Memory Aids | April 2024

A comprehensive review of numerous memory aids has been undertaken, with personal experiences and thoughts shared in the following reviews. The aim is to assist individuals in identifying the best product to suit their needs. 

Memory aids, whether mnemonic strategies, electronic devices, or simple sticky notes, can greatly benefit various people.

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The use of memory aids is not limited to any particular group of individuals. They are invaluable to those grappling with memory loss due to conditions such as dementia or mild cognitive impairment, as well as to older adults experiencing memory issues. 

In addition, people suffering from a brain injury or any form of cognitive impairment can find these aids a useful tool in their daily lives. Memory aids can also benefit students seeking to retain learned information and course material. 

Memory aids supplement working memory, providing reminders for medication, personal care, and everyday tasks. They can take the form of external memory aids, such as alarms or mobile phone apps, providing detailed information to assist with daily life. 

For dementia patients, memory aids can offer a valuable support system, helping to maintain independence. They can also provide comfort for carers, knowing their loved one has a tool to aid with memory problems. 

The reviews that follow provide an examination of products that, while aimed at aiding memory, also consider factors such as customer service and terms and conditions.

The Best Rated Memory Aids

Dementia-Friendly Sensory Gifts

Dementia-Friendly Sensory Gifts

  1. Assists in calming seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, providing sensory activities.
  2. Suitable for various conditions, including memory loss and anxiety.
  3. An ideal addition to nursing or care homes, promoting sharing and storage.
  4. Perfect gift for seniors, designed with various difficulty levels for engagement.
  5. Quality trusted by customers, with a commitment to excellence in product.
  6. If dissatisfied, customers can contact us for a hassle-free refund.
  7. Incorporates terms and conditions that respect user privacy and trust.

The Best Value Memory Aids

Alzheimer's-Friendly Matching Card Game

Alzheimer's-Friendly Matching Card Game

  1. Established in 2011, Relish specialises in creating dementia-friendly activities and toys. 
  2. The pack contains three games catering for different abilities.
  3. The cards feature bold, easily recognisable images for early to mid-stage dementia.
  4. Cognitive stimulation therapy inspired this product, promoting creative thinking.
  5. Proven to affect cognition and quality of life positively.
  6. Made from thick, easily cleaned, matt laminated card.
  7. It is an ideal gift for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, with discreet packaging.

The Best Of The Rest Memory Aids

Weekly 28-Compartment Pill Organiser

  1. Unique large font labels, easy reading for elders and myopia.
  2. Four spacious compartments per day, fulfilling daily pill requirements.
  3. Secure closure prevents pets and kids from opening, ensuring pill safety.
  4. High-grade, food-safe plastic used, BPA and odour free.
  5. The week starts on Monday, aligning with the standard UK calendar.
  6. Supports student’s memory with a clear, organised layout.
  7. Ensures quick links to daily medication, enhancing health management.
Small Black TabTime Watch

Small Black TabTime Watch

  1. Discreet reminders on the move for peace of mind
  2. Suitable for various alerts such as pills, water, training schedules
  3. Rechargeable with a USB cable, utilising a lithium-ion battery
  4. Simple two-button design for easy schedule amendments
  5. Modern design with a sleek silicon strap
  6. Small size with a classic buckle, fitting 11-17cm circumference
  7. The terms and conditions applied are detailed in previous sections.
Voice Recordable Educational Aid

Voice Recordable Educational Aid

  1. Allows 80 seconds of any sound recording
  2. It can be re-recorded multiple times
  3. Designed with large, robust housing for impaired users
  4. Clear cover provided for personalised images or text
  5. Audio-IN socket for direct recording from various devices
  6. Suitable for educational and special needs activities
  7. Tactile and multi-sensory for independent living.
Voice Recorder Tins, 20 Pack

Voice Recorder Tins, 20 Pack

  1. Enhances speaking and listening skills for all age groups
  2. Offers 40 seconds of re-recordable messaging for repeated usage
  3. Simple playback with the press of the PLAY button
  4. Suitable for language practice in any dialect
  5. Adaptable for all classroom activities and ability levels
  6. Complements Systematic Synthetic Phonics SSP programmes
  7. Supports a high level of burstiness in writing
NRS Healthcare Reminder Aid

NRS Healthcare Reminder Aid

  1. Activated by motion, this infrared device plays pre-recorded reminders.
  2. Record clear digital messages or warnings lasting up to 20 seconds.
  3. Compact size, measuring 132 x 70 x 60 mm.
  4. It is ideal as a care device for the elderly or those with dementia.
  5. Proven to deter bogus callers, aiding in crime prevention. 
  6. A high level of burstiness ensures efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. No app is required; it is user-friendly with simple terms and conditions.
Compact Weekly Pill Box

Compact Weekly Pill Box

  1. Flip lids are beneficial for people living with arthritis
  2. Offers peace of mind through easy weekly medication organisation
  3. Large capacity compartments holding several pills each
  4. Safety ensured with firm, spillage-preventing lids, BPA Free
  5. Portable and suitable for travel with a handy size
  6. Facilitates terms, conditions, and understanding
  7. Google Scholar is previous section friendly.
SOFWO Dementia Therapy Aid

SOFWO Dementia Therapy Aid

  1. I upgraded the fidget blanket, incorporating customer suggestions for dementia-friendly enhancements.
  2. The accessory design includes detachable bells, tassels, and ribbon friction for tactile engagement.
  3. Embroidery edging sequins are enlarged for those with weak tactile nerves.
  4. High-quality Dutch velvet, sponge and fabric mix, and Minky Bubble Dimple Dot used.
  5. Portable sensory pad with two-layer fold and lace-up storage design for travel convenience.
  6. Fingertip blanket stimulates nerve receptors, keeping fingers, hands, and brain active.
  7. It is ideal as a gift for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism.
Animal-Themed Dementia Activity

Animal-Themed Dementia Activity

  1. Boasts a decade of experience in creating dementia-friendly activities.
  2. Designed to improve the overall wellbeing of dementia patients.
  3. Specifically developed to aid independence in seniors.
  4. Reminiscence Cards encourage story-telling and relaxation.
  5. Features sturdy, engaging cards for memory stimulation.
  6. Ideal gifts for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.
  7. The packaging does not mention dementia, ensuring sensitivity.
Dementia Sensory Fidget Blanket

Dementia Sensory Fidget Blanket

  1. Aids in reducing memory loss
  2. Promotes calmness and relaxation
  3. Suitable for various mental conditions
  4. Assists in anxiety relief for the elderly
  5. Provides enjoyable sensory experiences
  6. Encourages motor skills practice
  7. Contributes to mental and physical health
Large Black Medical Alert Wristband

Large Black Medical Alert Wristband

  1. Smart and waterproof design available in various colours and sizes
  2. Affordable with no subscription fees for economical usage
  3. Capable of storing extensive medical information, including scanned documents
  4. Highly beneficial for individuals with epilepsy, diabetes or severe allergies
  5. Ideal for anyone on prescription medication to ensure safety
  6. Easily activated by tapping an NFC Windows or Android phone
  7. Unique code can be entered on a quick access website for activation
Dementia & Autism Relief Blanket

Dementia & Autism Relief Blanket

  1. Provides calming sensory activities
  2. Specially designed for seniors
  3. Alleviates anxiety and restlessness
  4. Boosts memory and cognitive function
  5. Offers tactile and sensory experiences
  6. Aids in calming restlessness
  7. Promotes relaxation and stress relief
Sensory Pad for Memory Loss

Sensory Pad for Memory Loss

  1. Ideal for Alzheimer’s patients needing extra stimulation
  2. Keeps ‘Busy Hands’ engaged 
  3. Offers varied fun activities and tactile experiences
  4. Features lacing, buckling, and zipping activities 
  5. Assortment of fabrics and ribbons for sensory stimulation
  6. Suitable for machine wash, size 24″ x 12″ 
  7. Assists caregivers in keeping seniors active.
Dementia-Friendly Sensory Products

Dementia-Friendly Sensory Products

  1. Designed with varied elements like shoelaces, zippers, and buckles
  2. Bright colours provide visual stimulation
  3. Suitable for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, and anxiety
  4. Encourages finger flexibility and independence
  5. The compact size is 20*13 inches, and it is easy to carry
  6. Non-slip velvet backing for warmth and stability
  7. Hand sewn accessories ensure durability and longevity

What to Know Before Buying Memory Aids

Before investing in a memory aid, a thorough understanding of one’s cognitive function is necessary. It’s essential to consider factors such as the level of memory loss and any existing mental health conditions. 

Consultation with healthcare professionals or seeking advice from organisations like the Alzheimer Society can offer valuable guidance.

Features to Look for When Buying Memory Aids

When buying memory aids, certain features should be considered. These may include the assistive technology’s complexity, the electronic device’s effectiveness as a medication reminder, and how well it fits into everyday life. 

It’s also worth considering if the memory aid suits an older person and offers additional benefits, such as enhancing long-term memory.

How Memory Aids Can Help Students

Memory aids can also benefit current students. They can assist with retaining personal information for exams and be particularly useful for students with memory problems. 

Various apps are designed to improve students’ memory, including alarm features to remind them of study times or deadlines.

The Role of a Carer in Using Memory Aids

A carer can play a vital role in the use of memory aids. They can assist in setting up the devices and ensuring they are used correctly. 

In addition, they can monitor the effectiveness of the aids and make any necessary adjustments. It’s also important for carers to be aware of the terms and conditions related to using these aids.

FAQs related to Memory Aids

1. Can memory aids help with everyday tasks?

Yes, memory aids can be beneficial for everyday tasks. They can provide reminders for things such as medication times or appointments, aiding individuals in maintaining independence.

2. Are memory aids suitable for older individuals?

Certainly, memory aids can be particularly beneficial for older adults experiencing memory issues. They can assist in retaining personal information and can offer reminders for daily tasks.

3. Can students use memory aids?

Students can utilise memory aids to assist in retaining course material. Apps that are designed specifically to aid students’ memory are available.

4. Are memory aids easy to use?

The ease of use can depend on the specific memory aid. Some may require familiarity with technology, whereas others, such as sticky notes or alarms, can be simpler.

5. Can memory aids enhance long term memory?

While memory aids primarily assist with working memory, some strategies and aids can also positively impact long-term memory. The effectiveness can vary depending on the individual and the specific aid used.

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