massage chair

Massage chair

What is a massage chair?

A massage chair is a highly designed seat for massages. There are two types of chair; traditional and robotic massage chairs.

A vibrating chair is one of the best robotic massage chairs that relieves fatigue. Chair massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

The robotic chair contains internal electronic motors and gears designed to massage the person sitting in them. Most of these chairs have a form of controller to vary the type or intensity of the massage.

The first robotic chair for massager was invented in Japan. A vibrating chair, an example of a robotic chair, is designed with features that relieve pain and a massaging chair usually resembles a recliner.

A massage chair has many benefits to an individual. The benefits of these chairs include:

– a deep relaxation

– maintenance of body posture hence reducing spinal cord injury,

– increased metabolism; and 

– maintenance of good blood circulation.

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

Some of the best massage chairs below:

Shiatsu back massager

back massage chair

  • Has flexible massage nodes to fit the curves of the body for more comfortable massage experience.
  • Has spot massage to allow you to concentrate the kneading on one area.
  • Vibration seat massager to provide comfortable massage to hip and thighs.
  • Has soothing heat therapy to warm the back while relaxing tense muscle across your back.
  • Contains luxury leather with cosy smooth mesh for ultimate comfort.

back massage chair

Elecric heated back chair massager

back massage chair

  • Has adjustable comfort through the flexible massage mechanism that provides relaxation.
  • Customisable treatment -you can mix and match up to 14 massage programs for perfect home massage.
  • Contains strapping systems-you can slip the strap over the back of the chair and adjust to secure.
  • It has contemporary grey fabric and sleek design which match with modern home interior.
  • Has soothing heat option for muscle relief and vibration massage for upper legs.

back massage chair

Caesar Electric massage chair

massage chairs

  • This electric massage chair has a heated backrest which warms the muscle of the lower back.
  • Has foam arms and pillow back support that provides comfort and ease fatigue.
  • Two button handset that allows for reclination at the touch of a button.
  • Its two separate sections that allows easy removal from the box and transport.
  • Backrest clips into rear section of the base for instant relaxation.

massage chairs

White massage gaming chair

massage chairs


  • Ergonomic design -designed to high back and equipped with a neck support pillow for comfort.
  • Adjustable recliner from an angle 90 -160 to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • The chair has a high density foam which improves comfort and prevent recipient from being tired.
  • It has a qualitied PU leather which allows easy cleaning of the surface of the chair.
  • Has high adjustable seat to adapt to your desk for any working situation.

massage chairs

Gel back massager

massaging chair


  • Has custom programs and soothing heating enabling programmed massage and penetration of deep tissues.
  • Revolutionary mechanism which enables relaxation of all the body parts.
  • Has gel roller nodes that rotate and tight muscle to release tissue tension and help unwind.
  • Has split zone design which provides shoulder massage treatment and back massage.

massaging chair

Deluxe Faux leather massage recliners

massaging chair

  • Has total of ten massage points that makes you feel comfortable and cosy.
  • Can heat up and makes you warm providing comfort and heats up electronically.
  • Massage force and heat temperature is provided which can be manually be adjusted also has weight of 120kg.
  • Has six massage points and one heat point at the back.
  • Has two massage points on the cushion and two on the footstool.

massaging chair

Appollo massage seat

back massage chair

  • Has aircraft-grade aluminium frame which is light and strong hence is durable. The frame is powdered coated to prevent rusting.
  • Has black rhino- hide upholstery which is durable and is abrasion proof.
  • Luggage style wheeled carrying case which makes it more convenient to move.
  • Has 5cm thick cushion multi-layer small cell foam providing more comfort for clients.
  • Has six-way adjustable face cradle and comfortable memory foam layered pillow.

back massage chair

Naipo back massage machine

massage seat

  • Is equipped with 8 nodes which offer an immersive massaging of your neck, full back, shoulder and hips.
  • Has spot massage which enables you to relax a specific point of your back and optional heating function.
  • Has vibration and heat function. Heat function will give you a warm and soothing massage feeling or not.
  • Convenient back massager which is foldable and hence making easy to carry.
  • Has multiple airbags around the hips and waist areas and can be turned off if you are not experienced.

massage seat

Maxxus Mx20 chair massager

chair massage

  • Has automatic stretch programs to help improve mobility all over your body.
  • Has non-invasive magnetic therapy and infrared heating which promotes blood circulation and `cell metabolism.
  • Has sensory recognition which provides soothing and almost lifelike massage experience.
  • The 92 air cushions throughout the armchair which provide versatile functionality.
  • Allows electronic control hence is more convenient to use and is more comfortable.

chair massage

Malmo heat massage recliner

chair massager

  • Offers maximum comfort for sitting and relaxation and is available in black and brown faux leather.
  • Has simple self-assembly and its dimension that enables space utilisation hence can be used in tight rooms.
  • Has upholstered in soft touch faux leather and has walnut colour laminated base to match the décor.
  • It offers the ultimate in complete sitting comfort and relaxation.

chair massager

L shaped carriage massage beige chair

electric massage chair

  • Has roller foot massage that complements the traditional air-compression and creates full foot massage.
  • The warm function that provides warmth and massage on the heated muscle.
  • The shoulder grip function allows to stretch massage and stretch the spine.
  • Comes in one box which makes it convenient and easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • Provides massage to back and the buttock hence improves air circulation and helps fight cellulite.

electric massage chair

Proffesional massage and relax chair

vibrating chair

  • Has 3D digital audio hence you can connect your smartphone by Bluetooth which enables the client relax.
  • Heater system which provides heat all over by using infrared carbon fibre and has auto switch off timer.
  • Automatic reclining system which has independent backrest and footrest hence reducing pressure on the spine.
  • Has LCD control panel that includes rear wheel to relocate it easily.
  • Is convenient hence you can enjoy relaxing on hence relieve fatigue, pain, and stress of work.

vibrating chair

Beauty and tattoo massage stool chair

vibrating chair

  • Made of PU and storage foam, plastic shell and iron frame which provides comfort and relaxation.
  • Built in solid structure making it durable and long lasting. Has weight capacity of 100kg.
  • Comes with free carrying bag for easy carrying and portable which makes it easy to be moved.
  • Has adjustable soft cradle, chest pad and seat for maximum feeling and to provide extra comfort.

vibrating chair

Physique lifestyle portable chair

massage recliners

  • Is lightweight for comfort hence can be easily be moved from one office to another.
  • Covered with foam system which provides comfort for clients. Has high quality soft removable pad.
  • Easy to assemble with 3 main assembly folding points hence height of the chest can be adjusted.
  • Has free carry bag which can be folded for easy transportation.
  • Extremely comfortable allowing long treatments to the patient.

massage recliners

Who would use a massage chair?

They can be used by anybody that requires a massage but your body dimensions should fit the chair. It should suit your weight, shoulder measurements and your height.

When providing massages, the massage seat should be comfortable for the user.  

What Features to look for when buying a massage chair?

They are certain features a person should look for when buying these chairs. These features include the following:


They should be easily moved from one place to another. These will make it easier when the person is moving from the business office to another or from one room in the home to another.

Massage intensity and speed

It allows you to customize and receive the right massage to fit your needs. 

For the therapists it allows them to provide as a range of services within a short period of time and therefore will help improve his/her business.


Most robotic chairs tend to be a bit expensive as compared to the traditional chairs for massages. The type of chair you wish to buy will depend on your ability and its use.

It is recommended that the business massage recliners should be robotic while those to be used by individuals at home can be traditional ones.


Some of them can be too big to fit in your room or even through the doorway. If space is tight then the size will affect the type of massaging chair you would buy.


Most of them are used for relaxation. The type of massage chair you wish to buy will depend on its use since others are used to relieve pain also if it will be used for home use or business.

How much does a cheap back massage chair cost?

The price of a back massage chair will differ according to its construction features. The price ranges from £200 to £500.

These back massaging chairs are made of faux leather upholstery and come with few vibration motors and single massage intensity e.g. JC Home Argus. 

How much does the best massage chair cost?

The best one will cost around £2,500. Other more advanced chairs can cost about £5,000 and they come with a range of options, features and massage styles.

Here is the youtube video that will help you buy a Massage Chair:

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