How To Write a CV to Work in the Healthcare Sector

To secure a position in the healthcare sector, you’ll need to start with a strong CV that will capture the hiring manager’s attention and boost the chances that you’ll be called for an interview. This article will cover a few tips to help you create a powerful CV for healthcare positions. If you need more inspiration, consider reading through some CV examples to help you get started.

Begin With a Strong Personal Profile

First, start your CV with a personal profile that sums up your most impressive experience, skills, education details, and accomplishments. This section should be a short paragraph just below your CV header. 

ou can use this section to highlight your most relevant qualifications and to mention your passions, career goals, and other pertinent details. The goal is to capture the attention of the hiring manager and convince them to keep reading the rest of your CV. 

Highlight Your Relevant and/or Transferable Skills

Many healthcare roles are dependent on both hard and soft skills, so it’s important to feature both on your CV. Hard skills are more technical in nature and they are usually fairly job-specific. Soft skills (sometimes called people skills) are more intangible and typically are not specific to any one job or industry. Hard skills are often easier to teach, learn, and assess than soft skills, so many employers place emphasis on hiring candidates with strong soft skills. They know that, for example, it’s easier to teach someone how to use a certain charting software than it is to teach someone how to have good bedside manner.

Format Your CV Professionally

Healthcare is a serious industry, which should be reflected in the format and style of your CV. Steer clear of flamboyant fonts, bright colours, and photos or graphics. Use a legible, professional font and consistent formatting throughout your CV.

Label each section clearly with a header, and use bullet points to break up the text so your CV is easily scannable. Ensure that all of your information is clearly presented in a logical order, including your work experience, education, skills, certifications, and any optional CV sections that you decide to include.

Tailor Your CV To Each Position

Finally, tailor your CV to each position that you apply for. This takes some extra time, but it shows the employer that you are serious about the job application process, you read the entire advert, and you are well-qualified for the position.

To tailor your CV, mention the job title and company that you are applying to by name in your personal profile. Read the job posting carefully and identify specific words and phrases that the employer uses to describe what they are looking for in a candidate. Then address as many of those points as possible in your CV, mirroring the language from the advert. This will help your application pass automated scans and, again, show the employer that you have the exact skills and experience they are looking for.


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