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1 November 2023

How Does a Live Streamed Funeral Work?

Streaming live events as they happen is nothing new. However, they are a relatively recent innovation in funeral services.

They started to pick up during the pandemic when social distancing rules meant that the number of mourners allowed into services was limited. However, the use of this sort of technology was found to be helpful in more ways than one.

Not only did it allow mourners to attend a funeral in a virtual sense that they would have liked to have gone to in person, but it meant funerals could be planned with a bit more flexibility.

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Traditional funeral services have to be booked in advance with a specific time and date.

This can make it hard for people to attend if they have childcare arrangements to make, need to book compassionate leave from work or even if they will have to drive for several hours to get there on time.

In particular, friends and family who reside overseas may not be able to attend if they cannot book the necessary flights in time.

Live streaming a funeral service is the next best thing to actually being there, so it looks as though the use of this technology is likely to remain a feature of many British funerals in the future. What is involved?

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Webcam and Audiovisual Technology

For a live stream to work, all that is needed is for a webcam and a microphone to be installed in the funeral venue. These are now fitted in many UK funeral venues up and down the country.

They are usually turned off, of course, so that they are only used when a live stream has been arranged. The camera itself is unobtrusive and unmanned. It simply observes the events as they unfold. The microphone picks up on the readings, the eulogy and the music so someone watching can get a true sense of what is going on.

Private Viewing For Invited People Only

It is important to note that live streaming does not mean that just anyone can watch the funeral service.

Your funeral director will be able to issue you with a secure location on the internet which will relay the stream to invited persons only. Quite often, a password will be issued, too. This way, you do not need to worry about anyone eavesdropping on the service or the funeral going into the public domain in any way.

Viewing a Funeral Remotely

When people cannot attend a funeral they’d like to have gone to for whatever reason, it can sometimes lead to feelings of guilt or regret.

This is quite normal after a bereavement, of course, but being able to follow the funeral service over the internet means that at least some level of participation has happened. This can be very comforting at a difficult time. After all, funeral services are frequently considered to be a time of coming together.

Attendance, even if it is done remotely, can help with this sense of togetherness and, therefore, will often help the grieving process to progress.

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