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Lift-top ottomans are adaptable pieces of furniture perfect for people who value functionality and style in their homes. A lift-top ottoman can be used for various things, whether you’re a modern homeowner looking to improve your decor or a student living in a residence hall with a small storage space. 

These items can be used as extra seating for visitors or as a coffee table for your morning coffee after a long day. They are a superb option for people who need to maximise their living space because they offer aesthetic appeal and have the helpful feature of hidden storage.

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Lift-top ottomans differ from conventional footstools or coffee tables due to their unique design. These ottomans’ tops are simply lifted off to reveal a roomy storage area, which is excellent for keeping various things like books, blankets, or even kids’ toys. 

Those living in smaller apartments or homes with premium square footage can use this extra storage space. The lift top also ensures your belongings are hidden from view, upholding a tidy living space.

Some of the top lift-top ottomans on the market have been scrutinised as part of our product review series to assess their overall functionality, quality, and durability. In our review, we have brands like the esteemed John Lewis & Partners and the avant-garde Argos Home. 

These companies consistently exhibit excellent craftsmanship and creative designs to guarantee that their lift-top ottomans meet the highest requirements. 

Our reviews have undergone meticulous research to guarantee that we offer accurate, trustworthy information to help you decide when buying a lift-top ottoman.

The Best Rated

Dripex Foldable Linen Ottoman

  1. Versatile Use: Providing lots of space for storage and seating, perfect for toys, blankets, and magazines.
  2. High-density foam padding and soft corners provide exceptionally comfortable seating.
  3. This item was constructed with a High-density fiberboard, fine linen fabric, and a high-rebound sponge.
  4. Strong Design: Supports 240 kg, is suitable for three people, and is simple to assemble.
  5. Elegant and Understated: With dimensions of 110*38*38 cm, it complements various furniture styles.
  6. Multipurpose: Can be used as a coffee table, footstool, bedside box, or additional seating.   

The Best Value

Merton Grey Linen Ottoman

  1. provides a handy tray table top that is great for putting snacks and drinks.
  2. Its dimensions, roughly 57x40x40cm, make it suitable for living rooms of various sizes.
  3. Made of sturdy wood and upholstered in stylish faux linen.
  4. Multipurpose as a table, storage ottoman, footrest, and additional seating.
  5. A versatile reversible tray top; colour may differ depending on the lighting.
  6. Best home furnishings and is a perfect complement to an ottoman storage bed.   

The Best Of The Rest

Blue Velvet Homebeez Ottoman

  1. Elegant vintage style with nail-head trimming and button tufting.
  2. Ideal for the living room or bedroom, generous hidden storage.
  3. Stability and safety are assured With non-slip pads and child-safety hinges.
  4. Versatile use; suitable as a coffee table, additional seat, or shoe bench.
  5. Simple to assemble, with a practical layout for speedy installation.
  6. The compact dimensions make for simple relocation when not in use. 

Benjara BM194132 Brown Ottoman

  1. Included is a single wooden ottoman.
  2. Made of wood and fabric.
  3. A hinged lift top reveals interior storage.
  4. 18x24x18 inches in size; great for living rooms.
  5. Provides additional storage.
  6. The adaptable brown colour goes with any decor. 

Robust Faux Leather Ottoman

  1. Outstanding PU Leather Ottoman – Made of solid wood, ply, and high-density foam for sturdy construction and comfort for up to 300 lbs.
  2. Complete Comfort Seating – The thick foam cushion top offers unparalleled comfort and support when used as additional seating.
  3. Multifunctional with Covered Storage – Perfect for hiding clutter and storing toys, clothes, blankets, and pillows.
  4. An elegant addition to any room, the space-saving design offers extra space and seating to improve your living space.
  5. Versatile Use – Ideal as a footstool, end-of-bed bench, or hallway accent piece.
  6. Easy Assembly and Maintenance – The legs have a waterproof PU leather cover for simple cleaning.   

Benjara BM193994 Wooden Ottoman


  1. Consists of one ottoman.
  2. Built with sturdy wood and fabric.
  3. Under the seat, there is integrated hidden storage.
  4. The item is 18x24x18 inches in size.
  5. A perfect complement to living room furniture.
  6. Complements sofas and end tables in a lovely way.

Blue Ottoman Linen Footstool

  1. Features an elegant yet simple design that improves room decor.
  2. Its thick cushion, foam cushion, and easily liftable top guarantees comfort.
  3. It provides hidden storage for shoes, clothes, and toys.
  4. Features a robust, solid wood base that guarantees stability and durability.
  5. Superior linen fabric gives any space an opulent feel.
  6. With dimensions of 39.4″ x 15.7″ x 15.7,” it is ideal for any room.   

Versatile Ottoman Cube Storage

  1. Enhances natural aesthetics in any space by being hand-woven from premium Abaca plant fibres.
  2. Has a sturdy wood frame for increased longevity and durability.
  3. Safety hinges ensure the lid remains open until it is manually closed.
  4. Double lacquer sealant offers outstanding moisture resistance.
  5. Provides plenty of concealed storage for household items like toys and blankets.
  6. Its ideal dimensions of 20″ L x 11.8″ W x 15.7″ H allow it to fit in living rooms or bedrooms.   

Velvet Upholstered Ottoman Bench

  1. Supreme Comfort: This ottoman bench features a tufted, high-density sponge for the best comfort.
  2. Elegant Design: It has gleaming button tufting and plush velvet upholstery.
  3. Use it anywhere: The living room, bedroom, or hallway are all great places for this bench.
  4. Possesses a sizable area for neat storage and decluttering your space.
  5. Solid wood construction and a smooth metal hinge ensure long-term durability.
  6. Easy Assembly: Assembly is quick and easy, thanks to pre-drilled holes and detailed instructions.  

Benjara BM194131 Wooden Ottoman

  1. One piece of wooden ottoman.
  2. Built with sturdy wood and fabric.
  3. Features a lift top that is hinged for simple storage access.
  4. Has dimensions of 18 inches in all directions.
  5. High levels of comfort are provided by the burstiness design.
  6. A flexible colour scheme to go with different decors.   

Pink Velvet Ottoman Storage Bench

  1. Any type of home decor, including rustic, mid-century, and modern styles, can benefit from the elegant and adaptable design.
  2. High-density sponge filling inside a velvet top ensures durability and comfort over time.
  3. Ample hidden storage space is available for knick-knacks like magazines, books, shoes, and children’s toys.
  4. Multipurpose; it can serve as a sofa extension, storage for the living room and bedroom, footrest, nightstand, fashionable chair, or shoe stool.
  5. composed of solid wood and high-quality fabric, providing elegance, durability, and a 300 kg load capacity.
  6. Any questions or clarifications can be handled with exceptional customer service.   

Orange Faux Leather Ottoman

  1. The stylish design’s button-tufted top and nail-head trim will enhance your home’s decor.
  2. Ample concealed space for books, clothing, blankets, toys, and other miscellaneous items.
  3. Built for long-term durability with a wooden frame and strong legs.
  4. Non-slip pads stop movement and guard against scratches on your floor.
  5. Versatile uses for this item include a coffee table, storage space, and shoe bench.
  6. Waterproof Faux leather makes cleaning and leg assembly simple.   

Deluxe Blue Ottoman with Storage

  1. With premium faux leather and robust sponge filling, the unbreakable top provides long-lasting comfort.
  2. With a touch of modern elegance, adaptable to any type of interior design and is available in nine colours.
  3. The intricate design features premium fabric, solid wood, and sturdy metal stool feet.
  4. Each foot has a non-slip pad to ensure safety and avoid damaging your flooring.
  5. With a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg, this storage chest combines style and utility.
  6. Dependable post-purchase support that is dedicated to resolving any issues within 24 hours

Black Leather Ottoman Bench

  1. A multipurpose piece that provides extra seating and storage.
  2. Faux leather upholstery provides a fashionable, comfortable seat.
  3. Made with high-grade woods for added strength and stability.
  4. It has a child-safe hinge that stops the lid from slamming shut.
  5. Sizes 60, 80, 100, and 120 cm are available.
  6. Simple to assemble, ideal for many rooms, including bedrooms.   

Light Blue KAyziu Ottoman

  1. Elegant rectangular faux-leather ottoman with multiple uses.
  2. Elegant and understated, this accessory is perfect for any space.
  3. Features a strong hinged lid that opens to reveal plenty of hidden storage space.
  4. Sized at 60cm x 35cm x 45cm, it blends in beautifully with your decor.
  5. Perfectly positioned in the living room or at the foot of the bed.
  6. Adds a second, extremely comfortable seating option.  

Features to Look for When Buying Lift Top Ottomans

You should consider several features to ensure the lift-top ottoman you’re buying will meet your unique needs and preferences. First, take into account the ottoman’s size. Make sure it is proportionate to the other furniture in your living room and fits comfortably there. The ottoman’s colour and finish should also be considered because they should go well with your current decor.

Another essential factor to take into account is the ottoman’s construction. The ottoman bed frame needs to be solid and long-lasting. For small spaces or extra guests, some lift-top ottomans come with a sturdy bed frame that can be converted into a bed. 

Consider buying an ottoman with a fabric finish if you like softer touches. Leather might be a great option to give the ottoman a more opulent feel.

Another critical aspect to take into account is the ottoman’s storage capacity. A storage bench made of an ottoman with many drawers can store things like blankets, books, and dining sets. Some ottomans have built-in readers or a tray to set your tablet or phone for those who like to read.

Finally, when buying a lift-top ottoman, think about your delivery options. Home delivery is a convenient service provided by some retailers. Make sure to find out if the ottoman requires any assembly or if it comes fully put together.

Optimal Use for Small Spaces

Lift-top ottomans can save small spaces. They offer additional seating, a means of storage, and even can serve as beds. Ottoman beds, simply ottomans that can be made into beds, are an excellent option for people living in studio apartments or dorm rooms. They provide a convenient, multipurpose solution that is also fashionable.

In addition to being used as beds, ottomans can be used as coffee tables, footrests, and occasionally as dining tables. Some ottomans include a tray that can be used to serve food or display ornaments. Because of their adaptability, ottomans are a valuable addition to any compact living area.

Concerning storage, a lift-top ottoman can keep your compact space organised. It lets you store items that otherwise clutter your living area by providing ample storage space. 

The hidden storage space in Ottomans can accommodate many things, including blankets, books, and dining sets.

Lift-top ottomans are available in various colours, materials, and finishes in design. There is an ottoman to suit every taste, whether you prefer a leather finish for a touch of luxury or a fabric finish for a softer feel. To ensure the ottoman fits well in your space, you should also consider its size and dimensions.

The Role of Lift Top Ottomans in Home Furnishings

Lift-top ottomans are essential pieces of furniture for homes. They can even be used as accent chairs and give the living room a touch of elegance. Thanks to their adaptability, they can easily meld with various furniture styles, from traditional to contemporary.

An ottoman can have many uses in the living room. It can serve as a footrest, coffee table, or even extra seating when necessary. Some ottomans include a tray that can be used to serve food or drinks. For even more comfort, they can be paired with recliners.

The home office can benefit significantly from the addition of ottomans. They can store office supplies and offer a comfortable seating option. In a home office, an ottoman with a built-in reader can be especially helpful because it provides a cosy place to read or use your tablet.

An ottoman can be used as a storage bench in the bedroom to hold clothing or bedding. Some ottomans with headboards can be made into beds to provide an additional sleeping area. You can keep books or an e-reader in the ottoman’s storage compartment.

Considerations for Different Lift Top Ottoman Sizes

Selecting the proper size for your needs is crucial when buying a lift-top ottoman because they come in various sizes. The ottoman’s size will depend on its intended use and the space in your room. For instance, you prefer a larger size to use the ottoman as a storage bench in your living room to hold more items.

On the other hand, a smaller size might be more appropriate if you plan to use the ottoman as a footrest or additional seating in a small area. The ottoman’s dimensions should be considered to ensure it is proportionate to your other furniture pieces and fits comfortably in your space.

The ottoman’s storage capacity will also depend on its size.

If you have a lot of things to store, a more oversized ottoman will give you more storage space. On the other hand, a smaller ottoman will be more compact and have less storage space.

Consider the ottoman’s height in addition to its size. Some ottomans have movable legs, so you can customise the height. This feature may be beneficial if you intend to use the ottoman as a coffee or dining table.

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