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ABC Shelf Limited

Residential Care - ABC Shelf Limited

ABC Shelf Limited is a residential care home based in Andover.

You can look for alternative care homes to ABC Shelf Limited in the Andover area by using the search box later on this page.

Don’t forget, that if someone is going in to care, there are important legal and financial issues to think about. You can read more about these below.

Legal Issues To Consider

From a legal perspective you should look at:

Making a Will – Read about why you need a Will and what happens if you don’t have one.
Lasting Power of Attorney – How you can protect your interests if you lose mental capacity.
Estate Planning – How to ensure your wishes are carried out when you die.
Avoiding Inheritance Tax – How to legally minimise how much tax you pay on your estate.
Trusts to Protect Your Assets – How you can legally use a trust to protect your assets and pass them on to your children

Financial Issues To Consider

From a financial perspective you should look at:

12 different ways to pay for your care costs – Read about all the options you have.
Care fees advisors that can help you decide how to pay for your care – Find an advisor, using your independent directory, in your area.
Using Equity Release to pay for care – See why this is such a popular option to fund care.
Prepaid Funeral Plans – How to ensure your funeral costs are met.

Equity release is a very popular way to take tax-free cash out of your home and pay for care. Try the calculator below and see how much you could get:

A Care Home can be very expensive and easily cost you over £100,000.

Live in Care is often a better and cheaper option.  You can find out if it's right for you by using one of the 2 options below.

Call 0330 1345 958 and speak to a Live in Care specialist at Elder and have all your questions answered

Use our Free Live in Care Finder Service.  Have a call with our specialists and we will explain how it works and if it might be right for you

Alternative providers for you to consider

Clifford House
11 Alexandra Road
SP10 3AD

Clifford House Residential Care Home

Woodlands Way
London Road
SP10 2QU

Copper Beeches Care Home

Enham Alamein

SP11 6JS

Enham Trust

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