2. Strong 800W power meets all needs for cooking, reheating, and defrosting.
  3. Based on the weight of the food, the automatic defrost function adjusts the defrost time.
  4. Auto-cook menus make managing the time spent cooking various foods easier.
  5. Child safety lock provides comfort while in use.
  6. A variety of dishes fit on the 24.5cm glass turntable.   

Beko 28L Digital Microwave

  1. Offers 28L of usable capacity, enough for big meals.
  2. For effective heating, 900W of microwave power is used.
  3. Provides ideal grilling with 1000W of power.
  4. Uses a 2300W convection oven with power comparable to electric ranges.
  5. A 315mm turntable with room for large dishes is included.
  6. Outperforms tumble dryers and washing machines in terms of high burst performance.   

Microwave Types and Their Benefits

The first decision to make when purchasing a microwave oven is the kind of microwave you require. There are three types of microwave ovens: the solo microwave, the combination microwave, and the combi microwave. 

Solo microwaves are straightforward appliances ideal for easy tasks like reheating and defrosting. They provide the most straightforward microwave cooking but have few other cooking options.

Combination microwaves combine the functionality of a microwave with that of a grill or a convection oven, as their name suggests. Here, you can enjoy how quickly food cooks in a microwave and how easily food can be browned and crisped, much like in a conventional oven. 

Since it eliminates the need for separate appliances, this type is beneficial if your kitchen is small. Contrarily, a combi microwave is an improvement over a combination microwave. It provides additional cooking options, such as functions for treating the air with steam. It can serve as a steamer, convection oven, grill, microwave, and all four at once. 

Those who enjoy experimenting with different cooking techniques will benefit significantly from this multipurpose appliance. Your cooking needs and the space in your kitchen will play a prominent role in deciding between these two types of microwaves. 

A combination or combi microwave would make the best use of available space in a smaller kitchen. A basic microwave or solo microwave would be adequate for those who primarily use microwaves for reheating or defrosting.

Features to Look for When Buying Microwave Ovens

One of the essential features to look for when purchasing a microwave oven is touch control. Microwaves with touch controls are more user-friendly and straightforward to clean than microwaves with buttons. 

Furthermore, microwaves with interior lights are advantageous because they let you watch your food without opening the door.  Another essential aspect to consider is the microwave’s size and capacity. Compact ovens are perfect for single people or those with smaller kitchens. 

On the other hand, families or people who frequently host parties are better off with larger microwaves. Those who want their kitchen to have a seamless appearance should consider integrated microwaves a great option.

Another crucial factor is the microwave’s construction material. Due to their streamlined design and robustness, stainless steel microwaves are widely used. Black microwaves have, however, recently grown in popularity due to their chic and contemporary appearance.

The microwave’s energy efficiency should also be taken into account. Microwaves that are energy-efficient reduce electricity costs and benefit the environment.

Choosing the Right Colour and Material

It’s essential to pick the right colour and material for your microwave oven because it can significantly impact the look of your kitchen as a whole. Many prefer stainless steel microwaves because of their dependability and sleek, contemporary appearance. 

They are relatively simple to clean and go well with any kitchen decor. A black microwave might be the way to go if you want something more modern. In addition to having a more contemporary and chic appearance than their lighter counterparts, they typically exhibit fewer scuffs and stains. 

Your kitchen can look more elegant with a black microwave. Another crucial element to take into account is the material of the microwave. Due to its dependability and ease of maintenance, stainless steel is the material used in microwave ovens the most frequently. 

Microwaves are also made of other materials, such as ceramic and plastic, each with advantages and disadvantages. Your material and colour selection should ideally match the other kitchen appliances for a unified appearance. 

Taking Care of Your Microwave Oven

Your microwave oven’s lifespan can be significantly increased with proper upkeep. It’s critical to regularly clean your microwave to avoid the accumulation of food particles and bacteria. However, be careful not to use abrasive cleaners as they harm the microwave’s interior. 

Clean your microwave’s removable components individually with warm, soapy water if they include grill racks or turntables. To avoid electrical problems, ensure they are scorched before returning them to the microwave.

It is best to contact your microwave brand’s customer service department in case of any technical difficulties or malfunctions. Self-repairing the issue could result in additional damage or even void your warranty.

Finally, remember to register your microwave with the maker. By doing this, you can be sure that their warranty policy covers you and that they can inform you of any significant product updates. When you register your product, the manufacturer can contact you directly if there are any safety recalls.

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