How Ergonomic Chairs Can Help The Elderly With Back Pain

As we grow older, it becomes more important to take care of your bones, especially your back, so that you can avoid serious injuries that can lead to chronic pain if not rectified. 

Most of us spend many hours of the day sitting in chairs that are not designed to encourage good posture. Inevitably this leads to slouching. This adds strain to the spinal discs and ligaments which in turn, causes back pain. 

Elderly people need to be especially mindful of avoiding this back pain because it takes much longer for the body to recover and recoup from the inconvenience and pain that a sore back can cause. It’s better to stay limber, mobile and at peak performance. That’s where an ergonomic chair is your best friend

An ergonomic chair, when used properly is a safety net for when you forget to maintain good posture. Over long periods of sitting at a desk, you are generally busy with  work, which distracts you from the important duty of maintaining good posture. 

These chairs act as your back up plan and if properly set up, will essentially force you to stay upright with your shoulders back. 

First, make sure you are working at the right height so you are not leaning forward or looking too far up. This can lead to neck pain. An ergonomic chair will have an adjustable height lever and this is step one when it comes to sitting properly.

You want a comfortable chair with plenty of adjustments. The more the better. These adjustments are what allow the ergonomic chair to hug your body and keep you healthy.

Lower Back Support

To prevent an achy back, your chair also needs to have good lower back support and allow your lower back to arch slightly which ensures you avoid that dreaded slouch forward or slump down in your chair. Either of these actions will add unwanted pressure to your spine and lead to serious problems over time.

Arm Rests

Another important but often overlooked aspect of a quality ergonomic chair is the arm rest. 

The arm rest is not just for resting your arms as the name implies. It also takes the pressure off your shoulders and upper back. An ergonomically designed chair will have an adjustable arm rest to suit any sized body.

Lastly, checking your thigh gap (not the thing young people talk about on Tinder) is another important measure to keep yourself a the ideal sitting position. A chair that suits you or can be adjusted should allow you to run to easily slide your fingers between your legs and the back of lead side of the chair. 

These tips and tricks that will help you avoid a painful affliction that most elderly people deal with regularly. Back pain is no fun, whether you are going on 30 or going on 60. The difference is in how severe the pain will be and the length of time you need to recover from it.

A comfortable ergonomic chair that is suited to your body and sitting position is going to go a long way to resolving the problems that back pain causes. 

Keep yourself limber, strong in the spine and fighting fit with a quality ergonomic chair.