Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clock

Most of us want to be punctual in our day to day activities

However, clock manufacturers realised that the normal alarm clock could not be effective for everyone. Especially if you are either suffering from a hearing impairment or if you are a heavy sleeper. 

That is why they saw the need to come up with a sound enhanced alarm clock that was louder and noisier. Some homes prefer to buy very loud alarm talking clocks depending on their need.

There are extra loud alarm clocks, alarm clock for the deaf, the loudest alarm clock and loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Loud alarm clocks are meant to disturb you and make as much noise as they can so that you wake up. These loud alarm clocks are mainly suited for the elderly or the seniors.

This is because for the elderly their sense of hearing weakens with time so they need something with a lot more sound than the normal ones. 

Features to consider when purchasing a loud alarm clock.

When buying a loud alarm clock it is important that you consider a few factors. This will go a long way to help you make the right choice for your purchase. Especially if you are looking for an extra loud alarm clock. So what do you consider?

  • You should check its ability to effectively synchronize time. Some alarm clocks have to be adjusted manually. This might end up being a tiresome procedure especially if you are forgetful. 
  • Try picking a clock that has the latest technology.  
  • One more important factor is that you should check how the clock receives power. Is it through a wall mounted plug or maybe it has an in built battery. Think about where the clock will go and how it can be best be powered.

Here are a number of great loud alarm clocks

Banne Bon alarm clock

extra loud alarm clock

If you want shake the whole house and make sure everyone is on time then this is the clock for you. Some of its great benefits include;

  • The machine is actually very easy to set up and use.
  • It comes with a bed shaker and a siren so you are assured of waking up as planned
  • Works well for heavy sleepers at all times.

extra loud alarm clock

 Reacher alarm clock

loudest alarm clock

 This is quite a good clock for both heavy sleepers and people with hearing impairments. All its processes are automated. Some of its advantages include;

  • It’s a great bedroom accessory due to its design.
  • Doesn’t come with a snooze button so no going back to sleep.
  • It is a dread deaf alarm clock due to its sounds.

loudest alarm clock

WXGY Alarm timer.

lloud alarm clock for heavy

This is a great alarm clock for the ones on the road. It comes with some great advantages;

  • It is battery powered so no charging now and then.
  • It is actually very easy to move around with.
  • It comes with a countdown timer for schedules on things like medicating.

loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Latec Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

very loud alarm clock


  • It moves around, therefore, you are sure of not going sleeping.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s very easy to put together and use.

very loud alarm clock

Radio alarm clock.

really loud alarm clock

This alarm clock comes with the following features;

  • Bluetooth speaker for a radio.
  • It is easy to program according to your preference.
  • Automatically sets itself to the correct date and time.

really loud alarm clock

Classic otumixx digital alarm clock.

really loud alarm clock (1)

 This is quite an easy to use alarm clock. It is very suitable for people with hearing impairments since its sound can be adjusted to one’s preference. Apart from that it also has other nice features.

  • It comes with great and easy to adjust set of lights.
  • Has a snooze function to add you 9 minutes of seep in your schedule.
  • Comes with a backup battery for power purposes.

deaf alarm clock

Leegoal alarm clock

alarm clock for deaf

This works well for people with hearing impairments. Instead of loud sounds, it shuffles through music before it finally stops. It also:

  • Snooze time of about 4 minutes.
  • Flash blue light to heighten your senses while waking up.
  • Has no tick tock sound  to distract you from your beauty sleep

alarm clock for deaf

Geemarc Loud Alarm Clock with Super Bed Shaker

extra loud alarm clock (1)

If you think you have beaten your alarm clock then talking watch out for this one. You get to preset it according to how you want it to work. It also comes with two usb chargers for the purposes of power.

  • It has a Volume and Tone control option.
  • It’s Supplied with a shaker pad under pillow/mattress

extra loud alarm clock


loudest alarm clock (1)

 If loud noise is not working for you then try vibration as an alternative. Our bodies are tuned to wake up at dawn. This alarm makes sure it vibrates at the time it is set to. Giving an illusion of sunrise. It even comes with a white noise maker to make you sleep better. What more could you ask for?

loudest alarm clock


loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers



This is a great alarm clock for people who are heavy sleepers and also have a hearing impairment. It comes with a wireless bed shaker.

  • Comes with a red dimmer for kids who can’t wake up with noise only.
  • It’s affordable to acquire.
  • You can choose the kind of functionality better suited to wake you up.

loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Sbp100 alarm clock.

very loud alarm clock (1)

If you want all functionality including light, sound and movement then this is your clock. It works well for all ages and all kinds of people. Its benefits include;

  • Adjustable lighting for kids.
  • Has a snooze timeline of 5 minutes.
  • Works well for people unaffected by sound.

very loud alarm clock

Qchengsan Alarm Clock

really loud alarm clock (2)

 Just like the sound of its name, the loud alarm clock is that awesome. In fact it comes with features like no other alarm clock. They include;

  • Large display screen to enable you keep up with time.
  • It’s an all-purpose loud alarm clock and can even be used while travelling and can charge your phone.
  • Its design helps to fit in the room like every other accessory.

really loud alarm clock

Volwco clock.

deaf alarm clock

This is a pretty good loud clock that fits well with your cabinet. The loud clock comes with lighting features and can fit in three groups of alarms being set. It actually displays time, date and even temperature.

  • Really loud alarm clock.
  • Has nightlight
  • Powered by battery

deaf alarm clock

What makes a loud alarm clock different from the normal clock?

The difference between the both is that for a loud alarm clock the sound is more elevated and higher than a normal clock. 

Some of these are actually very loud. When it comes to really loud alarm clocks some might actually have even other features like light, movement or shaking. 

What it might cost you to get an affordable and good loud alarm clock.

There are two kinds of loud alarm clocks; one is an extra loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers and two is an alarm clock for deaf. 

One might be used for the same reasons however if you have hearing impairment make sure to consult with your doctor first. This will help you not to aggravate your hearing issues. 

10 Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

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